Yugoslavia romp to glory
�A dream come true�
Tax poses no problem
Meet status certified
Easy for City
Ganapathy keeps lead
Laltu champion
Calcutta Racing/ Fame Star may win again tomorrow
Bangalore Racing/ Averoff fancied

Calcutta, Jan. 25: 

Maybe it�s a trifle ironic. Having won the war, Bosnia and Herzegovina today lost their little battle on the soccer field to Yugoslavia in the final of the Sahara Cup. No hard feelings there, but Yugoslavia can rightly boast of being the �real� football team from the region.

The fresh renown of Bosnian resilience was hardly evident today, as the Yugoslavs ran riot in their defence zone, Igor Duljaj opening the account in the sixth minute and Igor Bogdanovic rounding off the tally in the 45th. That was half the story. The rest being a series of misses which otherwise could have given the Yugoslavs at least two more goals to boot.

It was the Yugoslav midfield that held sway today. It was incisive forays the likes of which have not been witnessed in at least this leg of the championship. The ample space this created for the forwards, and the great amount of control time it generated, made things look too easy for the Yugoslavs. The background technical skills, of course, showed a mature team, thoroughly versed in the myriad intricacies of the game of soccer.

Not that Bosnia did not try. But their approach roads were so predictable, the rival defence hacked them down. And when one did get through, like Admir Adzem, in the third minute of the match, lobbed shots from far were wont to be tipped over, as it was, by Yugoslav goalkeeper Lucic Zarko.

Then, Igor Bogdanovic and Duljaj, returning �wall� shots, entered the rival box and the quick exchange sliced through two Bosnian defenders. The tall Bosnian goalkeeper, Adnan Guso, was a trifle flummoxed and lost time. It was long enough for Duljaj to shoot home a right-footer.

Yugoslavia were no team to rest on temporary success bannisters on their way up. A minute later Goran Trobok sent a centre to Bogdanovic inside the box, but the resultant shot was poor. Immediately after, Bogdanovic was again in sight of the goal, but hurriedly shot into the advancing Guso.

By that time the Bosnian defence had been laid bare. There was little effort at man-marking and virtually no zonal marking. When one did sometimes latch on to the Bogdanovics, it created a big gap in the defence. One such gap was utilised by Dragoulib Jeremic in the 20th minute to move up the right, but Bogdanovic failed to intercept.

Into injury time of the first half, the Bosnian defence again went into a daze. Bogdanovic entered the attacking third unchallenged. Bosnia�s Asmir Ikanovic came forward in challenge, but Bogdanovic simply beat him in speed. Guso charged out, almost like an amateur, allowing all the space, and Bogdanovic had the entire breadth of the goal ahead of him. The rest was easy.

The Bosnians tried hard enough in the second half, but sheer lack of experience came in their way. In the 62nd minute, substitute Senad Zeric of Bosnia entered the box drawing out �keeper Lucic. But instead of side-stepping or passing square for a teammate, he shot into Lucic. The effect was almost that of awe, off a complex, sort of.

Two minutes later it was again Zeric, up the right, sending a big centre to the Yugoslav goalmouth. This time it was Dzelaudin Muharemovic�s hasty header that went over.

Yugoslavisa were quickly back to midfield, with those dreary square passes, and with those time-wasters that have no answer. The match ended as destined.


YUGOSLAVIA: Zarko Lucic (Vojin Prole, 83), Vuk Rasovic, Igor Duljaj, Ivan Ilic, Goran Trobok, Vladimir Ivic (Dejan Osmanovic, 67), Dusan Petkovic, Boris Vaskovic (Milos Kruscic, 80), Jovan Tanasijevic, Igor Bogdanovic, Dragoliub Jeremic).

BOSNIA: Adnan Guso, Omer Joldic, Sasa Papac (Senad Zeric, 46), Munever Rizvic, Dalibor Nedic, Asmir Ikanovic, Zehrudin Kavazovic (Milan Ozren, 61), Almedin Hota, Dzelaudin Muharemovic, Admir Adzem, Sead Seferovic.

Referee: Rungkly Mangkol (Thailand).


Calcutta, Jan. 25: 
Debashish Mohanty is on a roll. Determined not to rest on past laurels, he is busy setting new targets.

Even the �perfect ten� at Agartala today hasn�t whetted his appetite.

�Every match is a challenge. I want to bowl well and get more wickets,� Mohanty told The Telegraph when contacted at his Agartala hotel this evening.

�More specifically, I wish to win this match for East Zone. I know if I perform well, other things will fall into place automatically,� he added.

Making the India squad against the touring Australians is Mohanty�s priority No. 1. He last played for India during the 1999-2000 Carlton & United tri-series Down Under.

