Jayalalithaa factor in BCCI polls
Somak held by Abhishek
Port dash Tollygunge hopes
No big name in Palmeiras squad
IFA sanctions on Nandy
Nehra to be present at fitness tests
Deep�s new role
IOA wants meet from March 24
Pune Racing / Torres may strike again
Pune Racing / Easy win for Elegant Jade

Calcutta, Sept. 21: 
The unseating of Ms Jayalalithaa as Tamil Nadu�s chief minister, by the Supreme Court today, will have an effect on the Board�s AGM in Chennai, on September 29-30.

Specifically, it has come as good news for Jagmohan Dalmiya, who is battling incumbent A.C.Muthiah for the presidency. Muthiah is identified as the one industrialist closest to Ms Jayalalithaa.

Dalmiya appears to be comfortably ahead in the numbers game --- developments in Mumbai and Baroda notwithstanding --- but any loss of �support� in the rival camp is always welcome.

According to The Telegraph�s sources, there was dismay in the Dalmiya group when Muthiah announced home turf Chennai as the AGM venue. That Ms Jayalalithaa, as chief minister, could have �helped� Muthiah, is what caused much of the dismay.

Ms Jayalalithaa may still call the shots, but actually being chief minister is very different.

Despite the Chennai-reservations, however, the Dalmiya group was relieved Muthiah didn�t heed a suggestion from a politician and opt for either Chandigarh or Patna.

Though no one is willing to be quoted, dadagiri of the highest order would probably have been on view had Patna been the AGM venue. There could also have been some arm-twisting had Muthiah chosen Chandigarh, former president Inderjit Singh Bindra�s base.

Bindra is understood to be playing a lead role in Muthiah�s push for a third (and final) year as president. Another former president, Raj Singh Dungarpur, is helping plot the Muthiah moves.

A high-profile New Delhi editor, with considerable access to the corridors of power, is also part of Muthiah�s team.

Significantly, strongarm tactics were used (by both camps) at the 1990 AGM in Calcutta --- the last time a serving president (B.N.Dutt) was denied a third year. The winner then was Madhavrao Scindia.

Not too long ago, Dalmiya was on the best of terms with not just Muthiah and Raj Singh, but Bindra as well. The Dalmiya-Bindra row did affect Indian cricket; it remains to be seen how damaging the Muthiah-Dalmiya war will be.

Meanwhile, the drive to pocket the three institutional votes � Services (North), Railways (Central) and Universities � seems to be getting hotter.

The Dalmiya group is confident of garnering the Railways and Services votes, but must still guard against any government �directive� in Muthiah�s favour.

[Muthiah�s strength-assessing dinner, by the way, will be in New Delhi on September 25.]

That Muthiah apparently is on reasonably good terms with Union sports minister Uma Bharti, who isn�t favourably disposed towards Dalmiya, may eventually lead to the government�s intervention.

There is talk that Goa and Jammu & Kashmir will be barred from participating, one because it is discredited and the other owing to litigation, but things aren�t quite clear as yet.

In any case, Muthiah�s ruling (at the last working committee meeting) favouring the Laloo Prasad Yadav-led Bihar Cricket Association continues to throw up more questions. The body is Patna headquartered.

Technically, it�s the undivided (Jamshedpur-based) Bihar Cricket Association which continues to �exist� till the AGM grants affiliation to a new set-up. Jharkhand, unfortunately, has two factions.


Calcutta, Sept. 21: 
No sole leader has emerged, even after the end of the sixth round of The Telegraph Schools� Chess championship at Gorky Sadan today. At the end of the round, four players jointly share the lead with 5.5 points apiece in the Alekhine Chess Club-organised meet.

Second seed Somak Palit of Mitra Institution was clearly winning against Abhishek Das of Bharat Sevashram School, Jamshedpur in a Sicilian defence, but he was under severe time pressure and could not complete his moves in the requisite time limit. Fortunately for him, his opponent did not have any winning material and chief arbiter R. C. Chatterjee declared the game drawn following the Fide rules.

The highlight of the day was Supriya Maji�s upset win over fifth seed Rohan Vijay Shandilya of DBMS Career Academy, Jamshedpur in a double rook ending.

