Tollygunge demolish Md. Sp.
Unimpressive win for Nam Dinh
Undivided BCA gains from court ruling
Gaud in lead
Monsoon Cup/ Harry The Horse outsmarts Alkido
Mysore Racing / Al Habib may avenge defeat

Calcutta, Sept. 26: 
Tollygunge 4
Md. Sp. 0

Tollygunge Agragami toyed with Mohammedan Sporting in their IFA Shield match at the Salt Lake Stadium today, scoring four and missing more. This was Tollygunge�s first win, having lost their first match to East Bengal.

Moses Owira scored twice with a goal each by Adeola Adeyeri and Sashthi Duley.

The Tollygunge domination was clear from the start. There was little by way of any Mohammedan Sporting resistance, leave alone attacks. It was a confirmation of such attitude that saw the lead creep in.

In the tenth minute, Debashish Pal Chowdhury fell while trying to clear an innocuous centre and in the process, the ball slipped to an advancing Adeola. Adeola had only to shoot home from close.

Thirteen minutes later, a defensive pass to Ali Reza went wayward and a charging Akim took it up. But even with Mohammedan Sporting goalie Imran Khan rushing up, Akim shot over the bar.

In the 30th minute, the futility of the Mohammedan Sporting defence was stark in the afternoon sun as a Tollygunge attack virtually sauntered in. Rafiq, Debashish and Insan Ali were manning the defence, trying to look threatening. In effect, they held their positions in excellent posture, but pretty unmoving, unfortunately.

As Akim lifted the ball to the goalmouth, the two observed, in rapt attention, not daring to move. And they kept on watching, in enviable posture, as Moses headed home the second goal.

The second half saw a flood of Tollygunge raids. The Mohammedan Sporting defence was not supposed to react and they did not disappoint.

First, Akim went wayward off a Moses pass at the goalmouth, then it was again Akim who made a mess of a Duley centre from the right. Amitava Chanda, too, contributed to the misses.

By that time, Mohammedan Sporting were probably wondering what their function at the ground was. One must question the IFA�s judgement in allowing them a podium with some of the best teams in the country.

In the 71st minute, Mohammedan Sporting again threw up their hands in abject surrender. Insan backpassed to his goalkeeper. Imran, instead of trapping, shot the ball back into play, quite arbitrarily. Duley was at the goalmouth, and loped ahead to shoot home from top of the box. Tollygunge were 3-0 ahead.

Into injury time, a sudden 25-yard right footer from Moses went in for the fourth goal to round off.


TOLLYGUNGE AGRAGAMI: Gopal Das; Amitava Chanda, Subhashish Roy Chowdhury, Satish Bharti, Biswanath Mondal, Sashthi Duley (Surojit Das, 84), Mehtab Hossain, Sandip Das, Adeola Adeyeri, Moses Owira, Akim Awoyemi (Najum-ul Islam, 83).

MD. SPORTING: Imran Khan; Sarawar Ali, Insan Ali, Debashish Pal Chowdhury, Aslam Pervez, Rafiq, Zulfikar (Bablu Mohammed, 34), Ali Reza, Alauddin (Seturaman, 72), Lawrence, Ohidul Islam (Amzad Hussain, 57).

Referee: Manual Pereira.


Calcutta, Sept. 26: 
Watching certain teams in the current IFA Shield, one wonders whether it is justifiable to fill the quota of a so-called top-level soccer tournament of the country at any cost, even with teams disgustingly low on talent.

Today, the Vietnamese team Nam Dinh FC, who were thrashed 0-3 by Bangladesh�s Muktijoddha, in turn, thrashed the Indian under-19 team 3-1. The one goal that the Indians coached by Islam Akhmedov managed was the result of a defence line getting ready to pack up and leave for the day.

In a pathetic display of mediocrity, mostly visible on a bad day in the Maidan�s second division, the Indian colts let in two goals from Nguyen Luong Phuc (the first off a penalty) in the first half. They then went on to lie prostrate as the Vietnamese walked all over them and scored the insurance goal through Vu Duy Hoang.

The reducer was scored by substitute S. Marlanki, off a pass from another substitute, H. Joyful. The problem is that even the Vietnamese dish out a rather unimpressive variety of soccer. What purpose this exercise in mediocrity serves the IFA, only its mandarins will be able to say.

In the 13th minute of the match, the Indian colts� H. Singh handled the ball inside the box in an attempt to stop and Phuc converted the resultant penalty.

Off the general Vietnamese supremacy, Le Ngoc Tu was up the right, sending a centre to the goalmouth, as Phuc drove home the second. Then, in the 14th minute of the second session, Phan The Hieu was in the box and sent a forward pass that Vu Duy Hoang collected. W. Passah�s challenge was useless as Duy Hoang shot home. In the 89th minute Joyful came up the left and the lazy defence did not even notice. Marlanki headed in quickly.

