I have started feeling a bit overburdened: Paes
Srichaphan makes first final
Dravid takes break in stride
East Bengal grounded by ITI
Manoranjan blames �keeper
EB-Vasco tie may be deferred
Farid, Bapi in semi-finals
Mohun Bagan amass 432/3
Calcutta Racing/ Antequera best
Bangalore Racing/ Nairn romps home with Oaks

Chennai, Jan. 5: 
Whatever Leander Adrian Paes does from now till he is through with his playing career, he has carved a niche for himself in Indian sport. Even though he lost tamely in the first round of the Tata Open earlier this week, the Olympic bronze-medallist is a big hit with the young and the old.

A man in great demand, whether it be to attend a kids� clinic, be present at a charity auction or shoot for a music channel, there�s hardly a free moment for Paes when he is in India. The three-time Grand Slam doubles champion still took time out to speak on a wide range of subjects to The Telegraph this morning.

The following are excerpts

Q This is your 12th year on the circuit. Don�t you wish you could give up playing and lead a more relaxed lifestyle?

A It�s been a long time since I turned professional. I have had an awesome run and I am looking forward to another great season. Because I wanted to play for many years from the very beginning, I have led a disciplined life. I don�t smoke, I don�t drink, I maintain a healthy diet and have always put a lot of stress on my physical training.

Q How much more would you like to stretch your playing career?

A As I grow older, I feel a bit jaded with all this travelling I have to do. I�m also missing my family, my loved ones and home food more and more. But tennis is my profession and I hope I have about five good years left in me.

Q Do you sincerely believe that you can still achieve good results in singles?

A Yes, I do believe I have some good singles left in me. It was just three months ago that I played one of my best singles matches in a long time (against Andy Roddick in the Davis Cup). What I need to do is play some more singles matches. I know that�s not easy as doubles is our bread and butter, but I have to find some way.

Q The Davis Cup has taken a lot out of you. Three five-set matches for three ties a year, ever since 1991, and you are expected to win all your matches. Don�t you miss a second singles player who can take some of the pressure off you?

A My Davis Cup graph has been one beautiful story. I�ve enjoyed every moment of my association with the Indian team. In fact, I can write a book on each and every tie I have played since my debut in Chandigarh (against Japan). But, yes, for the last two years, I have started feeling a bit over-burdened. I wish there was someone who could take the load off me now.

Q Do you see yourself sitting on the non-playing captain�s chair one day?

A Oh yes, I would love to. I love that atmosphere of camaraderie and teamwork which characterises a Davis Cup week. I think am a good motivator too. When I am in a position to give back something to the game, I�ll certainly like to be the captain. I hope my relationship with Davis Cup is a never-ending one.

Q Paes En Sport has been supporting Sunil Kumar for the last two years. Why did you pick him and not anyone from your city?

A It has never occurred to me that Sunil is not from Calcutta. I backed him because he is an exceptional talent who has fought great odds. He was given a racket at the age of nine and had to shift to Chandigarh. Seven years later, he became national champion. I want to back kids with talent but who don�t have the opportunity to pursue the sport. If I come across someone like Sunil in Calcutta, or any other city, I�ll take him under my wings. I believe I have a good eye for talent.

Q But Sunil hasn�t quite lived upto his potential, has he?

A Ever since he won the hardcourt nationals at the age of 16, there have been massive expectations from the kid. He is the Asian junior champion and easily India�s best young prospect. He has now got to make the transition to the senior level and that is very, very difficult. I know it from my experience, I struggled to find my feet at the senior level at 20 and 21. Give him some time. And in any case, even if he doesn�t win one match from now, he is already a success story. I am honoured to be supporting a boy like him.

Q What about life after tennis for Leander Paes?

A This is the time I have to start formulating ideas for my future. I�m still trying to explore different options. But whatever I do, I will always be connected with tennis. Exactly what way, I am not sure at this moment.

Q You have Paes En Sport in Calcutta managing different tournaments and conducting clinics. Is that an option you are looking at from a business angle?