Describing today�s performance as a �dream come true,� he said he did not bowl to any specific plan. �It was just a matter of sticking to the basics � bowling wicket-to-wicket and allowing the batsmen very little room. The ball was moving and I capitalised on the batsman�s weakness,� he explained.

The Orissa speedster seems to have developed this knack of delivering at the most opportune of moments. If it was the sight of Sourav Ganguly at the other end that spurred him on in the Ranji tie against Bengal last month, the Rahul Dravid-led star-studded South Zone line-up was enough to propel him into a fantasy zone today.

�Yeah, Rahul�s presence did have an impact since performing in these games does make one sit up and take notice,� Mohanty, who has taken 44 wickets so far this season, said.

But he never imagined that history would be scripted so dramatically today. �It was only after I took the seventh wicket that skipper Shiv Sundar Das and Utpal Chatterjee encouraged me to go for it. As I took the tenth wicket, I couldn�t believe that I had done it.

�There�s no special feeling about achieving the feat, though, it will remain one of my most memorable performances. That it has helped the side is more important,� he remarked.

Making a comeback is never easy and the Bhubaneshwar boy has certainly worked hard during the off-season. His probing line and length, without sacrificing on pace, has helped him reap the benefits consistently even on docile home wickets this season.

He will need more such luck and put on similar effort during the forthcoming months.


Calcutta, Jan. 25: 
The Yugoslavs earned a cheque of $ 150,000 for their victory in the Sahara Cup and the Bosnians a cheque of $ 100,000. There was no problem with payments for either team this time, like the Chileans, who refused to accept a statutory ten per cent tax deduction.

On the dais at the closing ceremony was Union Railway minister Mamata Banerjee (who arrived immediately after the match), state sports minister Subhas Chakraborty and Fifa technical committee chairman Mohammed Bin Hamam Abdallah of Qatar. Singer Bappi Lahiri was also around and even gave away a few prizes.

Lahiri�s music was enlivening the 35,000-odd spectators (the maximum for the meet) who had come in, mostly with free entry passes that were distributed yesterday. He started off again during the interval, and even had a Bosnian player dancing for a while. However, in the excitement of �Pag ghungroo bandhe Meera naache re...� he probably forgot when to stop. The match had resumed and was a good few seconds on, before the last strains of the music faded.

The rest was easy and smooth, quite unlike the Sahara Cup itself.

With the presence of several political colours on stage, it could also have been a rather squeaky clean political statement by AIFF president and Congressman Priya Ranjan Das Munshi, at the cost of soccer.


Calcutta, Jan. 25: 
Fifa technical committee chairman Mohammed Bin Hamam Abdallah of Qatar today clarified that all matches of the Sahara Cup, and the meet itself, will be considered as �international friendlies� and that they will be considered while ascertaining the ranking of teams on the Fifa list.

There was a bit of confusion as to the categorisation of the tourament and its matches, and a spokesperson for Fifa had earlier said that this grey area had not been cleared up.

This situation had arisen off the fact that most of the teams had come with less than their first teams for the Sahara Cup which concluded here today.

Hamam also said that the yellow card problem that the Chileans had clamoured over was a non-issue. �Each tournamenthas its own rules,� he said. �Each country its own as well. In some countries, a one-match drop comes off three cards (like in Chile), in some countries even more. In India it is a two-card standard, and this tournament follows it.

�This has, thus, little to do with the last World Cup, where the rules were emended just for that meet.�


Calcutta, Jan. 25: 
City AC crushed Burnpur Cricket Club in a CAB league match today.


Burnpur Cricket Club 294 for 9 (85 overs). City AC 295 for 3 (72 overs) (Joydeep Ganguly 72 n.o., Sampat Pattanayak 65, Arijit Mukherjee 62, Gyano Shaw 46). City AC won by 7 wkts.

Tollygunge Agragami 356 for 9 (85 overs). Suburban 298 for 6 (85 overs) (Snehashis Pal 106, Krishna Roy 58, Sourav Sil 42 n.o.). Match drawn.

Belgachia United 367 (80 overs). Dakshin Kalikata Sansad 293 for 8 (85 overs) (Prasanta Singh 3/60). Match drawn.

Paikpara Sporting Club 291 for 9 (85 overs). Manoharpukur Milan Samity 219 for 4 (85 overs) (Rakesh nagar 72, Arindam Shome 47, Mohammed Naushad Akhtar 45, Siddhartha Lahiri 41. Match drawn.

Town Club 253 for 9 (85 overs). Shyambazar Club 254 for 6 (74.1 overs) (Suvomoy Das 104 n.o., Debdulal Mazumdar 46, Anirban Chatterjee 30). Shyambazar won by 4 wkts.

Excelsiors Club 245 (80.2 overs) (Arindam Ganguly 46, Prakash Mansata 45, Dalbagh Singh 43; Saroj Nath 4/44, arindam Bhattacharya 3/68). BNR 248 for 7 (47.4 overs) (Arindam Bhattacharya 84 n.o., Sawapan Ghosh 43, Subhashis Sarkar 37; Pradip Das 5/109). BNR won by 3 wkts.