Seveth seed Tanmoy Pattanayak of Mitra Institution (Main) had to work hard to squeeze out a win from a Rook and Bishop versus Rook and opposite coloured Bishop ending against Debayan Majumder of St James School in a Tarrasch variation of the French defence.

Third seed Ayan Lahiri of Laban Hrad Vidyapith overcame the challenge of Hasib R. K. Sagar of Al Amin Ideal Academy, Dhaka in a long game that stretched to the 50th move.

Ritam Bhowmik of M. F. Academy went down to Abhisikta Pattanaik of A. H. Vidyapith, Cuttack in 65 moves in the exchange variation of the Ruy Lopez opening.

Joydeep Dutta of Kumar Ashutosh Institution (branch) beat Saurav Chakraborti of St James School in a King and pawn endgame which arose from a Queen�s gambit accepted.

Debaditya Sinha Biswas of Salt Lake Point School and Samput Mallick of Holy Home agreed to a draw in 16 moves. Mary Ann Gomes of Loreto Day School, Sealdah got the better of Sharmin S. Shirin of BBMG High School, Dhaka in 27 moves in Dutch defence.

In a game between two tiny tots, four and-a-half-year-old Bidita Shenoy of Hartley�s Private School had a tough time trying to find mate against six year-old Araditya Saraf of Modern High School. At one point it looked as if the game would continue for an indefinite period as Bidita had three queens on the board, but was still unable to checkmate. The arbiters were relieved when Bidita finally checkmated on the 70 move, after three and-a-half hours of play.


Abhishek Das (5.5) drew Somak Palit (5.5); Tanmoy Pattanayak (5.5) bt Debayan Majumder (5 ); Debaditta S Biswas (5) drew Samput Mallick (5); Ritam Bhaumik (4.5)lost to Abhisikta Pattnaik (5.5); Saptarshi Roy (5) bt Abinash Das (4); Ayan Lahiri (5) bt Hasib R K Sagar (4); Rohan V Shandilya (4) lost to Supriya Maji (5); Joydeep Dutta (5) bt Saurav Chakraborti (4); Soumya Thakurta (5)bt Sk Shahid Ahmed (4); Vikash Kumar Tiwary (4) lost to Nishikant Mishra (5); Jibanand Singh (4) lost to Pritam Banerjee (5); Sankar Majumder (4.5) drew Priya Ratnam (4.5); Sharmin S Shirin (4) lost to Mary Ann Gomes (5); Suman Basu (4.5) drew Swagatam Sengupta (4.5); N Sashank Singh (4) bt Suman Mallick (4); Sourav Bose (5) bt Arijit Ghosh (4); Anirudha Menon (4) drew Sayan Sarkar (4); Sandipan Chatterjee (3.5) bt Arpan Sarkar (Sr) (3.5); Prabuddha Ghosh (4) drew Karamtej Singh (4); Sumit Shaw (4.5) bt Minhazuddin A Sagar (3.5); Nilabhro Datta (3.5) lost to Chiranjit Saha (4.5); Najir Arifin (3.5) bt Kunal Somaiya (3.5); K Chakraborty (4.5) bt R Bhattacharya (3.5); Shamima A Liza (4) drew Suddhasattwa Das (4); Saurov Sett (4 ) bt Antarip Roy (3 ); Souvik Chakraborty (4) bt Suman Ghosh (3); Syed Wasim Akram (3) lost to Nandan Buragohain (3); Sourav Biswas (4) bt C Vijay Gopal (3); Ankit Jain (3) lost to Souparna Ghosh (4); Abhey Bhaniramka(3) lost to Varun Jain (4).


Calcutta, Sept. 21: 
Tollygunge Agragami�s hopes of a runner-up finish in the Super Division were dashed by a gutsy Calcutta Port Trust (CPT) team at Kishore Bharati Stadium today.

Outplayed for three-fourths of the championship leg tie, this afternoon Port struck twice in three minutes after half-time to carve out a 2-1 victory. With only the match against East Bengal to go, Tollygunge Agragami are stuck on 23 points. East Bengal have 26 with two games to play.

