I need both Bob and Rico to help me: Mahesh Bhupathi
Doubles’ the pressure for ATP
East Bengal open with win
Second goal invalid: Dutta
Stakes high as battleline drawn
Gangotri in two finals
Dramatic day puts off Leach retirement plans
Title for Manav
Calcutta Racing/ Alvarada has home turf advantage
Bangalore Racing/ Pas De Memories has slight edge

Bangalore, Dec. 15: 
Nothing succeeds like success, so the saying goes. If you can make winning a habit, lot of differences and problems can be swept under the carpet. This week, at the KSLTA Stadium here, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi are on a high at the World Doubles Championship and no one’s bothered about what happened in the past.

The moment they start losing, tongues will wag and questions will be asked about the wisdom of their temporary separation earlier this year. As they come to grips with their new understanding, The Telegraph spoke to both of them to find out whether they have, indeed, buried the forgettable past.

It’s been a momentous week for the two Indians who have gone through a lot in the past two years, some of which was of their own making.

Following are excerpts

Q Is the worst behind you as far as personal differences are concerned?

PAES Well, we are playing some good tennis this week and most importantly, we are playing as a team. We are doing what we should do on court: supporting each other, encouraging each other. That augurs well for both of us.

BHUPATHI I’m really happy with the way we are playing here. We have always done well against the top teams but since we were in a really tough group, getting a win under our belt in our first match was crucial for both of us. It gave us the confidence and the belief that we are still good enough.

Q But are you guys satisfied with the way you are gelling off court?

PAES We have realised that we are different individuals and have our separate lives. We have decided to respect each other’s sentiments and avoid stepping on the other’s shoe. That way there will be no tension and misunderstandings can be minimised.

BHUPATHI We are doing well on court and gradually getting back our understanding. That’s what we should be concerned about. If you are talking of friendship, I don’t want to put too much stress on that right now. Let such things develop naturally.

Q Can you sustain your partnership if you remain aloof off court?

PAES As long as we keep things simple and uncomplicated, there’s no reason why we can’t. It’s a professional relationship and we have to nurture it like that.

BHUPATHI We love playing with each other. As long as that remains the bottomline, we should stick together.

Q Have you chalked out a plan for 2001?

PAES We will sit down over this weekend and fix our schedule. As of now, we are playing the Gold Flake Open and Australian Open together in January.

Q What about your coaches?

PAES There’s no change. Bob (Carmichael) will be with me for the year starting with Chennai.

BHUPATHI I’ll be working with Bob for 20 weeks next year. Rico (Piperno) will always be with me.

Q Why two coaches, Mahesh?

MAHESH I need both Bob and Rico. Bob can help the two of us get back to world No. 1. Rico has been with me for four years and done a good job. His presence has really helped me. I don’t want to discontinue with him.

Q Won’t the presence of Piperno cause fresh problems? Have you discussed this issue with Leander?

MAHESH I don’t think I have to discuss this with Leander. Both of us are mature enough and realise that one can’t question the other’s personal decision.

Q Leander, you had said in May that you won’t be playing with Mahesh as long as Piperno was with him. Will you be comfortable now, with Piperno still around?

PAES I had said that because I did face problems. But I realise it’s Mahesh’s life and I respect his decision. But I expect everyone concerned to make an effort not to repeat what happened in the past. There should not be any interference in my and Mahesh’s relationship.

Q One simple question: Will Paes and Bhupathi be playing together for the rest of their career?

PAES We should, provided there is no complication resulting from external sources.

BHUPATHI (smiling) I can’t give you any guarantee. But, yes, I would love to play with him all through.

Q Moving on to a different topic, there’s been a great debate on ATP’s role in promoting doubles. Does the decline in popularity (of doubles) worry you?

PAES There’s no doubt that doubles needs to be marketed better. Just consider this: the World Doubles Championship may not have been held at all if India hadn’t shown interest. But I do believe there’s a good market for doubles but the ATP has to tap it properly.

