One upset on opening day
Raman open to Bengal offer
Open Teams� semi-finalists identified
September Handicap/ Angara has it easy
Calcutta Races/ Big fields on Wednesday�s card
Race Review/ Favourites were at tempting odds

Calcutta, Sept. 16: 
Nine-year-old Debanjan Das of Jadavpur Vidyapith upset 27th seed Saurav Chakraborti of St James School on the opening day of The Telegraph Schools� Chess Championship at Alekhine Chess Club today.

A total of 220 students from 155 schools are participating in this 11 round Fide rating Swiss tournament which will continue till September 26.

Most of the seeded players had a field day and won their games with relative ease.

Top seed, Saptarshi Roy of Kumar Ashutosh Institution (Main) won a piece on the 12th move against Arka Kabasi of Paikpara Ramkrishna Vidyalaya in a Centre Counter defence.Saptarshi gave back the piece to shatter Arka�s Kingside defences.

With his opponent�s King out in the open, Saptarshi effectively utilised his pieces to weave a mating net with his pieces.

Second seed Somak Palit of Mitra Institution won a Rook as early as the seventh move against Sayan Saha of Indira Gandhi Memorial Secondary School in a Four Knight�s defence. Palit thereafter had little difficulty to wrap up the game in 30 moves.

Third seed Ayan Lahiri of Laban Hrad Vidyapith had to sweat it out against Abhishek Saha of St. Xavier�s in a closed variation of the Sicilian defence.

Rohan Vijay Shandilya of DBMS Career Academy, Jamshedpur punished the irregular opening of Arpit Agarwal of Lakshmipat Singhania Academy and went on to deliver mate in 25 moves.

Nishikanta Mishra of B.J.English Medium School made short work of Shubobrata Ghoshal of Nava Nalanda School in just 20 moves in a Queen�s Gambit Accepted. Incidentally, Mishra had won the Bhuvaneswar leg of the championship.

All the three visually challenged players from Louis Braille Memorial School for the Sightless put up a credible performance today.The principal of the school, Pankaj Kumar Das, was personally present at the venue to inspire his players.

While Sudip Rajbanshi of this school in Uttarpara checkmated Kunal Gupta of Sri Daulatram Nopany Vidyalaya in 28 moves in an irregular opening, Naresh Paramanik drew against Priyanka Das of H. M. High School in a hard fought game. Their schoolmate Ganesh Kisku, however, went down fighting to Sk. Sahid Ahmed of Modern School in a long game.

Earlier in the day, the players observed a minute�s silence before the start in memory of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

The championship was inaugurated by Asoke Ghosh, president of Alekhine Chess Club and the youngest participant, four-year-oldTamisra Das, by making a move on the demonstration board.


Arka Kabasi (0) lost to Saptarshi Roy (1); Somak Palit (1) bt Sayan Saha (0); Abhishek Saha (0) lost to Ayan Lahiri (1); Abhishek Das (1) bt Antaratara Ghosh (0); Arpit Agarwal (0) lost to Rohan Vijay Shandilya (1); Samput Mallick (1) bt Hardik Roy (0); Jeet Ganguly (0) lost to Tanmoy Pattanayak (1); Joydeep Dutta (1) bt Kaustuv Bhattacharya (0); Keshav Bhajanka (0) lost to Soumya Thakurta (1); Nishikanta Mishra (1) bt Subhobrata Ghoshal (0); Tamal Bandyopadhyay (0) lost toDebaditta S Biswas (1); Pritam Banerjee (1) bt Abhradeep Sil (0); Ajay Das (0) lost to Sankar Majumder (1); Mary Ann Gomes (1) bt Anu Gupta (0); Anujit Singh (0) lost to Suman Basu (1); Sayan Sarkar (1) bt Arnab Roy (0); Arnab Sur (0) lost to N Sashank Singh (1); Abhisikta Pattanayak (1) bt Atul Dhall (0); Hrishav Ghosh (0) lost to Sourav Bose (1); Arpan Sarkar (Sr) (1) bt Nevedita Chakraborty (0); Rajat Subra Halder (0) lost to Prabuddha Ghosh (1); Debayan Majumder (1) bt Rohan Jatin Shah (0); Akash Agarwal (0) lost to Abinash Das (1); Minhazuddin Ahmed Sagar (1) btAnirban Sarkar (0); Ankan Modak (0) lost to Hasib R K Sagar (1); Supriya Maji (1) got walkover against Arijit Chowdhury (0); Debanjan Das (1) bt Saurav Chakraborti (0); Ritam Bhaumik (1) bt Diptarka Ray (0); G Kisku (0) lost to Sk Shahid Ahmed (1).    