The three points came in handy for Port who can now snatch fourth position if they beat Bhratri Sangha in their last match. Port have 18 points, while Bhratri have 19. Port had held Tollygunge goalless in their first-phase clash.

Port�s first goal had an element of luck to go with it. An Amitava Chanda clearance got stuck in one of the several muddy pools and Santanu Chakraborty pounced to slot home. That was 12 minutes after the change of ends. Two minutes later, Pradip Indu outjumped Subhasish Roy Chowdhury to nod home a Sandip Ghosh centre.

The goals apart, Port had just one other scoring opportunity, in the third minute. Pradip Indu�s header was kicked away from the goalline by Sandip Das.

Tollygunge�s dominance, even on a treacherous surface, was never in doubt. Duley was again the fulcrum of most of the creative activity in the middle. He missed three chances but scored a gem of a goal in the 72nd minute.

Second-half substitute Nazimul Haque, who lent an extra edge to the Tollygunge attacks, hooked the ball back from the goalline for Duley to fire in a prompt left-footed volley from the top of the box. Timing and placement were perfect .

Just before Port got their first goal, Duley was felled inside the box by Bijay Pal, but referee Arup Chakraborty turned a blind eye to Tollygunge players� appeal for a penalty. Coach Amal Dutta, for a change, didn�t blame the refereeing for his team�s third defeat in the league. �Just look at the state of the ground. Only farmers can play soccer here,� he said.


CALCUTTA PORT TRUST: Sandip Guha, Shib Sankar Chowdhury, Bijay Pal, Srimanta Das, Sisir Ghosh, Madhusudan Majumdar, Amit Roy, Gaurab Datta, Santanu Chakrabarty, Pradip Indu, Sandip Ghosh (Sujit Dey, 78).

TOLLYGUNGE AGRAGAMI: Sandip Nandy, Amitava Chanda, Subhashish Roy Chowdhury, Partha Sarathi Dey, Biswanath Mondal, Sandip Das, Sashthi Duley, Khemtang Paite, Mehtab Hossain, Akim, Moses Owira (Nazimul Haque, 66).

Referee: Arup Chakraborty.


Calcutta, Sept. 21: 
The Palmeiras team trouped into the city today � beaming with stories of their glorious deeds � but little to show off in terms of established talent that sets their country apart.

By their own admission, the biggest attraction of the 107th IFA Shield are here with their second-string players. Some, they informed, have had the experience of playing in the highest tier of the Brazilian national league.

Most of those opening Palmeiras� campaign against TFA Tuesday have not been in touch with the game for close to a month and coach Humberto Gomes Ferreira said they will �improve gradually.�

Among those to have played for Palmeiras in the past are superstars Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos and Cafu. Their only representative in the current national team is goalkeeper Marcos who has not made the trip.

The coach, one-time assistant of current Brazil coach Luis Felippe Scolari in Gremio, identified 21-year-old striker Reinaldo da Souza as the player to watch. Another could be former under-21 international defender Rogerio Cesar Possamal Junior.

The team, which landed here this morning via Zurich and Mumbai, trained at Salt Lake Stadium in the afternoon. They have not trained together for close to a month and their average age is about 23.

EB, Tolly in opener

East Bengal and Tollygunge Agragami, yet to play their crucial Super Division championship leg match, will kick off the IFA Shield with a 3 pm match at Salt Lake Stadium Monday. That will be followed by a floodlit game between Vietnam�s Nam Dinh FC and Bangladesh�s Muktijoddha.

The top two from each of the four preliminary groups will qualify for the quarter finals which come off on October 2 and 3. The semis are scheduled on October 4 and 5, the final on October 7.