A Paes En Sport is our baby and I�ll always be involved with its activities, but I don�t really know where I�ll be settling after retirement. India will always be my home, but I could actually be settling anywhere from Calcutta, Mumbai or the US. Basically, it would boil down to a place where I can give my children the best opportunities.

Q People have been talking about your romance with Mahima Chowdhury�

A Yes, we have a nice relationship going. She is a great actress and I respect her for that. And she respects me for what I do. We have a lot in common, we like each other�s company though we can�t give each other too much time now.

Q Are wedding bells about to ring?

A There�s no hurry to get married. Our careers are such that neither can work for too long a span. We both realise that we are at our prime and have a few years left in our profession. Marriage is all about giving each other time, so there is no point in rushing. We�ll think of it when both of us are ready.


Chennai, Jan. 5: 
Paradorn Srichaphan is setting new standards for himself and for Asian tennis with every match here at the Tata Open. Today, the Thai tiger devoured his fourth big �prey� of the week to waltz into the final of the $400,000 ATP meet.

The conqueror of sixth seed Max Mirnyi, 2001 runner-up Andrei Stoliarov and second seed Thomas Johansson humbled No. 4 Andrei Pavel 6-3, 6-4 in the first match of semi-finals� day with great ease and remarkable poise.

The 22-year-old Thai, who needed an hour and a quarter to reach his first career final, will confront the winner of the Guillermo Canas versus Karol Kucera clash.

Pavel, a Romanian who lives in Germany, went into the semi-final without having dropped a set in three matches. It wasn�t long before he realised today could be different.

A backhand winner and a drop-volley from Srichaphan found Pavel trailing 0-40 in the second game. The Romanian, who made quite a name for himself saving 16 straight break-points en route to the Montreal Masters Series title last August, fought off two before succumbing to a crisp backhand winner from Srichaphan.

Having lost to Srichaphan the only time they met before, Pavel had planned to put more pressure on the Thai this time. �Instead, I found myself under pressure,� said the Romanian who finished in the top-30 for the second successive year.

Pavel struggled with his serves every game and that was where the pressure came from. His second deliveries were especially weak, Srichaphan winning 18 of the 28 return points.

Pavel averted a second break, denying Srichaphan four times. But the Romanian couldn�t find a way to attack the Thai�s serve which were well-directed more often than not. The clock showed 35 minutes when Srichaphan held his serve comfortably to go a set up, having played flawless tennis.

With the crowd rooting for the Asian boy and making noises between Pavel�s first and second serves, the Romanian was justifiably upset. And with his game going awry, Pavel let those distractions get to his head.

Twice in the fifth game of the second set, Pavel came up on decent first serves only to mess up backhand volleys and get broken. It should have been a cakewalk for Srichaphan from that stage, but the world No. 112 played his worst game of the match to let Pavel break back in the very next game.

It was 3-3, and Pavel had a second lease of life. A turnaround from a player of his stature looked imminent but it never came. Srichaphan, wielding a fabulous backhand and an equally potent forehand, made sure there would be no further hiccups for him.

Srichaphan�s crucial breakthrough came in the ninth game when he set up break-point with a running forehand pass and then saw Pavel push a volley inches wide. The Thai served out the match calmly to complete his 13th victory on the trot. He came to Chennai riding titles at the Bangkok Challenger and the Asian championship.

The customary handshake with his opponent over, Srichaphan thanked the crowd with folded hands before lying prostrate on court to show respect to his father-cum-coach who was watching him from the stands.

�I am happy to be in my first final, hope this is the first of many more to come,� said a smiling Srichaphan.

Pavel was very disappointed as he badly wanted to win this tournament and complete his Australian Open preparations in Sydney next week.

�I was a bit tired after finishing my quarter final (against Alex Calatrava) late last night. I also didn�t sleep well the last four nights, so couldn�t concentrate well.�

Just to emphasise that he wasn�t making any excuses, Pavel signed off by praising Srichaphan. �He played really well, didn�t let me fight back.�


Calcutta, Jan.5: 
The Johannesburg-headed Rahul Dravid is disappointed, yes, but also has positive thoughts about the forthcoming break from cricket.