More teams like the Woodies, the Flying Dutchmen (Eltingh-Haarhuis), the Indian Express (Paes-Bhupathi) need to be identified and pushed to the limelight. Ideally, players from the same country teaming up would help, like it has in our country.

BHUPATHI It’s not that doubles is getting a raw deal prizemoney-wise. But they are not making enough effort to promote it. In fact, they are trying to cut down on the volume. That’s not a good sign.

Q Can’t the ATP force top singles players to compete in doubles too?

PAES They can’t and they shouldn’t. I have been playing both events for some years now and let me tell you it’s extremely taxing on the body. It’s not humanly possible to play singles and doubles consistently week after week.

Q Everyone blames the ATP but don’t the players have a role in improving the stock of doubles?

PAES We are always willing to extend a helping hand. For example, we had clinics here this week and interacted with kids urging them to take an interest in doubles.

BHUPATHI We have been trying to do something. For example, there’s this idea of appointing a manager to promote doubles all over the world. He or she can be paid to organise a separate doubles circuit. If the ATP is averse to the idea, we could have a completely separate doubles circuit.


Bangalore, Dec. 15: 
All this week, a clutch of senior players had been quite vocal against the ATP for not giving doubles its due. Today, they came out with a statement highlighting the problem and requesting the ATP to help in the growth and development of doubles.

The letter, signed by all players here except Rick Leach and Ellis Ferreira, states that doubles is a viable commodity as proved by the improvement in the 2000 US Open television ratings after coverage of doubles was increased. “We feel it suffers from lack of marketing, money and respect from the organization which exists to romote it.”

The players, it is explained, are making an effort to improve doubles. “We contributed one percent of our annual prize-money to the world championship. Also, we signed a petition to employ a person responsible solely for marketing and promotion of doubles. This person’s salary will come from an additional one per cent of our prize-money. The petition was signed in July and we are still positive action from ATP Tour.”

Thanking Bangalore and its officials for organizing a great event against all odds, the statement ends on an optimistic note. “We love and respect doubles. We are honoured to play and we hope ATP understands this. Along with their cooperation we can continue the growth and interest in the game of doubles.”

Point made, but will it come to the notice of Mark Miles?


Calcutta, Dec. 15: 

The scoreline may suggest a comfortable victory for East Bengal but Tollygune Agragami paid dearly for a few missed chances to return empty-handed from today’s National League match at Rabindra Sarobar Stadium.

East Bengal, playing their first match, did dominate proceedings till they scored the second goal in the 55th minute but looked sluggish after that which allowed Amal Dutta’s boys stage a strong comeback.

In a spell of about 15 minutes, Tollygunge called all the shots and must regret the chances missed by Abdulateef Seriki and Mohammed Qaiser which helped East Bengal erase memories of what turned out to be the beginning of their disastrous campaign last season.

Bijen Singh and Suley Musah scored the goals and the first one by the former, in the 28th minute, was a visual delight. Musah — apart from netting the clincher — kept the right flank alive with some strong runs but elsewhere in midfield, his team did not fare well which allowed Tollygunge open up the East Bengal defence.

Tollygunge gained significantly from the withdrawal of Anit Ghosh — the defensive screen replaced with striker Sreekanta Dutta — and created three chances, two of which were muffed up by Seriki.

Replacing Napolean Singh at half time, Bhabani Mohanty sent in a cross from the right in the 68th but Seriki headed out from close. Qaiser, minutes earlier, had kept the ball on target following a goal-mouth scramble only to see Deepak Mondal effect a goalline save.

Seriki missed the chance of the day in the 77th minute. The East Bengal defenders, expecting an off-side call after a pass from the deep, let Seriki take possession but the Nigerian’s right-footer from about seven yards rebounded off the goalkeeper’s outstreched leg. Custodian Nasim Akhtar’s reflex-action save should also deserve some credit.