Calcutta, Sept. 16: 
Woorkeri Venkat Raman is almost certain to take over from Karsan Ghavri as coach of the Bengal Ranji Trophy squad.

According to The Telegraph�s sources, the Chennai-based Raman is ready to take on the challenge and is only awaiting a clearance from his employers, MRF.

�I am seriously considering CAB�s offer,� is what Raman said when contacted in his hometown this evening. He refused to elaborate further, saying a decision will be made known within the next couple of days.

Considering MRF�s keenness in promoting the game, it is very unlikely that the organisation will refuse permission to the former India player from accepting the new assignment.

The former left-handed opener, personally, is already looking forward to the challenge and has sought a detailed brief from the CAB.

Raman is among a handful of Indians who have completed a level III coaching course from the cricket academy in Adelaide. For those who want to go by the book, a level III certificate is essential to coach a first class team.

Raman will be Bengal�s second outstation coach after Ghavri. The former India and Mumbai allrounder quit early this month to spend time with his ailing mother.

Ghavri had sought two-three months� leave which the CAB refused to sanction at this juncture.

Breaking away from convention, Ghavri was appointed coach in July. He left for Mumbai soon after taking over when his mother fell ill.

The southpaw joined the squad for the Buchi Babu Trophy in Chennai where Bengal lost the final against New Zealand A.

Bengal moved to Hyderabad for the Moin-ud-Dowla Gold Cup from Chennai, but Ghavri didn�t travel with the team and left for Mumbai. From there he conveyed his unwillingness to continue with the job.

Meanwhile, after a brief period off the field, Bengal probables will resume training Tuesday.


Calcutta, Sept. 16: 
The semi-finalists were identified in the Open Teams event on the second day of the 32nd state bridge championships at Khudiram Anushilan Kendra today.

Roy & Ganguly�s IV comprising Rabi Poddar, Tapan Roy, Jagadish Biswas, Gopinath Manna, Shankar Prasad Ghosh and Atanu Ganguly led the field with 222 VP out of maximum 300.

The Teloijan team comprising Kamal Mukherjee, Pritish Kushari, Debashis Roy, Asim Mukherjee, Arvind Poddar and Sumit Mukherjee was second at 219.

Next were B Sengupta�s IV (218), Trambak Rubber , Bandhab Mandir, Lawrence Club A, MRSMC and Alok Daga�s IV.

In the quarters, Trambak Rubber beat Alok Daga�s team by 12 IMPs, Teloijan defeated Lawrence Club A by 71 IMPs , Bandhab Mandir defeated B Sengupta�s IV by 50 IMPs, Roy & Ganguly�s IV overcame MRSMC with 11 IMP�s.

The semi-final line-up pits Teloijan against Roy & Ganguly�s IV and Trambak Rubber versusBandhab Mandir.

Tomorrow�s card is for Open Pairs, elimination round starts at 9:30 am.


Pune, Sept. 16: 
Angara, a three-year-old filly by Tecorno out of Forlified scored a comfortable victory in the Piaggio�s-Ape� September Handicap at the Pune races on Sunday. Pesi Shroff partnered the Hoshiar Daji-trained filly.


(With inter-state dividends)

1. Chief Ruler Plate 2,400m: (2-3-4) Silver Sea (Prakash) 1; Zongrilla 2; Ride The Lightning 3. Won by: Dist; 3-3/4; (2-36.4). Tote: Win Rs 29; Place: 16; 15; Quinella: 44; Tanala: 80. Fav: Ride The Lightning (4).