�It�s disappointing I�ll miss an entire one-day series (versus England), but the good thing is I�ll be back after a few weeks. Had I continued playing, with a troublesome right shoulder, I could have been out for months,� Dravid told The Telegraph this evening.

Contacted in Bangalore, the India vice-captain added: �I�m not an expert in medicine and, therefore, have been guided by the specialists (including Cape Town�s Dr Joe De Beer)� Their unanimous opinion was I should undergo a rehabilitation programme � sooner, the better.�

Dravid, who leaves either on Tuesday or Wednesday, said he intended being in Jo�Burg for four weeks. �Let�s see, I�m looking to return around February 7��

Meanwhile, though Dravid�s rehabilitation will be monitored at the Centre for Sports Medicine, he won�t be under Dr Mark Fergusson�s care.

�Dravid�s programme has been worked out by Dr Yannie Klingbeal, a biomechanics specialist, who also works out of the Centre,� informed Andrew Leipus, the national team�s physio, currently on a short vacation in Jo�Burg.

Speaking exclusively this afternoon, Leipus added: �Dr Fergusson would have come into the picture if surgery was required. Where Dravid is concerned, that�s not necessary. In fact, surgery may have left him worse off than he is today.�

Leipus, whose contract has been extended till the 2003 World Cup, clarified that Dravid could have played the ODIs, but the risk of the �strength imbalance (in the affected shoulder)� then becoming more pronounced was high.

�Dravid has a slap-lesion which requires �treatment� in the form of exercises, to be monitored on the isokinetic dynamometer� I reckon he will need to be at the Centre for an hour-and-half each day. Essentially, the strength-deficit has to be taken care of,� Leipus explained.

While Leipus has done the spadework, he won�t himself be meeting Dravid in Jo�Burg: The vice-captain�s departure will coincide with the physio�s return to India.

Incidentally, Leipus has arranged for Dravid to �train� with the Gauteng provincial team. The Wanderers � a venue the India vice-captain is familiar with � is Gauteng�s home ground.


Calcutta, Jan. 5: 
East Bengal 1

Having landed in the city with the modest aim of snatching a draw, Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) today scripted the upset of the sixth National Football League with a 2-1 win over East Bengal at Salt Lake Stadium.

The defeat ended the defending champions� two-match winning run at home and more importantly, dashed their hopes of moving atop the table after the sixth round in the 22-round marathon. East Bengal and ITI are now on ten points each and the Bangalore team is yet to lose a match.

East Bengal suffered their second defeat, and though these are still early days, the effect of today�s setback may just prove crucial in the final outcome of the League. It should also change ITI�s approach and they can now look beyond their primary aim of avoiding relegation unlike previous years.

Omolaja Olalekan of East Bengal and ITI�s Mohammed Salisu and Kenneth Onu were the scorers. All the goals resulted from some very neat work.

It looked all so different in the beginning. Knowing fully well that ITI would zestfully defend with the match growing older, East Bengal attacked from the start and even scored in the tenth minute.

It was a routine ball for Isiaka Awoyemi down the right and the ITI defence let him move inside the box assuming he was off-side. He was not, and sent in a well-controlled cross for Omolaja. The striker had also benefited from the false assumption of the ITI defenders and converted with a smart first-time deflection.

The celebrations in the stands were not yet over when a bizarre act of carelessness resulted in the ITI equaliser. Having received a back pass from Anit Ghosh with no rival player near the penalty area, goalkeeper Sangram Mukherjee took the ball out, towards the left touchline, but the shot he took found an unmarked Salisu rather than any of his teammates.

The goalkeeper had no time to run back to his position and after a quick look at the unmanned goal, Salisu essayed a deft floater from 25 yards out on a tricky bounce with minimum power, which bounced just before the goalline before rolling in.