Tollygunge started predictably, with most of their men behind the ball and East Bengal put their left flank under pressure mainly due to the enterprise of Musah and the overlapping Sur Kumar Singh. East Bengal’s left flank was hardly as mobile with Carlton Chapman having a bad day.

The first goal came when Sur Kumar’s through saw Bijen evade the off-side trap. The Manipuri striker’s cause was helped by the Tollygunge stopper-backs, who were caught in the same line, but what followed was clearly the highlight of the match. Bijen waited for the ’keeper to come forward and cracked a first-time left-footed volley which roared into the net.

The second goal looked clumsy but Musah, this time down the left, was once again the catalyst. His low centre, after yet another powerful run, was shot into a melee of legs by Dipendu Biswas and the Ghanaian headed the rebound in from an acute angle. Strangely, East Bengal let things drift right after this.

Tollygunge reached the rival box without much trouble but looked clueless after that in spite of creating a few openings. East Bengal’s numerical supremacy in that area also proved important.


EAST BENGAL: Nasim Akhtar; Sur Kumar Singh, Jackson Egygpong, Deepak Mondal, Ratan Singh; Carlton Chapman (Tushar Rakshit, 57), Suley Musah, Anit Ghosh (Sreekanta Dutta, 66), Chandan Das (Amit Das, 78); Dipendu Biswas, Bijen Singh.

TOLLYGUNGE AGRAGAMI: Amit Sinha Roy; Reazul Mustafa, Debasish Pal Chowdhury, Satish Bharti, Partha Sarathi Dey; Napolean Singh (Bhabani Mohanty, 45), Abayomi Felix, Sandip Das, Sasthi Duley; Mohammed Qaiser (Samson Singh, 76), Abdulateef Seriki.

Referee: M. Balu.


Calcutta, Dec. 15: 
Tollygunge Agragami’s coach Amal Dutta was not very vocal after his team’s 0-2 loss today, but said East Bengal’s second goal was invalid.

He said Suley Musah, after sending in a cross from near the goalline, had went out of play before coming back to score off the rebound. “The law says a player must take the referee or his assistant’s permission to re-enter the ground which Musah didn’t.”

“We dominated the second half and created more chances than they did,” he noted.

Syed Nayeemuddin, thought his players were perhaps a bit relaxed after taking a 2-0 lead which allowed Tollygunge fight back.

Uzbeks arrive

East Bengal’s Uzbek recruits reached the city today and may travel to Bangalore where the team meets ITI in their second match Tuesday. However, the two former internationals are unlikely to play as their transfer documents are not yet ready.    

New Delhi, Dec. 15: 
Factionalism, ego and politicking have inevitably come to the forefront today, a day before the crucial elections of the All India Football Federation (AIFF) office-bearers.

For the post of president a close contest between sitting candidate Priya Ranjan Das Munshi and challenger samir Thapar, is on the cards. With voters trickling into the capital, both claim that they have the support of at least 18 members, more than the required number to confirm a win.

History is likely to be made at the Nehru stadium, Delhi tomorrow as for the first time, Das Munshi is facing a challenge to retain his president. In 1988 in Mumbai he became the AIFF president for the first time, when Santosh Mohan Deb withdrew at the last minute. Both in 1992 and 1996 in Bangalore he was re-elected unanimously.

This time, however, the AIFF elections have taken new dimensions. It is being viewed as a contest between corporatisation of Indian football represented by Thapar, Vijay Mallya and the maintenance of status quo, which Das Munshi and his group represent. It is also a clash of egos, between Ranjit Gupta and Das Munshi. Thapar’s campaign is being meticulously spearheaded by Gupta, the Indian Football Association (IFA) secretary.

Factionalism is also evident. The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) secretary Randhir Singh has plunged into the fray and is supporting Thapar, he is related to by way of marriage. Officials close to IOA president Suresh Kalmadi are supporting Das Munshi.

Political rivalry is also playing its role. Several BJP ministers, including Sushma Swaraj and Uma Bharati are using their contacts to muster support for Thapar. Das Munshi is also using the political card judiciously. He has garnered votes from Himachal Pradesh, whose representative is from their local Congress Party and has approached Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh for help.