This set of two matches today has set the Shield groups thus. East Bengal lead group A with three points from their lone outing, followed by Tollygunge Agragami, who have the same number of points, but from two matches. In group B Mohun Bagan are clearly ahead with three points with nobody else nearby. Muktijoddha and the Vietnamese are at three points each in group C, but the Bangladeshis have played only one match against the Vietnam team�s two. In group D Palmeiras are in a similar position as Bagan.


NAM DINH FC: Nguyen Van Sy, Tran Quoc Trung, Phan The Hieu, Pham Hong Phu, Tran Huy Trung, Pham Xuan Phu, Nguyen Luong Phuc, Nguyen Trung Kien (Tran Nam Long, 49), Pham Quoc Hung, Vu Duy Hoang (Murat Tagiev, 75), Le Ngoc Lung (Ghenadi Grishin, 64).

INDIA U-19: M Madeira, H. Singh, W. Passah, L. Singh, Anupam Sarkar (S. Marlanki, 46), P Basunia (SD Roni, 60), M Fernandez, A Rouf Khan, S Hames Singh, Lalbhulaiya (H Joyful, 71), M Kumar.

Referee: MS Balu (Karnataka).

Fixture change

IFA joint secretary Ranjit Gupta informed that the group A winners versus group A runners-up match of the quarter final, scheduled for October 2, has now been brought forward by a day.    

Calcutta, Sept. 26: 
It is to be seen whether Laloo Prasad Yadav actually makes a trip to Chennai during the Board�s AGM on Saturday-Sunday but, as of now, it�s the undivided Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) which will vote. Only a turnaround in the courtrooms, in the next 48 hours, will re-cast this scenario.

Incidentally, besides the Board�s �invitation� to the AGM, undivided BCA chief Sanjay Singh intends going armed with a copy of the Jharkhand High Court order, which states the undivided (Jamshedpur-based) BCA will be deemed �official� till the court rules otherwise.

The order, one understands, was passed following a public interest litigation in Ranchi. Laloo�s Bihar Cricket Association is Patna-headquartered.

As is pretty well established, the undivided BCA�s loyalties are with Jagmohan Dalmiya, who is challenging incumbent A.C.Muthiah for the Board presidency.

Muthiah, for his part, has already �recognised� the Laloo-led set-up, formed after Bihar�s bifurcation last November. However, as this was done at a working committee meeting � and not the AGM � the president�s action doesn�t conform to the Board�s constitution.

According to The Telegraph�s sources, the undivided BCA chief has chosen to himself attend the AGM, instead of deputing veteran B.N.Singh, as the latter has been �threatened.� No details were provided, but the (AGM-related) threat is clearly not being taken lightly.

Meanwhile, thanks to the High Court�s intervention in Jaipur, the Rajasthan Cricket Association will not go unrepresented at the AGM. That�s good news for Dalmiya as the Rungtas (Purshottam and Kishore) are firm backers.

Board secretary Jaywant Lele, too, is �confident� of attending as the Baroda Cricket Association representative. In other words, he will cast the Baroda vote.

[Even if things don�t work out his way, being Board secretary, Lele will still be present at the AGM.]

Muthiah�s camp, though, is going flat out to ensure either president Chirayu Amin himself attends, or authorises somebody to represent Baroda. One name doing the rounds is that of a recently-retired and distinguished IPS officer, close to Inderjit Singh Bindra. Only, this gentleman has nothing to do with Baroda.

A former Board president, Bindra is supporting Muthiah. As is another one-time head, Raj Singh Dungarpur.

The pleasing news on the Bihar (as of today) and Rajasthan front notwithstanding, the Dalmiya group is bound to be disheartened by Mumbai Cricket Association president Sharad Pawar�s presence at Muthiah�s campaign-dinner at the Taj Palace yesterday.

In this case, at least, it�s a definite pointer Pawar will vote for Muthiah and that Mumbai isn�t really a �fifty-fifty case.�

It must be said, however, that no host of such dinners can ever take for granted the vote of invitees who respond to his invitation. For instance, while high-profile Rajya Sabha member Rajiv Shukla (UP) was present, the Kanpur-based body is committed to voting for Dalmiya.

Significantly, despite the Muthiah camp�s claims, Dalmiya still appears ahead in the all-important numbers game.


Calcutta, Sept. 26: 
Mahesh Gaud in the professional category led with 2724 points with an average of 194.57 on the opening day of the Challengers round for the Calcutta region in the ColorPlus national bowling championship.

Sanjay Gadhwani at 2514 was second followed by Bamsi Mohan at 2366.

The top 32 bowlers from the qualifiers are competing in the Challengers round.