Sept. 24: East Bengal vs Tollygunge Agragami (Salt Lake, 3 pm); Nam Dinh FC vs Muktijoddha (Salt Lake, 5.30 pm). Sept. 25: Mohun Bagan vs Ever-Ready (Mohun Bagan, 2.45 pm); Palmeiras vs TFA (Salt Lake, 2.45 pm). Sept. 26: Nam Dinh vs India U-19 (Salt Lake, 2.45 pm); Tollygunge vs Md. Sporting (Kishore Bharati, 2.45 pm). Sept. 27: Mohun Bagan vs FC Kochin (Salt Lake, 2.45 pm); TFA vs Bhratri Sangha (East Bengal, 2.45 pm). Sept. 28: Muktijoddha vs India U-19 (Mohun Bagan, 2.45 pm); East Bengal vs Md. Sporting (Salt Lake, 2.45 pm). Sept. 29: FC Kochin vs Ever-Ready (Howrah, 2.45 pm); Palmeiras vs Bhratri Sangha (Salt Lake, 2.45 pm). Oct. 2 and 3: Quarter finals (Salt Lake and Howrah, 2.30 pm). Oct. 4 and 5: Semi-finals (Salt Lake). Oct. 7: Final.

IFA strike off

The employees of IFA today called off their two-day strike after striking a deal which gave them a 20 per cent hike in dearness allowance effective from April this year. The 27-strong staff, who had demanded a 30 per cent increase, have been assured of a proper pay structure from the next financial year.


Calcutta, Sept. 21: 
IFA�s disciplinary committee today punished George Telegraph coach Raghu Nandy and official Bachchu Gupta for their role in ransacking the CRA tent and beating up trainee referee Subir Guha Thakurta after the Super Division match with Mohammedan Sporting on August 28.

The committee, chaired by former goalkeeper Shibaji Banerjee, decided to debar Nandy and Gupta from escorting any team to any playing arena till September 30, 2002. They also can�t hold any IFA post till that date.

Nandy had been a member of the senior selection committee while Gupta was on a couple of other sub-committees.

As far as the beating up of assistant referee Dilip Samanta and heckling referee Partha Rout Roy during the match is concerned, George Telegraph has been asked to inquire the matter and inform IFA within 15 days as to which players and officials were involved.

City AC win

City AC beat Aryan 1-0 to move closer to the championship leg zone of the CFL first division group A. The top-four will fight for the two promotion berths to next season�s Super Division. Howrah Union beat CFC 1-0, while Wari drew goalless with Rajasthan. IBAC earned promotion to second division with a 5-3 win over YMSA in the relegation play-off final.


Calcutta, Sept. 21: 
Speedster Ashish Nehra, declared unfit the other day, will be present during the Board-conducted fitness tests in Mumbai.

That Nehra could get another chance to prove his fitness, despite the unfit-certificate, was reported by The Telegraph yesterday.

And, for this, Nehra has to thank captain Sourav Ganguly who took the initiative and spoke to Board secretary Jaywant Lele on the issue.

The tests will be held at the Wankhede, tomorrow afternoon and on Sunday morning.

Lele, when contacted in Vadodara this evening, confirmed that Nehra will be present.

In case Nehra can�t make it for the tri-series in South Africa, Debashish Mohanty stands a good chance of being the replacement.

The team leaves for Johannesburg in the early hours of Monday.

The tests are on schedule despite the unseasonal rain, adds PTI from Mumbai. BCCI executive secretary Sharad Diwadkar said the pitch and run-up have been covered well.


Calcutta, Sept. 21: 
His selection to the national team has earned Deep Dasgupta a deal with the Arvind Group.

At a press conference today, the company announced the India wicketkeeper will be its brand ambassador.

He will endorse their products and feature in promotional campaigns

CAB committees

The four-member state senior and junior selection committees will remain unchanged. This was ratified at the CAB working committee meeting this evening.

The meeting also passed a budget of Rs 7.5 lakh for the proposed gymnasium at the Pankaj Gupta indoor practice centre.


New Delhi, Sept. 21: 
The president of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), Suresh Kalmadi, has asked the Prime Minister and union sports minister whether the Afro-Asian Games can be held from March 24-April 2.

Kalmadi said these dates were finalised after consulting the respective national federations and the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa.

Kalmadi has also asked sports minister Uma Bharti to clarify the government�s stance on India�s participation in the SAF Games scheduled in Pakistan next month.

