Palmeiras rout Nam Dinh 6-1
Muktijoddha in semis
Ghosh-Sarkar best in 4-wheeler section
Winning start by Assam Regiment
Palmeiras did not expect to win so easily
City team wins Duplicate event
Green Sari Cup/ Added Asset returns easy winner
Mysore Racing/ Symphony of Fire may strike

Calcutta, Oct. 3: 
The scoreline of the day’s IFA Shield quarter final tie at the Salt Lake Stadium is on the quieter side. It reports the scoresheet bare, not the mood and the domination that the Brazilian side Palmeiras had over their hapless Oriental rivals, Nam Dinh FC of Vietnam.

Palmeiras’ Hilton Mauro Moreira ‘Tom’ scored thrice, but missed the hattrick (as per AIFF rules) and is now the highest scorer in the Shield with six goals to his credit so far. Other goals came from Andre Fabiao Viapiana ‘Chu’, Antonio Marcos Cabe and Celio Claudio. Vietnamese Tran Huy Trung managed the face-saver.

Palmeiras take on Muktijhoddha of Bangladesh (who beat TFA 3-0 in the other quarter final of the day) Friday, while the Mohun Bagan-Tollygunge Agragami winners (tomorrow’s match) will take on East Bengal in the other semi-final, Saturday. The final is Sunday.

The ground was a porridge bowl, so to say, what with the rains over the last three days having played havoc with the surface. A lot of sub-soil water was evident from the start, and it was sure to deteriorate as the match progressed, and it did, too. There were initial problems among the teams in simply staying upright. Much of the Palmerias’ short-passing game had to be shelved and the long balls were summoned more often.

The Vietnam men, also possibly used to playing in such conditions, were actually the less comfortable of the two teams. Palmeiras calmed down soon after some early unsettled situations and were able to take the surface in their stride.

Their attacks were innumerable, their attackers virtually being able to ‘walk’ into the rival defence zone as and when they pleased. The Nam Dinh forward line had never really been impressive in this championship, but today their defence showed up in all its porous glory.

Tom, especially, was all over the defence. His second-minute header was collected by Vietnamese goalkeeper Tran Quoc Trung and when Gustavo Esteves moved in three minutes later, he got past a challenger, but his grounder was again collected by Trung.

Not that Trung’s abilities were anything to cheer. Often, he behaved in a rather amateurish manner, some of these leading to goals.

In the 13th minute a Dang Quang Minh headed backpass to Trung was handled tardily, and the ball slipped out and back into play. Tom charged in to shoot, but the slush reduced the speed, and as the ball rolled goalwards, a Vietnamese defender tried to draw it out. He managed to kick it out, but only after the ball had crossed the goalline. The retrieval was kicked in again by Douglas Martin dos Santos, but Tom’s action had already sealed the lead.

It was basically a scrappy game, with football not of a high standard, but the meek defence by the Vietnamese produced the slew of goals in the nagging drizzle. In the 37th minute Reinaldo de Souza was up the left and into the box, tapping goalwards. Trung dived and just about got his hand to it, but failed to stop the ball. Tom was near enough to effect a quick deflection into goal.

The rain had stopped in the second half and nobody expected much action anyway. But Palmeiras coach Humberto Ferreira had other ideas. In the 16th minute of the latter session Gustavo was again up the left, lifting one to the goalmouth. An overlapping Robson Santos Barbosa jumped to head, but missed, though Chu was at hand to shot home the loose ball.

In the 76th minute a Cabe shot was deflected by Trung, but two minutes later when Tom strolled up lazily into the box he had no problem getting past a challenger. Trung also moved out, but he was way off charge and could only raise his hands as he watched Tom’s lob go in. Four down, the Vietnamese managed to enter the rival box and, off a free-kick Tran Huy Trung shot home through a goalmouth melee, Nam Dinh’s only contribution of the day.

A minute later Palmeiras drew the action to the other side. Robson shot at goal and the goalkeeper dived, but the ball got stuck in the slush. Cabe was in the box, and slipped too, but he got up and managed to tap home quickly. A minute into injury time Celio walked into the Vietnamese defence and as Trung charges out, Celio tapped in unchallenged to complete the annihilation.


