Victory for India in Cape Town
Make best of a bad situation: Wright
Indians in do-or-die battle
ITI force Bagan to draw
RAF on rampage
Hari Singh in new role on TSD rally route
CC&FC whip Howrah Union
Calcutta St Leger/ Touch of Silver all set to claim fourth classic
Bangalore Racing/ Star Chieftan may win again
Kempegowda Cup/ Regal Society romps home

Calcutta, March 15: 
Right through India�s stand-off with the ICC, Jagmohan Dalmiya was confident he would �score� when the contentious Referees� Commission issue reached the Executive Board.

Late tonight, confirmation came his confidence wasn�t misplaced: On Day-I itself of its two-day meeting in Cape Town, the Board approved South Africa�s distinctly pro-India proposal.

�It�s been accepted� The Commission has been totally reconstituted,� a visibly pleased BCCI chief told The Telegraph, when contacted at the Table Bay Hotel. Specifically, the Commission --- necessitated by the Mike Denness-scripted controversy last November --- will now comprise the heads of three Test-playing nations (Australia, the West Indies and Zimbabwe) plus Lord Hugh Griffiths, who heads the Code of Conduct panel.

More than anything else, it�s a huge loss of face for ICC president Malcolm Gray, who consistently refused to have a rethink on the Commission. Really, the only concession India (and South Africa) made was in agreeing to a fourth member --- Lord Griffiths. The latter, then, joins Bob Merriman, Wesley Hall and Peter Chingoka.

One learns Dalmiya himself suggested Lord Griffiths inclusion when Gray and Co. apparently began looking for a face-saver.

Out are Justice Albie Sachs, Majid Khan and Andrew Hilditch --- all hand-picked by Gray, Dalmiya�s successor in cricket�s numero uno seat.

As the Commission issue was No.5 on the agenda, it took centrestage only in the post-lunch session. Predictably, England and New Zealand are understood to have adopted an anti-India line, but were quickly �neutralised� by Merriman.

Till yesterday, it was believed Australia may act neutral. Yet, today, the ACB supremo actually spoke in India�s favour. Obviously, Dalmiya was able to convince the veteran administrator in a series of one-to-ones during his visit here seven weeks ago.

Had it come to a vote, only two of the ten Test-playing nations would have gone against India.

Earlier, after months of shadow boxing, Gray and Dalmiya finally did come face to face last evening. Appropriately, perhaps, they met on neutral ground --- the coffee shop of the waterfront hotel hosting the ICC delegates. The meeting, though, lasted �less than 15 minutes.� Hardly surprising, one could add.

While the ICC president talked about �accepting� the Commission as originally constituted, the BCCI chief felt the issue be left to the Board�s �collective wisdom.� As a tactical move, it was excellent.

The initiative for yesterday�s one-to-one, of course, was taken by Gray who faxed a �request� to Dalmiya on Tuesday, on the eve of the BCCI chief�s departure.

The ICC president may have been hoping for a softening of India�s stand, but Dalmiya was in no mood to concede �ground�. In any case, why would he have relented?

Had the South African proposal been turned down, there could have been a move for nominees from all ten Test-playing nations. If even that was stalled, India would have insisted on changing two of the three Commission members.

Significantly, Pakistan strongly backed the South African proposal. Speaking exclusively before the deliberations, PCB chairman Lt General Tauqir Zia had said: �It�s a very reasonable suggestion� After all, the three heads are all directors of the ICC and, surely, above suspicion. In other words, their credentials can�t be questioned. I feel it should be accepted��

General Zia, however, did add: �At the same time, there may be some �give� on India�s part� What�s best for the game must be agreed upon.� This �give�-bit could be in the form of India not insisting on the ICC recognising the Centurion match, against South Africa, as an official Test.

The ICC withdrew recognition when South Africa, not wanting to displease India, replaced Denness and went ahead with the game.