2. Scimitar Plate, Div-II 1,200m: (7-4-8) Romanza (Aadesh) 1; Adams Light 2; Super Shakti 3. Not run: Freedom of Speech (5). Won by: 3-1/4; 1-1/2; (1-13.8). Tote: Win Rs 87; Place: 19; 10; 22; Quinella: 58; Tanala: 1,005. Fav: Adams Light (4).

3. Scimitar Plate, Div-I 1,200m: (7-1-4) Land Lady (Aaron) 1; Checkmate 2; Soliel 3. Won by: 1/2; 3/4; (1-15). Tote: Win Rs 94; Place: 27; 43; 15; Quinella: 913; Tanala: 7,098. Fav: Beautiful Stranger (9).

4. Consequence Plate 1,000m: (2-4-7) Ruffles (Rajendra) 1; Accademia 2; Jayashree 3. Won by: 1-1/4; 2-3/4; (1-1.6). Tote: Win Rs 27; Place: 14; 17; 45; Quinella: 38; Tanala: 382. Fav: Accademia (4).

5. Aristotle Plate 1,400m: (1-5-7) Killarney (M. Narredu) 1; Anthology 2; Bon Apetit 3. Won by: 2-3/4; 1-3/4; (1-27). Tote: Win Rs 27; Place: 16; 17; 31; Quienlla: 61; Tanala: 771. Fav: Killarney (1).

6. Piaggio�s-Ape� September Handicap 1,600m: (2-1-4) Angara (Shroff) 1; Roll of Dice 2; Nautilus 3. Won by: 2; 1/2; (1-40). Tote: Win Rs 24; Place: 13; 18; 17; Quinella: 33; Tanala: 168. Fav: Angara (2).

7. Chocolate Baby Plate 1,000m: (3-9-5) Zuhaak (Sandeep) 1; Twinkling Star 2; Chittor 3. Won by: 2-3/4; SH; (1-1.7). Tote: Win Rs 61; Place: 22; 18; 26; Quienlla: 94; Tanala: 871. Fav: Twinkling Star (9).

8. Brave Prince Plate 1,600m: (9-4-3) Loretta (A. Imran) 1; Big Blaze 2; Boldwin 3. Won by: 3-1/2; 2-1/4; (1-41.7). Tote: Win Rs 143; Place: 31; 11; 85; Quinella: 168; Tanala: 38,124. Fav: Big Blaze (4).

Jackpot: Rs 10,463; (C) Rs 149.

Treble: (i) Rs 1,667; (ii) Rs 598; (iii) Rs 2,737.


Calcutta, Sept. 16: 
Fields in Wednesday�s race card that features the Prince Regent Cup, are massive. First race starts at 1.30 pm:


1. Pompano Handicap 1,400m (Cl V, Rt. 00-28) 1.30 pm: Freedom Warrior 60; Fencai 59; Royal Ruler 58.5; Stella Blue 58; Ballard Lady 57; Alumnus 52; Break Fast At Tiffany 49.

2. Astounde Handicap 1,400m (Cl III, 5-y-o & over Rt. 44-72) 2.10 pm: Carbon Copy 60; Aflicker 58.5; Altiama 58.5; Kargil Soldier 58; Mr. Bombshell 55.5; Solo Act 54.5; Double Bull 53.5.

3. Almanac Cup 1,400m (Cl IV, Rt. 22-50) 2.40 pm: Rheinheart 60; Alborada 59.5; Sergeant Slipper 56; Bay Dragon 54.5; Black Mane 54.5; Iron Warrior 54.5; Acklins 49.5.

4. Golden Beam Handicap 1,100m (Cl IV, Rt. 22-50) 3.15 pm: Constantine 60; Santa Monica 60; Bird�s Empire 58; Common Spirit 55.5; Flying Power 55.5; Crest Star 55; Just Kidding 55; Western Classic 54.5; Aliqa 53; Foral Path 52.5; Reactor 50.