It was a moment of madness, which Sangram will rue for a long time. The international effected two sharp saves later but all that is certain to get buried under the consequences of his blunder. Sad, but that�s how life is under the bar.

If the equaliser had stunned the East Bengal supporters, what happened in the 37th minute left them silent in disbelief. It took another piece of smart thinking from Salisu who released Onu down the right with a delightful through pass.

It caught left-back Ratan Singh just a couple of steps forward and Onu outpaced the defender, drew the goalkeeper forward and sent in a diagonal right-footer low towards the far post.

What followed was very much on the cards with East Bengal throwing everything forward. But ITI showed commendable defensive organisation and mixed it with the odd foray against the run of play, which very nearly resulted in two more goals.

Substitute and East Bengal reject Trijit Das muffed both chances with just the �keeper to beat on each occasion. The striker will be blamed for missing the goals but Sangram deserves credit for sticking out his leg on sheer reflex despite being off-balance.

East Bengal�s domination of the second half was complete and it was one-way traffic for the last 45 minutes. However, all that came to a dead end in front of the crowded goalmouth.

East Bengal did reach the danger zone on numerous occasions but couldn�t just go beyond. One Suley Musah header and an Isiaka shot did come off the woodwork but what must worry East Bengal is the lack of creativity in front of the goalmouth.

It�s time they sorted out their scoring problems, since there is no guarantee that they won�t concede.


ITI: N. Balaji; Syed Hussain, Firoze, John Ugwo, Amandeep Singh; Zaheer Abbas (Trijit Das, 60; Shamsi Reza, 77), Mohammed Salisu (Andrew Luis, 51), S. Dhanesh; Raghui Singh; George Ekkeh, Kenneth Onu.

EAST BENGAL: Sangram Mukherjee; Falguni Dutta, Suley Musah, Jackson Egygpong, Ratan Singh (Ranjan Dey, 66); Isiaka Awoyemi, Chandan Das (Dipendu Biswas, 42), Anit Ghosh, Amit Das; I.M. Vijayan, Omolaja Olalekan.

Referee: Manuel Perera.


Calcutta, Jan. 5: 
East Bengal coach Manoranjan Bhattacharya squarely blamed goalkeeper Sangram Mukherjee for today�s National Football League defeat against ITI.

�He is responsible for the first goal, which turned the match,� he said. Manoranjan also blamed his players for being over-confident.

�They thought everything was fine after two wins at home. I think they thought the match was won even before it started,� rued the former defender.

However, Manoranjan said today�s setback would not have too great an impact on the fate of the tournament. �It�s just the sixth match and with 16 remaining a lot of things can happen.�

His ITI counterpart Krishnaji Rao was trying hard to hide his joy. �Well, we didn�t expect this though a draw was very much within our limits,� he said.

�We knew East Bengal would attack us in the beginning. We had to weather that by slowing down the game. Even after we took the lead that was very much the ploy.�

He shrugged off suggestions that ITI can now aim for slots of honour in the League, having collected ten points from six outings without losing any.

�Difficult to say now, it�s a very tricky League, so many matches, injuries, travelling� It�s premature to say that we can now gun for glory.�

Whatever that means, ITI can now look to at least securing a spot in the top six, which will put them on the list of cash prize winners.


Calcutta, Jan. 5: 
The National League match between East Bengal and Vasco scheduled here for Thursday may be deferred because of a call for bandh on the same day.

IFA joint-secretary Ranjit Gupta today said he has written to the AIIF that it would not be possible to hold the match on that day and also proposed the game can be held on any later date.

The IFA has also asked the AIFF to defer the Mohun Bagan-Punjab Police match slated for January 15 considering there would not be enough police personnel because of the Gangasagar mela. The IFA suggests that the match can be held only after January 18.

The other matches in the city, to be held next week, are on schedule. Mohun Bagan play Vasco Monday and meet JCT Friday. Tollygunge Agragami are slated to meet Punjab Police on Saturday.


