�I�m proud of the way I�ve led my life�
�Campeador� triumphs

Calcutta, April 21: 
The four Test hundreds notwithstanding, Sachin Tendulkar has had moments of discomfort in the past six months.

Anguish, too.

First came Mike Denness� attempt to sully his image, in Port Elizabeth. Then, more recently, Kapil Dev �questioned� his (and the other top guns�) commitment.

On Saturday, though, Time announced Sachin had made its list of 25 outstanding Asians. With Chinese basketball star Wang Zhihzhi being the only other sportsman similarly saluted (in the April 29 issue), Sachin�s selection does have a special flavour.

�Well, yes, one gets that very nice feeling. I haven�t heard from the publication, but I�ve been informed about the announcement,� Sachin told The Telegraph early Sunday, an hour or so after stumps on Day-II at Port-of-Spain.

According to Time, �the lives and work of the outstanding Asians has had a profound impact on the people around them�� Not that a confirmation was required, but the Sachin-legend keeps growing.

Initially reluctant to say anything beyond the very-nice-feeling bit � �Frankly, right now, I�m focussed on the second Test� My mind isn�t on any honour� �Sachin did acknowledge this particular feather in the cap was different.

�The recognition has come from an organisation which has nothing to do with sport. Therefore, it definitely is more special� One gets touched by such appreciation,� Sachin remarked, speaking from the team hotel in Trinidad.

In fact, Sachin went on to add: �I�m proud of the way I�ve led my life� Certain values have always been dear and, moreover, I�ve been close to my family� As for cricket, I�ve always attempted to put my best foot forward � because that�s what I should be doing��

Without saying so in as many words, Sachin (who turns 29 on Wednesday) indicated every single honour has come as a bonus. Few icons are more modest.

Few, indeed, are more conscious of the image they should be presenting. It�s for this one reason that Sachin, for example, has never endorsed alcohol and tobacco. As he himself put it, during a chat not too long ago, �I just can�t set a bad example� Just can�t allow the kids to��

With an attitude like this, it�s only understandable that just about everybody wants a piece of Sachin.


Mumbai, April 21: 
Vinayak�s El Campeador won the 2,800m Byculla Club Trophy in Mumbai on Sunday.


(With inter-state dividends)

1. Ferrari Plate 1,800m: (3-1-4) Safari Girl (J. Chinoy) 1; Over The Ocean 2; Tajjub 3. Won by: Dist; 9-1/2; (1-51.5). Tote: Win Rs 73; Place: 16; 11; 56; Quinella: 36; Tanala: 1,512. Fav: Over The Ocean (1).

2. Supernal Plate 1,200m: (1-6-2) Zeisha (Sunil) 1; Soviet Lake 2; Consortium 3. Won by: 2; 1-1/4; (1-12). Tote: Win Rs 144; Place: 31; 23; 18; Quinella: 342; Tanala: 3,428. Fav: Killarney (3). (Note: Zeisha won following a successful objection against the original winner Soviet Lake).

3. Romantic Blaze Plate 1,200m: (2-10-5) Winning Melody (Shaikh) 1; Going For Glory 2; Lord of Thunder 3. Won by: SH; Hd; (1-14.1). Tote: Win Rs 193; Place: 43; 31; 21; Quinella: 682; Tanala: 16,102. Fav: Turf Star (9).

4. April Blossom Plate 1,200m: (9-6-4) Rocks Heart (Bhagwan) 1; Amber Wine 2; Millennium King 3. Won by: 3/4; 1; (1-13.4). Tote: Win Rs 96; Place: 27; 18; 28; Quinella: 280; Tanala: 4,971. Fav: Long John (1).

5. Byculla Club Trophy 2,800m: (2-5-4) El Campeador (M. Narredu) 1; Avantage 2; Altazano 3. Won by: 3-3/4; 1/2; (2-57.8). Tote: Win Rs 12; Place: 13; 27; Quinella: 29; Tanala: 63. Fav: El Campeador (2).

6. Rock of Gibraltar Plate 1,200m: (13-15-4) Secret Path (Appu) 1; Sonic Symphony 2; Talisman 3. Won by: 2-1/4; 1-3/4; (1-13.4). Tote: Win Rs 80; Place: 19; 21; 12; Quinella: 180; Tanala: 1,163. Fav: Talisman (4). 7. Alcyone Plate 2,000m: (5-3-4) Arco Europa (Merchant) 1; Acacia Blossom 2; Full Reason 3. Won by: 1; 1-1/4; (2-8.4). Tote: Win Rs 292; Place: 38; 20; 15; Quinella: 608; Tanala: 11,181. Fav: Full Reason (4).

Jackpot: Rs 1,63,919 (Carried over); (C) Rs 6,022.

Treble: (i) Rs 19,537; (ii) Rs 1,264.

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