PALMEIRAS: Fernando Miranda, Robson Santos Barbosa, Douglas Martin dos Santos, Dinho, Gustavo Esteves, Celio Claudio, Reinaldo de Souza (Antonio Marcos Cabe, 64), Andre Fabiao Viapiana ‘Chu’ (Cezinha, 63), Marcio (Francis Jose da Silva, 66), Marcao, Hilton Mauro Moreira ‘Tom’.

NAM DINH: Tran Quoc Trung, Dang Quang Minh, Pham Hond Phu (Tran Huy Trung 67), Pham Quoc Hung, Ghenadi Grishin, Tran Nam Long (Murat Taghiev, 62), Phan The Hieu, Nguyen Van Sy, Pham Xuan Phu, Nguyen Luong Phuc, Nguyen Trung Kien.

Referee: Manuel Pereira (WIFA).


Calcutta, Oct 3: 

A promising start fizzled into submission as TFA bowed out of the 107th IFA Shield following a 0-3 quarter final defeat to Muktijoddha at the Howrah Municipal Corporation stadium today.

The Academy boys tested the Bangladesh team thoroughly in the first 30 minutes but conceded a soft goal at the stroke of half-time. Their early sting went missing and it was easy going for the visitors in the second half.

Rakib Hossain, Ariful Kabir and Mijanur Rahman were the scorers, but Krishna Tudu of TFA missed two chances, which could have changed the outcome.

Forming a trident up front with Syed Rahim Nabi and Malswan Tulunga, Tudu had just the ‘keeper to beat on two occasions in the first ten minutes. He delayed his shot both times, only to be dispossessed.

Beating the off-side trap with some smart passes from the deep, the TFA boys forced Muktijoddha to change their ploy and this saw the Bangladeshi defenders stand a lot deeper to check the goal-bound runs. Keeping the ball down on the rain-soaked turf was getting increasingly difficult and the teenagers started losing control. They also lacked an anchor in midfield to take charge of distribution.

Losing way somewhat, TFA started killing time and were clearly playing for half-time when they conceded the first goal.

The TFA boys were bound to struggle against their taller opponents and one high ball was enough to break their resistance. Goalkeeper Manas Barua was the one to blame as he let Rakib’s corner from the right slip between his palms.

Emeka Achilefu masterminded the second goal and his through found Rahman charging towards the goal. Barua was late to leave the goalline and it was Rahman who got to the ball first. There was no stopping him once he got past the diving ‘keeper. The third goal was the best. Taking full advantage of the late lethargy in the TFA ranks, Mijanur cut in from the left and fired a left-footer to the far corner of the net.

Muktijoddha will meet Palmeiras in the first semi-final Friday.


MUKTIJODDHA: Aminul Haque, Hassan al Mamun, Abu Faisal Ahmed, Abdul Saliu, Rajani Kanta Burman; Motiur Rahman, Nazarov Yorkin, Zulfikar Masud (Abdul Kayum, 54), Rakib Hossain; Ariful Kabir (Mijanur Rahman, 71), Emeka Achilefu (Pradip Barua, 89).

TFA: Manas Barua; Prashant Jaggi, Amjad Khan, Debanjan Majumdar, Akbar Singh; Avinash Thapa (B. Joshi, 77), Santosh Singh, S. Chakraborty, Malswan Tulunga; Syed Rahim Nabi, Krishna Tudu (Malaswama, 75).

Referee: Subrata Sarkar.

Fourth quarter final today

Mohun Bagan and Tollygunge Agragami had both turned up today at the Salt Lake Stadium for their quarter final clash. However, ground conditions were so poor that this second match was anyway in doubt from the start.

As the Palmeiras-Nam Dinh match progressed, officials of the two teams met and finally decided that playing it out tomorrow will be only the safe thing to do.It will be played in the evening.