Calcutta, Sept. 26: 
Apprentice Rutherford Alford on Harry The Horse scripted a three-length victory over Alkido in the showpiece of the season, the 2,000m Monsoon Cup today. Riding the 12-10 favourite from John Stephens� yard, the apprentice displayed a good sense of judgement and a matured head as he slipped into a three-length lead, mid-way through the journey, to catch his main rival Cristopher Alford on Alkido unaware. It was smooth sailing, thereafter, for the Twist And Turn-Knightsbridge four-year-old.

The Balam Cup was picked up by Daniel David-trained Ballet Master on whom jockey Nic Connorton was trifle lucky as his stable-mate Regency Times was handled tenderly thus prompting the stewards to hand jockey Yasin a two-day suspension following an enquiry. The stewards also conducted pending enquiries and severely cautioned trainers Mujeeb-ur-Rehmen and Daniel advising them to ensure transparency into the future performance of their runners.


1. Mercury Handicap 1,100m: (4-2-1-5) Kargil Soldier (Rutherford) 1; Endless Surprise (C. Alford) 2; Winning Hand (M. Reuben) 3; Santillana (Connorton) 4. Won by: 2; 1-3/4; 5-1/2; (1-11.3). Tote: Win Rs 55; 23; 11; Quinella: 38; Tanala: 232. Fav: Endless Surprise (2). Winner trained by J. Stephens.

2. Balam Cup 1,400m: (3-9-8-6) Ballet Master (Connorton) 1; On The Bit (Rutherford) 2; Regency Times (Yasin) 3; Mr. Bombshell (Dalpat S.) 4. Won by: 1-1/2; Nk; Nk; (1-31). Tote: Win Rs 18; Place: 11; 21; 20; Quinella: 56; Tanala: 323. Fav: Ballet Master (3). Winner trained by Daniel D.

3. Fair Manzar Handicap 1,800m: (5-3-4-1) Royal Ruler (P. Alford) 1; Ballard Lady (B. Gurang) 2; Fencai (M. Reuben) 3; Nearco Prince (Islam) 4. Won by: 1-3/4; 1/2; 1; (2-6.2). Tote: Win Rs 73; Place: 17; 33; 37; Quinella: 508; Tanala: 4,842. Fav: Aventura (6). Winner trained by R. Alford.

4. Monsoon Cup 2,000m: (4-3-2-1) Harry The Horse (Rutherford) 1; Alkido (C. Alford) 2; Illustrious Reign (V. Jaiswal) 3; Allosaki (Shanker) 4. Won by: 3; Dist; Dist; (2-12.2). Tote: Win Rs 22; Place: 12; 12; Quinella: 16; Tanala: 145. Fav: Alkido (3). Winner trained by J. Stephens.

5. Sermon Handicap 1,400m: (3-8-2-5) Flamebird (Gowli) 1; Global Harmony (Rutherford) 2; Alborada (Shanker) 3; Black Mane (A. P. Singh) 4. Won by: 7-1/2; 6-1/2; 1/2; (1-30.2). Tote: Win Rs 14; Place: 11; 16; 22; Quinella: 28; Tanala: 127. Fav: Flamebird (3). Winner trained by Javed K.

6. Prawn Curry Handicap 1,100m: (3-10-5-7) Secret Adversary (Dalpat S.) 1; Aliqa (M. Reuben) 2; Flying Power (A. P. Singh) 3; Tequila Shot (Shanker) 4. Not run: The Stud (8). Won by: 5-1/2; Hd; 1-3/4; (1-13). Tote: Win Rs 31; Place: 14; 17; 22; Quinella: 67; Tanala: 522. Fav: Tequila Shot (7). Winner trained by Daniel D


Jackpot: Rs 3,153; (C) Rs 285.

Treble: (i) Rs 5,739; (ii) Rs 133.

Mysore, Sept. 26: 
Well tuned by Darashah with K. P. Appu to partner him, Al Habib may win the 1,200m J. H. Foley Memorial Gold Cup, tomorrow. The Broto-Jane�s Idea gelding will come up against from the speedster Devonlock and Grisogono who beat him in his first start. Now better off at weights, he may avenge the defeat.


1.30 pm: Scenic Bay 1. Si Senora 2. Mera Ladlaa 3.
2 pm: Forest Whisper 1. Arbello 2. Agronomist 3.
2.30 pm: Alicyclic 1. Angie 2. Misty Charms 3.
3 pm: Al Habib 1. Grisogono 2. Devonlock 3.
3.30 pm: Airtel 1. Gnostic Eyes 2. Arterial 3.
4 pm: Silver Falcon 1. Silver Touch 2. Lake Baikal 3.
4.30 pm: National Star 1. Dressed For Dinner 2. Guide 3.
5 pm: Telegram 1. Barassie 2. Crown Ivory 3.
5.30 pm: Atomic Fusion 1. Mayfair 2. Rumpelstiltskin 3.

Day�s Best: Alicyclic

Double: Scenic Bay & Forest Whisper

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