Calcutta, Jan. 5: 
Top seed Farid Alam and No. 2 Bapi Haldar reached the semi-finals in the under-18 section of the Britannia Maska Chaska junior age-group tennis at Ordnance Club today. Baibhav Das and Arup Mullick completed the last-four line-up.

RESULTS: Under-18: Farid Alam bt Shoaib Hussain 7-6 (7-4), 6-0; Bapi Haldar bt Soumit Dey 6-0, 6-1; Baibhav Das bt Avdesh Roy 6-4, 4-6, 6-3; Arup Mullick bt Ranjan Prasad 7-5, 6-1. Under-14: Biplab Das bt Ayan Dasgupta 9-0; D. Bishwakarma bt Prakash Bacahawat 9-1; Baibhav Das bt Mohammed Imran 9-3; Shrey Dey U.S. Gambheer 9-2; Bibaswan Deb bt Parboni Laha Roy 9-1; Tohid Aslam Khan bt Tayyab Alam 9-1.


Calcutta, Jan. 5: 
Mohun Bagan amassed 432 for three against Ananda Bazar Patrika Sports Club on Day I in a CAB senior division league match today.

Amitava Banerjee (166) and Siddhartha Mallik (131) cracked centuries with Goutam Chakraborty contributing 64. Ananda Bazar Patrika Sports Club were struggling at 26 for two at close.

Murtaza Lodhgar of Kalighat returned figures of 22-6-78-7 to kelp his team bowl out Barisha for 186. Kalighat were 108 for three in reply.


Mohun Bagan 432/3 (Amitava Banerjee 166, Siddhartha Mallik 131, Goutam Chakraborty 64). ABP Sports Club 26/2.

DKS 263/8 (K. Dhal 83, Kautuv Roy 65, Kushal Dey 3/56) vs Ballygunge United.

City AC 335/9 (Santadeep Pal 110, Debabrata Patnaik 61, Sampad Patnaik 59, Swagatam Bhattacharya 3/50, Soumen Singh 3/94) vs Port Trust.

Suburban 279 (Ramesh Biswas 93, Joydeep Mukherjee 3/66, Vishal Yadav 3/76). Tapan Memorial 24/0.

Barisha 186 (including 30 penalty runs, Soutam Mitra 56, Murtaza Lodhgar 7/78, Manoj Roy 3/46). Kalighat 108/3.

Young Bengal 306 (Indrajit Ghosh 133, Priyankar Mukherjee 64, Biswajit Sharma 4/49) vs Kumartuli.

Milan Samity 274/4 (Siddhartha Lahiri 125, Abhijit Chatterjee 68) vs Shibpur Institute.


Calcutta, Jan. 5: 
Its their final test tomorrow and expectations are very high from three of the nine horses lined-up for the Kingfisher Calcutta Derby Stakes, a UB group sponsored event. More than the winner�s stakes of a little over Rs 13 lakh and the trophy, it is the honour and the entry into the record books that matters more for every owner and that of the major contenders � Antequera, Touch of Silver and The Archer.� each champion in its own right. If Antequera and The Archer occupied the top two spots in the 2,000 Guineas, Touch of Silver flexes muscles because of her wins in the fillies� classics � the 1,000 Guineas and the Oaks. However, the Derby being a rare blend of class, speed and staying capacity, the option tilts towards the masculine power.

If an underdone Antequera could win the �2000,� albeit narrowly, a much fitter Darius Byramji-ward may unfold his real potential, tomorrow. He derives his class and the required criterions from his run � fourth behind Ansbach � in the Mysore Derby. The Green Forest-Silver Reflet son, therefore is expected to reproduce that much form for jockey Aslam Kader to win.

Apart from the star event, RCTC has, again, tried to make it a �festival of racing� with Sumit Roy to entertain with his musical notes plus freebies and goodies will be there aplenty. Also a brought forward jackpot amount of Rs 2,89,900 will be added to the day�s pool.