Hyderabad, March 15: 
Well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is what coach John Wright is looking forward to at the moment, ahead of tomorrow�s key clash in the fourth one-dayer against Zimbabwe.

With just one more slip certain to spell doom for the home team, the margin of error for the Indians is minimum. Yet, the coach is looking at this to work as motivation. Yes, he is underplaying the pressure bit.

�Sure, we would rather like to be 2-1 up but we are not. I think it�s good for a side in some respect, in the sense that if we want to win the series, we have to win the next two games. So what is wrong with that? If you are looking forward to performing well in 2003 (World Cup), it�s not a bad situation to be in�.� he said.

Wright didn�t elaborate much but indicated it�s the team�s ability to soak up pressure and show some resolve at adverse times that he is looking forward to.

The coach admitted the team is not being able to perform under pressure and committing basic errors.

�What we are trying to achieve is some consistency in all the departments. That�s not happening when we are under pressure. We could have done better in these situations and that is what we are working on,� Wright said.

�We must learn from the mistakes and set things right during practice.�

Explaining what exactly the problem areas are, Wright said he expected a few runs from the wicketkeeper and also from the lower middle-order. �We can�t bank on guys like Harbhajan, Zaheer, Srinath and Kumble for a lot of runs even though they try to do well,� he told The Telegraph.

�With not much coming from the bowlers, the wicketkeeper�s role becomes important, you do need some runs from that area.�

The former New Zealand captain feels the Zimbabweans have been �very competitive in the field, and trying to play to a plan.� His counterpart, Australian Geoff Marsh, declined to meet the Media.

The Zimbabwe captain, however, has found quite a few positive aspects in his team�s showing so far.

�Of course (Douglas) Marillier is one, then the bowling of (Douglas) Hondo, the batting of (Travis) Friend, these have are all on the positive side.

�But overall, it�s the ability to combine as a team, to succeed as a unit. That�s been the biggest plus,� noted Stuart Carlisle. We realised it�s not worth trying too many things with the ball on these wickets. The instruction and plan, hence, have been to stick to a line, not to experiment and bowl wicket to wicket.�

Responding to a suggestion whether discipline has been the key in the ODI series thus far, Carlisle agreed.

�To do something consistently and the urge to stick to a plan, clearly, have been the key.�


Hyderabad, March 15: 
It�s unexpected but true, unforeseen yet witnessed and the game of glorious uncertainties is once again experiencing a story that is threatening to take a dramatic shift from the script.

The credit here goes to the unheralded Zimbabweans for forcing India into a do-or-die situation as the visitors go into the fourth match of the five-game series with a 2-1 lead. One more false step by the Indians and it will be game, set and match to Zimbabwe.

The fourth match, a day-night affair to be played at the sleek and stylish Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium tomorrow, has thus assumed special significance. It�s not just special but testing as well because Sourav Ganguly�s team will now have to win two crunch games in succession to live up to their pre-series favourites� billing.

The �Tigers at Home� will thus have to perform like a wounded one, if they are to avoid being bearded in their own backyard, against a team that did not command much respect after being beaten fair and square in the recent Test series.

It�s a time for desperate measures and India are leaving no stone unturned in their bid to get back into business. There will at least be two changes to the side that lost the game along with a fair amount of pride in Kochi, with the wicketkeeper�s gloves being handed over to Rahul Dravid. Ajay Ratra will thus be left out and Murali Kartik will make his ODI debut, stepping in for the rested Anil Kumble. Either Yuvraj Singh or Vijay Bharadwaj will come in place of Ratra, though the odds are heavily in favour of the former.

As for the touring side, Andy Flower is still not hundred per cent fit and a decision on him will be taken tomorrow. The left-hander had a shorter stint at the nets today compared to the others and if he does recover fully, the axe will fall on either Dion Ebrahim or Craig Wishart. The rest are hale and hearty and looking forward to what might be a historic triumph if they do go on to clinch the series.