Meanwhile, the decision to hold the semi-final between East Bengal and the winners of tomorrow’s match Saturday means one team will have to play on consecutive days. Mohun Bagan have said they are game but East Bengal were yet to be officially informed till late in the evening. Club secertary Dipak Chakraborty said East Bengal will think about it only after being told formally.


Calcutta, Oct. 3: 
The team of Ananda Ghosh and Tamal Sarkar emerged best in the four-wheeler section of the Calcutta-Jamshedpur-Ranchi Telegraph Esteem Monsoon Rally staged over Friday and Saturday.

Mukesh Thakkar and Rajdip Phadikar claimed top honours in the two-wheeler division.

A post-tabulation protest complicated the announcement of results. However, it was withdrawn later.

The team of Sanjay Arya and Somdev Chanda (third among four-wheelers) lodged a protest — saying they were improperly penalised — after the results were declared this morning.

The objection was overruled and the team later decided to accept the verdict despite threatening to take the protest to the Indian Motor Sports Appelate Court (Chennai).

The team of Ghosh and Sarkar was declared best with 369 penalty points. Jogendra Jaiswal and Basudev Ghosh were second with 458. Arya and Chanda had 729, but they were penalised 500 points for stopping at the 10th Time Control on the first leg.

Interestingly, the top five teams in this section drove Esteems.

The protest apart, there was no more trouble and the none-too-impressive show by the riders from the south was very much the highlight of the event.

On the list of overall winners in both sections, the drivers from the south were spotted just once with K. Prasad (Mysore) and T. Arumagam (Coimbatore) taking the second spot in the two-wheeler division.

Sutanu Roy and Debashish Ghosh finished third. The top three teams were on Yamaha RX 135s.

RESULTS (prize money in parentheses)

FOUR-WHEELER, Leg I 1000cc — 1. K.P. Siddhia Devraj-J. Balu (Rs 5000). 2. Dipankar Sadhu-Prasenjit Ray (4000). 3. Prasun Hazra-Indrajit Banerjee (3000). 4. Mukul Budhia-Ashis Budhia (2000). 5. Siddhartha Singh-Ram Trivedi (1000).

Leg I 1100cc— 1. Prasanta Pal-Sumit Mukherjee (5000). 2. Sazid Ali-Sudeep Gupta (4000). 3. Bharat Parekh-Bharat Aurora (3000). 4. Anirban Mukherjee-Amit Saha (2000). 5. Subir Roy-Sushovan Dey (1000).

Leg II 1000cc — 1. Mukul Budhia-Ashis Budhia (5000). 2. Dipankar Sadhu-Prasenjit Ray (4000). 3. K.P. Siddhia Devraj-J. Balu (Rs 3000). 4. Prasun Hazra-Indrajit Banerjee (2000). 5. Siddhartha Singh-Ram Trivedi (1000).

Leg II 1100cc — 1. Surjendu Ganguly-Animesh Roy (5000). 2. Sazid Ali-Sudeep Gupta (4000). 3. Anirban Mukherjee-Amit Saha (3000). 4. Subir Roy-Sushovan Dey (2000). 5. Siddhartha Mitra-Balmiki Biswas (1000).

Overall — 1. Ananda Ghosh-Tamal Sarkar (90,000). 2. Jogendra Jaiswal-Basudev Ghosh (75,000). 3. Sanjay Arya-Somdev Chanda (50,000). 4. Biswajeet Chowdhury-Santanu Saha (25,000). 5. Ranajoy Sinha-Kanak K Banerjee (10,000).

TWO-WHEELER, Leg I — 1. Murtaza Shakir-Irfan Bhati (2500). 2. Gupi Bakuli-Jayanta Dhar (2000). 3. Manish Chakraborty-Mohammed Kashif (1500). 4. Dhawal Panchamia-Viral Seth (1000). 5. Meeraj Khan-Bappa Bose (500).

Leg II — 1. Meeraj Khan-Bappa Bose (2500). 2. Murtaza Shakir-Irfan Bhati (2000). 3. Subhomoy Pal-Sujit Roy (1500). 4. Gautam Saha-Aniruddha Mukherjee (1000). 5. Gupi Bakuli-Jayanta Dhar (500).