Read as: Horse number, last four runs, horse name, trainer, jockey, weight & draw:

1st Race at 12 noon

Metropolitan, 1,200m (Cl I �Rated 88 upwards)
1 - 123 Artwork [Darius] C. Alford 61.0 1
2 3210 Beneficent [Daniel] B. Prakash 58.5 5
3 - - -4 Acute [Bharath] M. Narredu 58.0 2
4 2242 Clarice Cliff [Bharath] K. Appu 52.0 3
5 0040 Reine Beau [Daniel] J. Abraham 48.0 4
1. Reine Beau (5) 2. Artwork (1) 3. Beneficent (2)
Reine Beau: Ignore his last run. Well in at the weights on his fourth behind Beneficent. Artwork: Her weight may prove to be a stopper. Beneficent: May place.

2nd Race at 12.30 pm

Alokananda Stakes 1,200m (Terms, 3-y-o fillies only)
1 - 321 Anatolia [Vijay] A. Kader 57.0 4
2 ---- Abyssinia [Bharath] S. Rabani 53.0 5
3 ---- Assertive Dancer [Daniel] B. Prakash 53.0 6
4 - - 00 Social Girl [Daniel] Asghar 53.0 3
5 - - -0 Star of Ring [Daniel] J. Abraham 53.0 2
6 - - 43 Star Selection [Daniel] N. Connorton 53.0 1
1. Anatolia (1) 2. Assertive Dancer (3) 3. Star Selection (6)
Anatolia: Best on form and looks set to score an encore. Assertive Dancer: Well-bred but looking soft. Yet may make finish interesting. Star Selections: May upset.

3rd Race at 1.05 pm

Brave Dancer Cup 1,600m (Cl IV & Cl V � Rt. 00-50) � Indian jockeys only
1 3433 Flying Scot [Javed] Gajender S. 60.0 2
2 4400 Asprey [Asfand] Rutherford 58.5 5
3 0000 Beau Bruno [Stephens] K. Kumar 56.0 8
4 - - -4 Accrete [Vijay] C. Alford 55.5 4
5 2300 Iron Warrior [Rodrigues] Dalpat S. 53.5 7
6 3000 Alborada [Daniel] R. Ahmed 53.0 3
7 - 402 Leading Conquest [Darius] K. Appu 52.0 9
8 0311 Rich Dominion [Daniel] J. Abraham 50.5 6
9 4404 Scavenger�s Son [Mujeeb] S. Rajesh 50.0 1
1. Accrete (4) 2. Asprey (2) 3. Rich Dominion (8)
Accrete: Needed the last run because of his long lay off. Looking very fit. Asprey: Has had a forward run. May trouble the best. Rich Dominion: Upset, if any.

4th Race at 1.45 pm

Aphroze Cup, Div-1 1,200m (Cl IV �Rt. 22-50) �Indian jockeys only
1 - 000 At My Command [Daniel] R. Ahmed 61.0 5
2 0000 Master Bold [Vijay] S. Rajesh 59.5 7
3 1000 Bold Apparel [Daniel] B. Prakash 56.5 11
4 2023 As A Rule [Javed] Rutherford 56.0 2
5 - 000 Red Trident [R. Alford] S. Tamang 55.5 1
6 1210 Dictate [Mujeeb] Md Amil 54.0 9
7 0000 April Ace [Daniel] Md Yasin 53.0 4
8 0400 Constantine [Karki] Brij S. 52.0 6
9 3412 Abandoned [Jaiswal] Rajinder 51.0 8
10 1223 Grecian Prince [Daniel] J. Abraham 49.5 3
11 0003 Floral Path [Bath] S. Rabani 47.0 10
1. As A Rule (4) 2. Bold Apparel (3) 3. Master Bold (2)
As A Rule: Knocking at the door. Good at the weights, too, to strike. Bold Apparel: Benefitted by a barrier-trail. May run a good race.Master Bold: May upset.