Well, like true professionals, the Zimbabweans are trying to play down the �history� bit as much as possible and taking it one match at a time. �We are not thinking of winning the series. We are just focussing on winning one more match. Would be great to do it tomorrow,� said skipper Stuart Carlisle.

He has a bit of extra motivation as well. �Whenever we do well, the other team is blamed for not performing well. That�s not always the case,� Carlisle pointed out.

In the context of the on-going series, Carlisle�s complaint rings true. They did snatch the first game under circumstances bordering close to the bizarre but it was a clinically professional performance in Kochi on Wednesday.

Zimbabwe do have an inexperienced attack but there is a solid batting line-up to make up for it. In terms of application, forget talent, they are threatening to outscore India and the Indian skipper is the first one to admit that.

�Yes, there hasn�t been too much contribution from the lower-middle order and that�s an area of concern. That�s why we have picked allrounders who can make some impact with the bat,� said Sourav. Coach John Wright didn�t feel any different.

It�s precisely the area, which let India down in the six-match series against England, and is once again threatening to surrender the initiative irrespective of the kind of start the team gets. The lack of experience and air of immaturity is distinct in this department with Sourav, V.V.S. Laxman and Rahul Dravid occupying three of the top four slots. Replacements have been sought and they have to stand up and deliver to save the team at this hour of crisis.

With an in-form Kartik forming an interesting spin duo with Harbhajan Singh, the pace combination of Zaheer Khan and Ajit Agarkar looks formidable. But as was seen in the England series, a top-heavy batting line-up, with contributions dwindling down as one goes down the order, is causing the concern.

It�s India�s turn to set this right, since runs from just about everywhere will matter with BCCI pitch committee�s G. Kasturi Rangan predicting a �270-270 wicket�. The outfield is expected to be fast though there is this shot-put pit inside the playing area, which will be �suitably� covered during the course of the match.

There is one more game of numbers that should worry the home team. The toss in one-dayers is vital for India as they don�t chase well and look distinctly comfortable at setting targets.

It assumes a little more importance in day-night matches, where the team batting first usually enjoys an advantage.

Well, Sourav Ganguly has won that thrice in three matches in this series and instead of making that count, his team is staring down the wrong end of the scoreline. Just how important is it? A rough parrellel would be like playing a game of chess with white pieces and the Indians have so far failed to make capital of that advantage.

Costly miss this may turn out to be, considering it�s Carlisle�s turn to emerge fourth time lucky. Beware Indians, there are a few things to be worried about.

TEAMS (Likely)

INDIA: Sourav Ganguly, Dinesh Mongia, V.V.S. Laxman, Rahul Dravid, Mohammed Kaif, Yuvraj Singh, Sanjay Bangar, Harbhajan Singh, Murali Kartik, Ajit Agarkar, Zaheer Khan.

ZIMBABWE: Stuart Carlisle, Alistair Campbell, Andy Flower/Craig Wishart, Dion Ebrahim, Grant Flower, Douglas Marllier, Tatenda Taibu, Travis Friend, Heath Streak, Douglas Hondo, Mpumelelo Mbangwa.

Umpires: Satish Mahal, S. Hariharan.

Match starts at 2.30 pm.


Calcutta, March 15: 
Mohun Bagan should have recorded an easy win against ITI (Bangalore) in their crucial Tata National League tie at the Salt Lake Stadium today. At the end of the day, they managed a 2-2 draw � thereby failing to join Vasco Sports Club at the top of the table.

The visitors were reduced to 10 men in the dying minutes with George Ekeh being shown the red card.

The match ended on an unpleasant note with some uncalled for brutality from the Rapid Action Force in their attempt to control a displeased motley crowd.

ITI�s speedy Nigerian Mike Okoro put his team forward as early as in the third minute. The magic of Jose Ramirez Barreto set up Abdulateef Seriki for the equaliser in the 32nd. Four minutes later, ITI conceded a penalty which Barreto converted with his all so well-known skill. In the second half, Mohun Bagan missed one chance after another, R.C. Prakash the main offender. In the dying minutes, ITI squared the scoreline with an immaculate Syed Hussain free-kick from the edge of the box.