Overall — 1. Mukesh Thakkar-Rajdip Fadikar (45,000). 2. K. Prasad-T. Arumagam (37,500). 3. Sutanu Roy-Debashish Ghosh (25,000). 4. Rana Dey-Joydev Chowdhury (12,500). 5. Somnath Saha-Sandipan Nandy (5000).


BEST NOVICE — Four-wheeler: K.P. Siddhia Devraj-J. Balu (2000). Two-wheeler: Kunal Chatterjee-Ashish Mondal (3500). BEST TUNER — Four-wheeler: Dilip Das & Azgar Ali (1000 each). Two-wheeler: Anil Das (1000). The Telegraph Good Samaritan Trophy: The Marshall team of Saibal Mukherjee. The Maruti Challenge Trophy for Best Marshall Team: Suman Chatterjee and Gairik Haldar.


Guwahati, Oct. 3: 
Former champions Assam Regimental Centre began their Bordoloi Trophy campaign with a 6-0 thrashing of Food Corporation of India Sports Club at the Nehru Stadium today.

Assam RC pumped in four goals in the first half against the FCI team, which had outplayed City police in the inaugural match.

Although both teams struggled to play their natural game on a field rendered unplayable by heavy showers before the match, the Armymen adapted fast.

Besides Samsel Koirang, who found the net twice, Subroto Biswas, captain Lalmaswana along with Itomba Singh and Biswajit Chetia were the other scorers.

In the other match played at Sualkuchi, Guwahati Town Club struggled to beat Sports Authority of India Sports Club 6-5 in a tie-breaker after being locked 1-1 at the end of regulation time.

Tomorrow, the 2nd Assam State Reserve Force battalion take on Oil India Limited while Maharana play Assam State Electricity Board at Sualkuchi.


Calcutta, Oct. 3: 
Palmeiras coach Humberto Ferreira today said that this big victory will not go to their heads. “We did not expect this victory to have come so easily,” he said after the IFA Shield quarter final match versus Nam Dinh of Vietnam, who the Brazilians beat 6-1.

The focus is on the semi-finals, said the coach, and this victory will not form part of preparations for that. “In our last match (versus Bhratri Sangha, which ended 1-1) we learned a good lesson, and we are not taking anything lightly,” he said.

He said that the team missed one of its stars, attacking medio Normando, who had to go back to Brazil from Zurich because he had lost all his papers (hence the Palmeiras squad is 17, not 18 here). “Normando is a good player, plays for Bologna, and we miss him here.”

He refused to be drawn into any controversy about the standard of refereeing in this meet, only saying that today “maybe more players should have been booked in the Nam Dinh side (three were), because they played really rough.”


Calcutta, Oct. 3: 
The Haldibari team from the city won the Duplicate event in the All-India K.N. Modi bridge tournament in Nainital recently.

Members of the winning team were Dipak Majumdar, Manas Mukherje, Subrata Saha, Amal Kundu, Bhabesh Saha and Manik Chakraborty.

Haldibari beat Jesus — another team from the city — in the final. Kanan Mondal, Asit Kundu, Ajoy Sengupta, Debashish Basu, Snehashish Roy and Sovan Mitra were members of the Jesus team.


Calcutta, Oct. 3: 
Apprentice Rao Dalpat Singh partnered five-year-old Added Asset to an easy victory in the 1,400m Green Sari Cup, the main event in today’s race-card. Daniel David-trained the lesser fancied horse by Adler out of Palace Music. In fact, favourites performed poorly on a race-track that had turned ‘soft’ because of heavy rains since Monday. Calamint was the only public-choice to deliver the goods in the six-event card ruled by second favourites. Daniel had earlier in the afternoon led-in Bird’s Empire to end the day with a creditable double. Facing a four-day suspension, apprentice Rutherford Alford was the only other professional to have scored a brace of winners. Rutherford’s winners came through, father Richard-trained Royal Ruler in the Good Hope Handicap and Addab, from trainer Mujeeb-ur-Rehman’s yard, who returned a facile winner of the Goldliner Handicap, the concluding event.