5th Race at 2.20 pm

Robin Hood Cup 1,600m (Cl III & Cl IV � Rt. 22-74) � Indian jockeys only
1 4004 Illustrious Reign [Jaiswal] Rajinder 61.0 5
2 - - 00 Yukon [Asfand] N. Engineer 61.0 2
3 0003 Winning Glory [Darius] Rutherford 60.5 11
4 0000 Own Legacy [Daniel] A. P. Singh 59.0 4
5 3030 Raring To Go [Daniel] B. Gurang 57.5 7
6 0000 Gallant Romeo [Daniel] Asghar 56.0 3
7 3021 Peace Envoy [Daniel] B. Prakash 55.5 13
8 - - 00 Lovely Prospect [Locke] Md Yacoob 55.0 15
9 0044 Tajik [R. Alford] M. Narredu 55.0 8
10 0044 Giorgio [Rodrigues] Upadhya 54.0 1
11 3410 Laurels [Javed] Som S. 54.0 10
12 - 111 Acklins [Vijay] C. Alford 53.0 12
13 - 142 Flamebird [Javed] R. Gowli 52.0 6
14 4004 Discomatic [Daniel] J. Abraham 49.5 9
15 1223 Rescue Act [Bharath] S. Rabani 48.5 14
1. Acklins (12) 2. Winning Glory (3) 3. Yukon (2)
Acklins: A runaway winner in his last start. May repeat the performance despite promotion. Winning Glory: Came from way back to place a close third. May do better. Yukon: A Mumbai-migrant. Working well, too. Rescue Act: Upset, if any.

6th Race at 2.55 pm

Aphroze Cup, Div-II 1,400m (Cl IV �Rt. 22-50) � Indian jockeys only
1 3003 Santillana [Daniel] Upadhya 61.0 2
2 4322 Lively Project [Daniel] J. Abraham 58.0 1
3 0000 Spanish Drum�s [Daniel] B. Gurang 56.5 9
4 0230 Tequila Shot [Bath] S. Shanker 56.0 10
5 0110 Royal Ruler [R. Alford] Brij S. 54.0 5
6 3304 Storm Centre [Rodrigues] Dalpat S. 53.5 8
7 0044 Sergeant Slipper [Daniel] B. Prakash 53.0 4
8 - - 40 Ever So Loyal [Asfand] Som S. 52.0 3
9 4300 Flying Power [Karki] P. Kujur 51.5 6
10 3400 Crest Star [Mujeeb] Md Yasin 48.5 7
1. Sergeant Slipper (7) 2. Storm Centre (6) 3. Tequila Shot (4)
Sergeant Slipper: Good at the weights. Prepared in businesslike manner now. Storm Centre: May grab chance if the favourite fails. Tequila Shot: May place.

7th Race at 3.30 pm

Kingfisher Calcutta Derby Stakes 2,400m (Terms, 4-y-o only)
1 2110 Alamito [Bharath] S. Rajesh 56.0 8
2 2241 Antequera [Darius] A. Kader 56.0 7
3 - 213 Arterial [Rodrigues] F. Norton 56.0 9
4 0134 Mack The Knife [Stephens] K. Appu 56.0 1
5 - - 20 Star Cavalier [Daniel] J. Abraham 56.0 5
6 - 122 The Archer [Stephens] M. Narredu 56.0 2
7 - 104 Amber Dancer [Daniel] N. Connorton 54.5 6
W ---- Blue Gardenia [Darashah] Withdrawn 54.5 --
9 - 142 Calorescence [Vijay] C. Alford 54.5 3
10 - 111 Touch of Silver [Daniel] B. Prakash 54.5 4
1.Antequera (2) 2. The Archer (6) 3. Touch of Silver (10)
Antequera: In much better shape after his Guineas� win. May be hard to down. The Archer: May fight out the issue again. Touch of Silver: May place.