The draw takes the Bangalore team upto 26 points and keeps them very well in the hunt for the title. Mohun Bagan are now on 29 from 16 outings.

The game was just beginning to gain rhythm, when ITI were awarded a free-kick. Before Mohun Bagan players had taken position, Dakshina Murthy had already chipped the ball in to Okoro in front of the goal. Goalkeeper Rajat Ghosh Dastidar seeing no option came out of his line to effect a save. But the crafty Nigerian was one step ahead, jumping in the air and with a right foot sidetap put the ball into the goal.

A stunned team

The Mohun Bagan team was as stunned as their supporters. It took them some time to regroup and even though they maintained constant possession of the ball, there was some scrappy football for a while from the city giants.

Once Mohun Bagan started getting their act together, flashes of the Okoro speed machine was all ITI could put on show. In the 32nd minute, Basudeb Mondal put the ball forward for Barreto on the right. The Brazilian avoided an off-side trap and his pass beat three defenders � one trying to challenge him and the other two attempting to intercept. Seriki was in the right position, with only the goalkeeper to beat and the marksman made no mistake.

Then came the penalty, a dubious decision. The ball seemed to have hit ITI defender Shamsi Reza on the shoulder but the referee pointed to the spot once the Mohun Bagan players appealed for handball. The ever-reliable Barreto put in a cool shot, which sent L. Balaji diving in the wrong direction.

Mohun Bagan coach Subrata Bhattacharya was forced to substitute a limping Debjit Ghosh in the 44th minute, bringing in Prakash. Debjit will miss their next match after he picked up the second yellow of the round. From then till Abdul Saliu came in for Seriki, Mohun Bagan were on the offensive.

One minute into injury time, Rishi Kapoor handled the ball at the edge of the box. The ITI players wanted a penalty but the referee gave a freekick instead. They ran up to the referee to plead their case and George Ekeh came running from the midfield to join the action. In his excitement, the burly Nigerian ran straight into the referee, almost knocking him down. His action didn�t seem deliberate but after consultation with his assistants, Binod Kumar Singh gave Ekeh the marching orders.

The free kick was taken by defender Syed Hussain, a 55th minute substitute for Jitesh. It was almost a Rivaldo-like shot that flew right over a nine-man Mohun Bagan wall and beating the goalkeeper, giving ITI a 2-2 result.


MOHUN BAGAN: Rajat Ghosh Dastidar; Dulal Biswas, Hussain Mustafi, Amauri da Silva, Rishi Kapoor; R.P. Singh, Basudeb Mondal (Sumit Sengupta, 81), Debjit Ghosh (R.C. Prakash, 44), Rennedy Singh; Jose Ramirez Barreto, Abdulateef Seriki (Abdul Saliu, 62).

ITI: L. Balaji; Jitesh (Syed Hussain, 55), Firoz, Dhanesh, Shamsi Reza; Zaheer Abbas (Nitin Pradhan, 46), George Ekeh, Dakshina Murthy, Raghui Singh, Mohammad Salisu, Mike Okoro (Trijit Das, 67).

Referee: Binod Kumar Singh.


Calcutta, March 15: 
The Rapid Action Force (RAF) today lathicharged spectators at the Salt Lake Stadium, resulting in ten reported injured. It marred the already insipid 2-2 draw between Mohun Bagan and ITI today.

The match had not attracted more than 15,000 supporters, hardly filling up a section of the huge stadium. The referee Binod Kumar Singh, who had otherwise maintained a tight rein on the game, came under attack in the dying minutes of the match. In a spate of a few minutes, a lot happened. The referee awarded a freekick to ITI at the edge of the box, their midfielder George Ekeh was red carded, and Syed Hussain scored the all-important equaliser. Following the excitement on the field, the crowd had also picked up momentum. They gave vent to their disappointment with a few resorting to pelting of stones and bottles � the ITI team their target.