All SAF Games camps have been called off and the only one still in progress is the one for hockey in Ludhiana. Federation officials say they want to continue the camp, looking forward to the Champions Trophy Challenger tournament to be held here in December.


Pune, Sept. 21: 
In good form, Torres, a four-year-old from trainer Imtiaz Sait�s yard may reel off his third straight win and bag the 2,400m Idar Gold Trophy at the Pune on Saturday. Rajinder partners the Libor-Miss Formidare topweight.


2.15 pm: Teaser 1. Adam�s Blessings 2. Asprilla 3.
2.45 pm: Seriously Stunning 1. Resist 2. Amaron 3.
3.15 pm: Seychelles 1. Anna Pavlova 2. L. A. Woman 3.
3.45 pm: Saytarra 1. Storm Dancer 2. Sanaga 3.
4.15 pm: Furiously 1. Scandalise 2. Natural Spark 3.
4.45 pm: Torres 1. Zephyr Bay 2. Top Mover 3.
5.15 pm: Flasher 1. Anacita 2. Star of Attention 3.
5.45 pm: Moonlight Kisses 1. Paradise Dancer 2. Truluck 3.

Day�s Best: Furiously

Double: Teaser & Seychelles

Pune, Sept. 21: 
Justifying her short odds, Elegant Jade gave an armchair ride to jockey Mark Gallagher in the Bucephalus Trophy at the Pune races on Friday. S. Sunderji-trained the Serious Spender-Shocking filly.


(With inter-state dividends)

1.Cape Knight Plate 1,200m: (3-4-5) Zeisha (Appu) 1; Catch Me If You Can 2; Heartbreaker 3. Not run: Noble One (2). Won by: SH; 1-3/4; (1-12.1). Tote: Win Rs 16; Place: 10; 14; 21; Quinella: 44; Tanala: 126. Fav: Zeisha (3).

2. Bright Princess Plate 1,400m: (9-3-4) Pleasure Hunt (Rajinder) 1; Moment of Pleasure 2; Monte Carlo Magic 3. Won by: 2-3/4; 6-1/2; (1-26.6). Tote: Win Rs 20; Place: 11; 22; 17; Quienlla: 63; Tanala: 254. Fav: Pleasure Hunt (9).

3. Icarus Plate, Div-II 1,200m: (3-9-8) Park Royal (Rajinder) 1; Flirtatious 2; High Voltage 3. Won by: 3/4; Nk; (1-14.1). Tote: Win Rs 16; Place: 13; 106; 25; Quinella: 625; Tanala: 3,596. Fav: Park Royal (3).

4. Blazing Faith Plate 1,600m: (6-1-12) Special Selection (I. Shaikh) 1; Phalaenopsis 2; Adam�s Delight 3. Not run: Chelsea (3) & Saranyu (4). Won by: 3-3/4; 1; (1-41.3). Tote: Win Rs 24; Place: 10; 89; 28; Quinella: 326; Tanala: 12,289. Fav: Special Selection (6).

5. Bucephalus Trophy 1,200m: (3-7-1) Elegang Jade (Gallagher) 1; Ad-am�s Touch 2; Alice Charms 3. Won by: 7; 1-1/4; (1-11.6). Tote: Win Rs 13; Place: 12; 33; 20; Quinella: 122; Tanala: 728. Fav: Elegant Jade (3).

6. Horatius Plate 1,400m: (5-8-1) Cacophony (Kader) 1; Winning Melody 2; Innocence 3. Won by: 2-3/4; 2; (1-28.2). Tote: Win Rs 32; Place: 14; 22; 12; Quinella: 107; Tanala: 446. Fav: Innocence (1).

7. Icarus Plate, Div-I 1,200m; (3-10-14) Pure Pearl (S. Chinoy) 1; Smart Hunter 2; Castle Moon 3. Won by: 2-3/4; 1/2; (1-13.6). Tote: Win Rs 586; Place: 86; 30; 68; Quinella: 1,246; Tanala: 85,470 (Carried over). Fav: Swift And Silent (13).

Jackpot: Rs 8,069; (C) Rs 41.

Treble: (i) Rs 62; (ii) Rs 1,841.

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