5. Prince Regent Cup 1,100m (Cl III, Rt. 44-72) 3.50 pm: Excellent Striker 60; Scarlet Raider 60; Addab 58; Sadaf 56; At My Command 55.5; Montjeu Star 55; Discomatic 54.5; Tajik 54.5; Ardon 54; Crowned Prince 53; Soviet Dance 52; On The Bit 51.5; Ammeter 51; Magnifico 50.5.

6. Sprightly Handicap 1,200m (Cl V, Rt. 00-28) 4.25 pm: Glass Slipper 60; Global Harmony 60; Finders Keepers 57.5; Lovely Duchess 57.5; Amistad 57; Heaven�s Blessing 57; Eau Savage 56.5; Jeypore 56.5; Lady Shirley 55; Armila 54.5; Grecian Prince 54; Maid To Measure 48.5; Magic Ring 47.5.

Jackpot: 2; 3; 4; 5 & 6.

Treble: (i) 1; 2 & 3; (ii) 4; 5 & 6.


Calcutta, Sept. 16: 
Poor fields notwithstanding, odds offered on favourites were very tempting. So much so, even a horse like Alyssum who was sitting pretty by the terms in a three-horse race, the Orange William Cup was quoted at half-money. And it hardly came as a surprise when the Vijay Singh-trained five-year-old triumphed over his routine rival Clarice Cliff in excess of five lengths.

It was a repeat story in the following event, the Heiress Handicap. Even though, the Daniel David-trained Secret Adversary looking cut about his rivals, some inspired betting on Tarak Nath Jaiswal�s Finders Keepers prompted the odds of the Ajaad-Alilita three-year-old colt to shoot up from half-money to 8-10 for the followers of such favourites to reap bounty.

The fact that early in the season, Secret Adversary placed a fair second to On The Bit in the upper class before humiliating a good filly like Calamint, the defeat of the favourite looked unlikely in the lowest class despite his topweight. Nic Connorton, rightly allowed Calculus to cut a hot-pace till top of the final turn and brought the favourite on the wide out to overtake the tiring leader.

Finders Keepers, who had always been in hot pursuit of Calamint, was no match for the winner. In fact, Aberdan, too, could have overhauled the Keepers had Malcom Maseyk not raced a detached fourth for most of the trip.

Although looking a trifle gross, the 6-4 favourite Acklins, too, appeared to be impressive in his three parts of a length victory over a quietly fancied Grecian Prince in the Bright Hanovar Handicap. Mohd Amil, who partnered the Vijay Singh-trained three-year-old gelding to victory, brought the twist And turn-Running Wild gelding eight-wide into the straight but once in top-gear Acklins accelerated in fine manner to take the Daniel-trainee�s challenge in his stride.

Thought to be uncomfortable over trips beyond sprints, the Bharath Singh-trained Rescue Act showed a clean pair of heels to his three rivals, including Ascoril, a runaway winner in her last start, to bag the 1,800m Pussy Galore Handicap. Establishing a five-length lead from the start, jockey Rabani was never under pressure as he niggled the Procida-Irresistible three-year-old to increase the lead by another length to the frustration of apprentice Rutherford Alford doing duty on the Vijay Singh-trainee owned by Deepak Khaitan.

Apprentice Rutherford Alford was, however, seen at an advantage in the Mamma�s Mink Cup when he partnered the John Stephens-trained Ispahan to a surprise victory.

The young jockey is being accused of making it a habit of coming the shortest way home. The luck, nevertheless, has been on his side more often than not but he should be equally prepared for perils of such adventurous route which may end him up crowded for room on fancied runners.

Another outsider in Addab won the Noble Fairy Handicap in a sizzling finish involving a strongly fancied Crimson King. It was, in fact, the better handling of the winner by Md Amil against apprentice Dalpat Singh that helped settle the issue. Tajik, the favourite found the slated scurry too short to his liking.


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