Not unusual

The crowd behaviour was nothing unusual, but the RAF overreacted to say the least. With amazing precision, they started beating up the excited spectators. Instead of trying to control them or making an attempt to empty the stands, the West Bengal Police stood helpless, watching the RAF pitilessly injuring one person after another. The crowd was then chased out of the premises � the police resorting to three rounds of tear gas to disperse them outside the stadium. According to police reports, ten people were injured but no arrests had been made. Twenty had been initially detained to be later released.

ITI coach Krishnaji Rao blamed the city crowd for being unsporting, �We will file an official complaint. Whatever the result of a match, we should take it sportingly,� he said. �It would be better if matches involving Calcutta teams are played outside the city,� the coach said.


Calcutta, March 15: 
Hari Singh is a trifle bored with life. The 2000 Asia-Pacific rally champion today has his hands full with a bit of test driving, one of those desert show �rallies� for four-wheel drive off-roaders, and today and tomorrow, the Kalinga Rally of the Bengal Motor Sports Club.

This happens to be a Time-Speed-Distance rally, something the special stage champion has never experienced. �The only rally I know is of the special stage type, the type of rallying that is the standard the world over,� said Hari this morning before flag-off. �I am going along with the rally for the fun of it, really.�

And as if that wasn�t enough, he has brought his wife Simran along and she is going for the ride. So, how many rallies has she navigated? �Hey, none,� said Simran. �Believe me, this is the first time I will even be sitting in a rally car. Well, there�s always a first time.�

Hari was not around as a JK Team man, neither was his car (the team car) here. The car actually was a stock one, of Sudip Gupta and Vijay Goenka. Goenka is the star-ex-rallyist of this region and Sudip is the star navigator in search of a partner after Goenka called it quits. Simran was at the controls at the start, looking pretty serious, with Sudip promising to take over later.

The likes of Hari will have to wait now for the action, till the two federations� (FMSCI and MAI) manage time to sit at the table and sort out a formula that could possibly again lead proper rallying back to the country dirt tracks.


Calcutta, March 15: 
CC&FC thrashed Howrah Union 5-1 in a BHA first division group A match today.

West Bengal Police defeated Sporting Union 4-2 while Mohammedan Sporting and Belgachia United played goalless in the first division group B. Mohitosh Dey (2), Gurupada Gope and Jaideep Mukherjee scored for Police, and Amarnath Dutta and Ashok Dhal for Sporting Union.

IFA meeting put off

Today�s governing meeting of the IFA was postponed, thanks to a sudden power cut at the state body�s office. It will now be held Wednesday.

The meeting will mainly discuss a match-fixing allegation by Young Bengal players against their officials in first division group B. The players alleged they were being forced into tanking a match by the officials., but refused to oblige them. The players then informed IFA .

Austrian Airlines golf

The second Austrian Airlines golf tournament will see a bunch of leading executives from the city�s corporate world engaged on the greens on Sunday.. The meet will tee off at 7 am at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club.

Special Olympics

The eighth state athletic meet of Special Olympics (Bengal chapter) will be held at Salt Lake Stadium on Monday and Tuesday. About 650 participants from 29 organisations will be seen in action in the meet.


Calcutta, March 15: 
Touch of Silver is all set to bag her fourth classic of the season, the 2,800m Calcutta St Leger, that takes the prime-slot in tomorrow�s seven-event card. The Queen�s Cup run of the Serious Spender-Corviglia daughter is best ignored as the Daniel David-trainee was set to concede weight to most of her rivals. Having already won the Calcutta Derby, Oaks and the 1,000 Guineas against formidable opposition, jockey B. Prakash may not be hard-pressed to beat the likes of Alamitos and Calculates.