8th Race at 4.05 pm

Robert Bruce Handicap 1,400m (Cl V �Rt. 00-28) � Indian jockeys only
1 2202 Impressive Prince [Daniel] B. Prakash 61.0 2
2 0004 Bay Dragon [Daniel] J. Abraham 60.5 12
3 0040 Brave Show [Bharath] S. Rabani 60.0 8
4 3031 Fencai [Locke] A. P. Singh 60.0 11
5 0340 The Stud [Javed] R. Gowli 60.0 10
6 3304 Heaven�s Blessing [Bath] G. Singh 58.5 5
7 - - 00 Scenic Song [Mujeeb] Gajender S. 58.0 9
8 4204 Finders Keepers [Jaiswal] Rajinder 57.5 4
9 0030 Odyssey [R. Alford] Rutherford 56.0 13
10 0000 Wild Is The Wind [Mujeeb] Md Amil 54.5 7
11 - - 00 Jeypore [Bath] S. Shanker 52.0 1
12 - - -0 Cat Storm [Karki] Brij S. 51.0 3
13 - - -0 Blushing Brave [Karki] P. Kujur 50.5 6
1. Bay Dragon (2) 2. Odyssey (9) 3. Brave Show (3)
Bay Dragon: A better class against what he is thrown against. Odyssey: Well-prepared for a debut win on this track. Brave Show: Looking well, upset, if any..
Day�s Best: Antequera
Double: Accrete & Bay Dragon

Bangalore, Jan. 5: 
Trained by Z. Darashah and ridden by K. P. Appu, Nairn scored romped home with The Hindu Bangalore Oak at the Bangalore races held on Saturday.


(With inter-state dividends)

1. Subhashnagar Plate 1,400m: (4-7-1) Trap A Spy (Warren) 1; Xorra 2; Dancing Beat 3. Won by: 1/2; Hd; (1-30.1). Tote: Win Rs 73; Place: 26; 22; 24; Quinella: 183; Tanala: 1,956. Fav: Cat On The Wall (2).

2. Ashoka Chakra Cup 1,200m: (1-3-5) Society Dream (Shakti) 1; Karazzano 2; Spark of Zeus 3. Won by: 1-3/4; 4-1/4; (1-15.1). Tote: Win Rs 14; Place: 11; 17; Quinella: 19; Tanala: 32. Fav: Society Dream (1).

3. R. H. Charles Memorial Plate, Div-I 1,400m: (4-3-5) What A Pleasure (Srinath) 1; Belief 2; Renzino 3. Not run: Sonihal (1). Won by: Nk; 2-1/2; (1-28.8). Tote: Win Rs 32; Place: 14; 14; 12; Quinella: 42; Tanala: 154. Fav: What A Pleasure (4).

4. The Hindu Bangalore Oaks 2,400m: (4-6-5-8) Nairn (Appu) 1; Caressing (Shroff) 2; Ashleen (Norton) 3; Battle Star (Rajinder) 4. Won by: 4-1/2; 2-1/4; 3; (2-36.9). Tote: Win Rs 14; Place: 10; 13; 31; Quinella: 33; Tanala: 355. Fav: Nairn (4).

5. Tungabhadra Plate 1,200m: (7-3-6) Different Ballgame (Norton) 1; Soviet Bay 2; Swinging Conquest 3. Won by: Nk; 2; (1-14.5). Tote: Win Rs 61; Place: 18; 28; 17; Quinella: 477; Tanala: 3,406. Fav: Go Honey go (8).

6. R. H. Charles Memorial Plate, Div-II 1,400m: (5-7-1) Sher Khan (Norton) 1; Rizer 2; Saturn Star 3. Won by: 4; SH; (1-27.7). Tote: Win Rs 70; Place: 22; 15; 16; Quinella: 85; Tanala: 368. Fav: Rizer (7).

7. Kitty Bank Plate 1,200m: (10-8-5) Moon Light Rays (Ramesh) 1; Guernica 2; River Bed 3. Won by: Hd; 3; (1-15.9). Tote: Win Rs 45; Place: 18; 35; 25; Quinella: 239; Tanala: 1,928. Fav: Save The Day (7).

Jackpot: Rs 3,905; (C) Rs 474.

Treble: (i) Rs 57; (ii) Rs 1,131.


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