At present the Mour-Thapar combine claim the support of at least six states from the North-East. Arunachal Pradesh may be doubtful because Das Munshi is trying to influence their state Congress government to ensure the vote is cast in his favour.

Sources claim that votes are split in the eastern region, Bengal and Sikkim with Thapar-Mour and Bihar and Orissa likely to support Das Munshi.

In the South, Das Munshi is assured of support from Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, with Andhra Pradesh being doubtful. Pondicherry being represented by Mallya is almost certain to support Thapar. Das Munshi has an edge in the West, claiming support from Maharasthra, Gujarat and Goa. Andaman and Nicobar Islands, however, are with Thapar.

The eight votes in the North-Central region could be decisive. Punjab, Haryana and U.P. are with Thapar-Mour and Himachal Pradesh and M.P. with Das Munshi. Rajasthan and Kashmir have yet to decide and Delhi is unlikely to take part in voting.

Of the 31 votes (30 if Delhi sticks to its decision not to vote), 25 are committed. Thapar-Mour claim to have 13 and Das Munshi a likely twelve votes. The five uncommitted votes, Railways, Services, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Rajasthan will decide the fate of the future AIFF president.


Calcutta, Dec. 15: 
S. Gangotri reached the finals in two events as four Bengal players made it to the title-round in the Adhip Mukerjea Memorial all-India ranking junior tennis meet today.

SEMI-FINAL RESULTS — BOYS: U-14 — A. Dutta bt L.S. Ananthabhaswar 6-3, 6-2; R. Roy bt Sandip Appineni 6-4, 6-4. U-16 — D. Kumar bt M.V. Abhayprakash 6-3, 7-6 (3). GIRLS: U-14 — S. Gangotri bt K. Pooja 7-6 (5), 6-3; K. Fatima Baig bt S. Poonam Reddy 6-3, 2-6, 6-4. U-16 — R. Vimal bt Parul Goswami 7-6 (3), 6-3; S. Gangotri bt S. Poonam Reddy 6-4, 6-1.


Bangalore, Dec. 15: 
Rick Leach’s ‘retirement’ lasted all of 90 minutes today. Then, the 35-year-old American was told he and Ellis Ferreira had made the semi-finals from the Red group. Leach couldn’t believe his ears.

The drama at the Gold Flake ATP World Doubles Championship couldn’t have been more riveting on the final day of round-robin league action. It began with top seeds Leach and Ferreira finally getting their act together for a 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (7-2) verdict over Aussies Joshua Eagle and Andrew Florent. Thinking that one win out of three wouldn’t be good enough for a semi-final berth, Leach said he was at least glad to have finished his career on a winning note.

When someone pointed out they still had an arithmetical chance of going through, Leach remarked: “I don’t think we’ll make it, we don’t deserve it anyway.”

A little later, the friendly Leach was summoned for a second post-match conference as Swedish giantkillers Simon Aspelin and Johann Landsberg handed out a 6-2, 6-4 defeat to Jaime Oncins and Daniel Orsanic.

That result not only helped the Swedes top Red group with an all-win record, it pushed Leach-Ferreira to the second spot. Oncins-Orsanic, Eagle-Florent and Leach-Ferreira all had a one-win, two-loss record, but the top seeds nosed ahead on highest percentage of sets won (44 as against 33 of the other two pairs).

“I feel like a new man, 10 years younger,” Leach said after watching the last point in the Aspelin-Landsberg versus Oncins-Orsanic match and checking thrice whether he and Ferreira were, indeed, in the semis.

“I really thought we had absolutely no chance after losing yesterday and tried making a plane reservation for tonight. It’s my lucky day… just goes to show anything can happen in sport.”

The miracle wouldn’t have materialized had Eagle not played a couple of loose points in Game 8 of the second set. Till that time, the Aussies were in total control —- up a set and on serve in the second. The service break gave the two experienced southpaws new heart and from then on, Leach and Ferreira were a different team.