If St Leger has little to offer in terms of competition, contests in rest of the card may very tough as there will be more triers in each race event in view of the brought forward jackpot amount of nearly Rs 5 lakh that will be added to the day�s pool. In addition to this, there will be draw for lucky prizes against totalisator investment of Rs 200 and above after the sixth race. An exhibition and sales of paintings to promote the art and new artists will be part of the afternoon�s programme.

Race card and selections

1. Cradle of The Deep Handicap 1,200m (Cl IV; Rt 22-50) 1.10 pm: Red Trident 60 M. Reuben 1; Tequila Shot 55.5 Shanker 4; Alborada 55.0 Prakash 3; Beau Bruno 54.5 Brij S. 6; Freedom Warrior 53.5 C. Alford 2; Asprey 51.5 Domingo 5.

1. Freedom Warrior (5) 2. Alborada (3) 3. Tequila Shot (2)

2. Long Tom Handicap 1,100m (Cl IV; Rt 22-50) 1.40 pm: Auctioneer 60 Gajender. 1; Secret Adversary 60 B. Gurang 7; Schumacher 59 Asghar 4; Simply Monarch 58.5 Prakash 3. Storm Centre 56.5 Upadhya 5; Val Rouge 54 Gowli 2; Glass Slipper 52 M. Reuben 6.

1. Val Rogue (6) 2. Simply Monarch (4) 3. Auctioneer (1)

3. Goldgainer Cup 1,100m (Cl V; Rt 00-28) 2.25 pm: Lady Shirley 60 Islam 5; Calcuttan 59.5 Shanker 6; Flying Power 59 Smith 8; Iron Warrior 59 Upadhya 1; Castle Moon 58.5 Gowli 4; Heaven�s Blessing 57.5 A. P. Singh 3; Artisia 56 Domingo 2; Jeypore 50.5 Rabani 7.

1. Castle Moon (5) 2. Calcuttan (2) 3. Artisia (7)

4. Air Force Cup 1,400m (Cl II; Rt 66-94) 2.55 pm: Gold Buck 60 Shanker 3; Ispahan 59.5 Rutherford 5; Soviet Port 59 Prakash 1; Silver Toy 57.5 P. Alford 2; Sadaf 57 Rabani 4; Winning Glory 57 Gowli 7; Raaz 54 M. Reuben 6.

1. Soviet Port (3) 2. Winning Glory (6) 3. Ispahan (2)

5. Calcutta St Leger 2,800m (Terms, 4-y-o only) 3.25 pm: Alamito 56 C. Alford 1; Calculate 56 Shanker 2; Touch of Silver 54.5 Prakash 3.

1. Touch of Silver (3) 2. Alamito (1)

6. Pennant Handicap 1,200m (Cl III; 44-72) 3.55 pm: Pearl Dragon 60 B. Gurang 4; Revolution 60 Smith 1; Gallant Romeo 57.5 Prakash 7; On The Bit 56 M. Reuben 5; Andrada 55.5 C. Alford 2; Flying Scot 52 Som S. 6; Leading Conquest 49 Brij S. 3.

1. Andrada (5) 2. Pearl Dragon (1) 3. Gallant Romeo (3)

7. Aspirant Handicap 1,200m (Cl V, 3-y-o only; Rt 00-28) 4.30 pm: Assailer 60 C. Alford 9; Anacott 59.5 Domingo 12; Arian 58.5 Gajender 5; Artiness 58 Amil 11; Cupola 58 K. Kumar 2; Dancing Rhythm 58 Shanker 4; River Melody 58 Prakash 1; Sweet Paintedlady 58 Upadhya 7; Star of Ring 57.5 Yasin 10; Gryffindor 55 Rabani 3; Software Classic 55 M. Reuben 6; Mahika�s Pet 54.5 Brij S. 8.

1. Assailer (1) 2. Star of Ring (9) 3. River Melody (7)

Day�s Best: Touch of Silver

Double: Castle Moon & Assailer.