Mohunlal 282 for 9 (85 overs). Young Bengal 286 for 4 (Santanu Banerjee 72 n.o., Kishore Chowdhury 52, Subhajit Banerjee 46 n.o.; Arijit Jana 3/56). Younge Bengal won by 6 wkts.


Calcutta, Jan. 25: 
The young new face of Indian professional golf continued to shine at the Rs 10 lakh Wills Western Open golf meet as Rahul Ganapathy kept his lead today, according to information reaching here from Pune.

Ganapathy, four-over after eight holes on Day II, staged a remarkable recovery to finish with a one-over 72 that gave him an aggregate of four-under 138, one better than Mukesh Kumar and Digvijay Singh

City golfer Indrajit Bhalotia was fourth at two-under 140, while Harmeet Kahlon and Rafiq Ali were tied for fifth at one-under 141.

The cut was applied at 10-over 152 and 51 professionals made it to the money-making rounds. Among the big guns who missed the cut were city veteran Basad Ali and Mohammed Islam of Patna.

SCORES (after 36 holes): 138: Rahul Ganapathy (66,72); 139: Digvijay Singh (69,70), Mukesh Kumar (68,71); 140: Indrajit Bhalotia (72,68); 141: Harmeet Kahlon (73,68), Rafiq Ali (72,69); 142: Devendra Patel (74,68); 143: Ali Sher (72,71), Amritinder Singh (72,71); 144: Arjun Singh (75,69), Uttam Singh Mundy (72,72), Shiv Prakash (71,73); 145: Prakash Kubde (74,71), Zai Kipgen (72,73), Feroz Ali (70,75); 146: SSP Chowrasia (77,69), Tarun Sardesai (75,71), Sanjay Kumar (74,72).

AMATEURS: 150 : Aditya Kanitkar (72,78); 151: Sachin Nigade (78,73), Jaideep Patwardhan (76,75).

Amateur meet

The Royal Challenge invitation golf meet recorded its highest scores today at the RCGC when Ashish Mukherjee and Sunil Kapoor of Team B34 carded 51 points in a four-ball with opponents Sanjiv Gupta and Aneesh Bhansali of Team A42 who brought in 46 points. The day also saw Team B44�s Ashok Singh and G.S. Sethi card 44. Tournament rules allow a maximum of 41 points to a pair. Team B11, comprising S. Kheria, P. Sureka, R. Goenka and A. Khaitan are in the lead with 126 points.

Women�s cricket

Central Calcutta and MCC set up a clash for the title at Central Calcutta Women�s Sports Club-organised cricket meet at the Vivekananda Park today.


Central Calcutta 54 (22 overs). (Anamika Saha 3/17). Veterans 55 for 0 (6 overs). Veterans won by 10 wkts.

MCC 132 for 3 (20 overs) (Rumeli Dhar 39 n.o.). Patha Chakra 76 (17 overs) (Rumeli 2/14). MCC won by 56 runs.


Calcutta, Jan. 25: 
Laltu Chatterjee won the 36th state chess championship title yesterday. Tamal Chakraborty came second, half-a-point behind Laltu on 9. Roktim Bandopadhyay (8.5) was third.

BBYS meet

Calcutta Port Trust, Rakhi Sangha, Eastern Railway and the hosts made the semi-finals of the BBYS-organised basketball tournament today.

RESULTS (men�s quarters): CPT bt Poilce AC 79-68; Rakhi Sangha bt KSS 75-65; Eastern railway bt Chhatra Samity 57-42; BBYS bt Chetla Park 78-35.

State volleyball

The 47th senior state volleyball championships will be held at the Aurobindo Stadium in Bardhaman, according to a WBVA media release. Sixteen districts are in fray in the men�s meet, and 12 in the women�s.    

Calcutta, Jan. 25: 
Fame Star is set to win the second round of battle against Alternator, on Saturday, in the 2,000m Eveready Indian Champion Cup. The Gaswar-Dancing Flame filly has already beaten the Razeen-Niche son in the Gold Cup on New Year�s Day, albeit at 10-kg pull at the weight. The advantage, though cut down to 5-1/2-kg, by the terms of the race, the Vijay Singh-trained filly is still expected to overcome the changed equation considering the extended trip. Jockey C. Rajendra will be seen in action on the horse heading for her seventh straight victory. The eight-event card has been packed with five premium trophy events.

5th Race at 2.40 p.m.