1. Fathom Five Handicap 1,400m: (4-3-5-1) Calamint (C. Alford) 1; Grecian Prince (Connorton) 2; Stella Blue (Bird) 3; Glass Slipper (K. Kumar) 4. Won by: 7-1/4; 2-3/4; 1-3/4; (1-32.4). Tote: Win Rs 12; Place: 11; 13; Quinella: 15; Tanala: 46. Fav: Calamint (4). Winner trained by Vijay S.

2. Good Hope Handicap 2,000m: (6-2-4-3) Royal Ruler (Rutherford) 1; Iron Warrior (Dalpat S.) 2; Black Mane (A. P. Singh) 3; Freedom Warrior (C. Alford) 4. Won by: 1-1/4; SH; 8-1/4; (2-15.5). Tote: Win Rs 47; Place: 15; 17; 37; Quinella: 183; Tanala: 3,832. Fav: Freedom Warrior (3). Winner trained by R. Alford.

3. Shahi Bag Handicap 1,000m: (2-1-6-5) Heaven’s Blessing (Shanker) 1; Finders Keepers (Rutherford) 2; Magic Ring (Islam) 3; Piece of Cake (Upadhya) 4. Won by: 2-3/4; 4-1/2; 2-1/2; (1-6.1). Tote: Win Rs 45; Place: 23; 16; Quinella: 38; Tanala: 321. Fav: Finders Keepers (1). Winner trained by Bath.

4. Kelso Handicap 1,200m: (2-3-8-7) Bird’s Empire (Connorton) 1; Abashed (Islam) 2; Storm Centre (Dalpat S.) 3; Crest Star (Rutherford) 4. Not run: Spanish Drum’s (1). Won by: 1-1/4; 1-1/4; 3-1/2; (1-19.5). Tote: Win Rs 29; Place: 13; 16; 18; Quinella: 48; Tanala: 324. Fav: Abashed (3). Winner trained by Daniel D.

5. Green Sari Cup 1,400m: (6-7-2-9) Added Asset (Dalpat S.) 1; Ashbury (C. Alford) 2; Ispahan (Rutherford) 3; Grand Lodge (Gowli) 4. Not run: Accelerating Star (3). Won by: 3-3/4; Nk; 2-1/4; (1-30.8). Tote: Win Rs 67; Place: 18; 14; 19; Quinella: 71; Tanala: 878. Fav: Ashbury (7). Winner trained by Daniel D.

6. Goldliner Handicap 1,200m:(2-1-8-6) Addab (Rutherford) 1; Crimson King (Dalpat S.) 2; Queen’s Logic (C. Alford) 3; Discomatic (Asghar) 4. Won by: 5; 9-1/4; Nk; (1-19.5). Tote: Win Rs 32; Place: 12; 14; 12; Quinella: 50; Tanala: 156. Fav: Queen’s Logic (8). Winner trained by Mujeeb R.

Jackpot: Rs 11,449; (C) Rs 794.

Treble: (i) Rs 339; (ii) Rs 965.

Mysore, Oct. 3: 
Z. Darashah’s ward Symphony of Fire, with Appu in the saddle, may win the 1,200m F. K. Irani Memorial Gold Cup, a terms event for four-year-olds and over which is tomorrow’s main attraction. The Bold Russian-Something Fabulous filly, who was not at her best when finishing third behind Acrobat and Averoff in a 1,400m race, may relish the slated sprint.


2.30 pm: Artic Minstrel 1. Waves of Emotion 2. Dynamic Chief 3.
3 pm: Saujas 1. Renzino 2. Jersey Lightning 3.
3.30 pm: Bountiful Star 1. Rush 2. Different Ballgame 3.
4 pm: Scenic Bay 1. Ancheta 2. Shathabisha 3.
4.30 pm: Symphony of Fire 1. Yewall 2. Soviet Song 3.
5 pm: Tapatio 1. Aide De Memoire 2. Tattoo 3.
5.30 pm: Daiimio 1. Skeena 2. Win Ameen 3.

Day’s Best: Bountiful Star

Double: Artic Minstrel & Scenic Bay

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