Bangalore, March 15: 
Promoted after his comfortable victory, the Ganapathy-trainee Star Chieftan looks set to make it two-in-a-row in the 1,400m Hemavathi Cup, tomorrow�s main attraction. The Placerville-Queen Ann gelding may come up some opposition from Blue Hare and Crystal Moment but working attractively and well-placed at the weight, he may come good in the hands of jockey C. Ruzaan.


2 pm: Mythical Star 1. Trajan 2. Track Fantasy 3.
2.30 pm: Fugleman 1. Asoleado 2. Tassha 3.
3 pm: Cool Jazz 1. God�s Gift 2. Soaring Eagle 3.
3.30 pm: Arduous 1. Fereneze 2. Pride Valley 3.
4 pm: Star Chieftan 1. Crystal Moment 2. Blue Hare 3.
4.30 pm: Secret Halo 1. King�s Star 2. Jai Bharath 3.
5 pm: Anchor 1. Special Request 2. Silk Petals 3.
5.30 pm: Save The Day 1. Good Win 2. Auric 3.

Day�s Best: Star Chieftan

Double: Cool Jazz & Secret Halo

Trained by Ganapathy and ridden by B. Prakash, Regal Society romped home with the 1,600m Kempegowda Cup at the Bangalore races held on Friday.


(With inter-state dividends)

1. Katil Plate 1,200m: (2-10-1) Noble Executive (Prakash) 1; Airworthy 2; Flowington 3. Won by: Dist; 1-1/2; (1-13.52). Tote: Win Rs 11; Place: 10; 21; 16; Quinella: 67; Tanala: 197. Fav: Noble Executive (2).

2. Charmudi Cup 1,400m: (1-3-10) Mantle of Peace (Srinath) 1; Emerald Forest 2; Omni Presence 3. Won by: 4; 2-3/4; (1-29.6). Tote: Win Rs 12; Place: 12; 45; 30; Quinella: 140; Tanala: 790. Fav: Mantle of Peace (1).

3. Dharamaprakasha M. V. Veerappa Memorial Plate, Div-I 1,200m: (3-5-1) Hello Baby (Mani) 1; Parisien Belle 2; Native Red 3. Won by: 3-1/2; 1-3/4; (1-15.7). Tote: Win Rs 77; Place: 18; 56; 25; Quinella: 1,736; Tanala: 7,076. Fav: Proflare (4).

4. Kempegowda Cup 1,600m: (8-6-1) Regal Society (Prakash) 1; Star Alone 2; Indian Rocket 3. Won by: 2; 1-1/4; (1-38.7). Tote: Win Rs 35; Place: 15; 41; 33; Quinella: 304; Tanala: 2,442. Fav: Rio Tinto (5).

5. Summer Dust Plate 1,400m: (1-5-4) Crystal Goblet (Srinath) 1; Mehvish 2; Brave Bull 3. Not run: Goebbels (3) & Rusticana (6). Won by: 1; 1-3/4; (1-29.4). Tote: Win Rs 13; lace: 12; 27; 40; Quinella: 66; Tanala: 446. Fav: Crystal Goblet (1).

6. Amazing Grey Plate 1,100m: (5-2-7) Three Coins (Srinath) 1; I Am Beautiful 2; Startrix 3. Won by: 2-1/4; Nk; (1-8.9). Tote: Win Rs 28; Place: 15; 14; 17; Quinella: 35; Tanala: 163. Fav: Three Coins (5).

7. Dharamaprakasha M. V. Veerappa Memorial Plate, Div-II 1,200m: (9-3-4) Shara (Appu) 1; Dover 2; Quorum 3. Won by: 1/2; SH; (1-16). Tote: Win Rs 58; Place: 19; 10; 42; Quinella: 34; Tanala: 1,410. Fav: Dover (3).

Jackpot: Rs 8,458; (C) Rs 270.

Treble: (i) Rs 374; (ii) Rs 313.

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