Eveready Indian Champion Cup 2,000m (Terms, 4-y-o & over)

1 1120 Allodium [Bath] C. Alford 57.5 3

2 - - 12 Alternator [Bath] A. Kader 57.5 6
3 2303 Alyssum [Vijay] S. Shanker 57.5 1
4 1100 Arendal [Vijay] Md. Amil 57.5 7
5 0041 Colonial [Asfand] R. Gowli 57.5 5
6 0313 Illustrious Reign [Daniel] A. Merchant 57.5 2
7 1111 Fame Star [Vijay] C. Rajendra 52.0 4

Fame Star: In brilliant form and heading for her seventh straight victory. Capable of defying weight disadvantage. Alternator: Gets another chance to even out with an up-coming young horse. Illustrious Reign: May place at the best.


12.15 pm: Anntari 1. Friendly Knight 2. Acaress 3.
12.50 pm: Private Lives 1. Pistol Star 2. Alflora 3.
1.25 pm: On The Bit 1. Melodeon 2. Orbital Star 3.
2.05 pm: Annalee 1. Mystic Hill 2. Tsavo 3.
2.40 pm: Fame Star 1. Alternator 2. Illustrious Reign 3.
3.15 pm: Accrete 1. Rescue Act 2. Angeles 3.
3.50 pm: No Regrets 1. Silver Toy 2. Harry The Horse 3.
4.25 pm: Ashbury 1. Set Aside 2. Soviet Port 3.

Day�s Best: Annalee

Double: Anntari & Ashbury

Bangalore, Jan. 25: 
Averoff is fancied to win the Indian Republic Trophy, tomorrow.


1.30 pm: Magic Stride 1. Auchterarder 2. Rythm �N� Blues 3.
2 pm: Averoff 1. Austria 2.
2.30 pm: Roman Flame 1. Sounds Sweet 2. Beverly Babe 3.
3 pm: Sea Horse 1. Machrie Bay 2. Belief 3.
3.30 pm: Sher Khan 1. Royal Caribbean 2. Odeon 3.
4 pm: Far Excellence 1. Ambermatic 2. Eyes Of Truth 3.
4.30 pm: Whattagirl 1. Saujas 2. Facsimile 3.
5 pm: Al Habib 1. Alylady 2. Celestial Gold 3.
5.30 pm: Bold Tycoon 1. Barassie 2. Crystal Goblet 3.

Day�s Best : Averoff

Double: Sher Khan & Whattagirl


(With inter-state dividends)

1. Palace Girl Plate 1,400m: (4-1-5) Time To Gamble (Kadam) 1; Northern Frontier 2; Shahpari 3. Not run: Smash For Cash (7). Won by: 1-1/4; 2-1/2; (1-28.6). Tote: Win Rs 42; Place: 14; 17; 15; Quinella: 101; Tanala: 481. Fav: Shahpari (5).

2. Recardo Plate 1,200m: (1-6-5) Bryce Canyon (Gallagher) 1; Valencia 2; Sakshi 3. Won by: 1-3/4; 4-3/4; (1-15.4). Tote: Win Rs 26; Place: 14; 64; Quinella: 213; Tanala: 1,030. Fav: King�s Crest (2).

3. Handsel Plate 1,400m: (7-11-6) Special Crown (Bajrang) 1; Lightning Arrow 2; Natural Grace 3. Won by: 1; 2; (1-28.2). Tote: Win Rs 54; Place: 19; 17; 24; Quinella: 99; Tanala: 577. Fav: Mountain Wind (3).

4. Bahrain Trophy 1,000m: (7-2-4) Warrior Queen (McCullagh) 1; Tasmac 2; Eminent 3. Won by: 2; 1-1/4; (1-1.4). Tote: Win Rs 30; Place: 12; 14; 26; Quinella: 47; Tanala: 299. Fav: Cosmic Jazz (1).

5. Aziz H. Ahmedbhoy Trophy 1,200m: (8-10-5) Rich Babe (Gallagher) 1; Thundering Grey 2; Jaannisar 3. Won by: 1-3/4; 2; (1-14.3). Tote: Win Rs 162; Place: 32; 50; 24; Quinella: 1,014; Tanala: 32,535. Fav: Fantasy (3).

6. Spirituelle Plate 1,200m: (5-9-10) Cafe Au Lait (Rajendra) 1; Mustakeem 2; Royal Partner 3. Won by: 3-1/4; 2; (1-15). Tote: Win Rs 37; Place: 17; 19; 48; Quinella: 71; Tanala: 1,756. Fav: Zehera (12).

7. Cape Knight Plate 1,000m: (8-5-4) Evening In Paris (Aaron) 1; Bearer Bond 2; Super Cop 3. Not run: Classic Rock (9). Won by: 2-1/4; 2-1/4; (1-1.1). Tote: Win Rs 53; Place: 18; 21; 108; Quinella: 339; Tanala: 9,594. Fav: Combined Venture (1).

Jackpot: Rs 65,455; (C) Rs 2,455.

Treble: (i) Rs 233; (ii) Rs 3,141.

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