Oncins-Orsanic went into the match against Aspelin-Landsberg needing just a set to qualify for tomorrow’s semis. The South Americans had their chances, but failed to convert break-points on both their opponents’ service games in the second set.

“We were nowhere in the picture 10 days ago and nobody gave us a chance when we got into the draw as an alternate team,” Landsberg said. “Perhaps our opponents thought we won’t be able to put racket to ball. But we have showed we can play some good tennis.”


Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi could have emulated the Swedes in notching up a cent per cent record, but they reckoned without the determination of American duo Alex O’Brien and Jared Palmer. The only team to have been knocked out of semi-final contention yesterday, O’Brien and Palmer salvaged pride in style with a fighting 2-6, 6-4, 7-6 (7-5) win over the Indians.

“It was a matter of one or two points, could have gone either way,” Paes said. “Overall we are happy where we are right now.”

The Indians, who had lost to this pair in two tight sets in their only previous meeting, drew the tougher of semi-final opponents —- Leach and Ferreira. Landsberg and Oncins will meet the winners of the Paul Haarhuis-Sandon Stolle versus Donald Johnson-Piet Norval match.


Leach & Ferreira bt Eagle & Florent 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (7-2); Aspelin & Landsberg bt Oncins and Orsanic 6-2, 6-4; O’Brien & Palmer bt Paes & Bhupathi 2-6, 6-4, 7-6 (7-5).


Leach-Ferreira vs Paes-Bhupathi; Aspelin-Landsberg vs Haarhuis-Stolle/Johnson-Norval.    

Calcutta, Dec. 15: 
Manav Jaini of Delhi edged local boy and overnight leader Ranjit Singh by a stroke to emerge best in division A of the East India junior and sub-junior golf meet which concluded at the RCGC today. Jaini’s final tally was 309. Ranjit totalled 310 and Chirag Kumar came third with 319.

Jaspreet Dullet was champion in division B with a comfortable margin of 13 strokes. Ajeetesh Sandhu won in division C after a tie-break, while Arjun Malhotra came first in division D.


Division A: Manav Jaini (309), Ranjit Singh (310), Chirag Kumar (319). Division B: Jaspreet Dullet (320), Sheikh Rafick (333), Roger Hilton (338). Division C: Ajeetesh Sandhu (338), Surya J. Prakash (338), Gaganjit Bhullar (362). Division D: Arjun Malhotra (269), Amanjyot Singh (279), Rajesh Halder (295).

Fort William team wins

The Fort William Polo Club team beat 61st Cavalry 12-6.5 in the Ezra Cup at Pat Williamson ground.

Peter Webb scored eight goals for the winners with Tarsem Singh (3) N.S. Khera chipping in. 61st Cavalry, playing with a 2.5 handicap, replied through Atul Gupta (3) and Tarun Sirohi.


Calcutta, Dec. 15: 
There is an air of expectancy in tomorrow’s race-card which features the fillies’ Derby — the 2,400m Usha Stud Calcutta Oaks. The focus on the day is going to be on jockey Cristopher Alford in the absence of Aslam Kader who has not been having any luck in recent weeks. The focus will also be on the filly Alvarada who is favourite to win the Oaks in the hands of Cristopher.

The Razeen-Enfin Seule daughter was second to Altimara in the 2,000 Guineas after her triumph in the 2,000m monsoon Derby. The Vijay Singh-trainee is up against seven rivals but the one who may matter at the busy end is the Darius Byramji-ward Surfside. The Green Forest-Nafazaka daughter has come fully prepared from Bangalore where she recently — despite her gross weight disadvantage — placed a good second to Argyle Gold in an 1,800m race. But all things considered, the home-turf advantage tilts scales in favour of Alvarada.

Read as: Horse number, last four runs, horse name, trainer, jockey, weight & draw:

1st Race at 12.45 p.m.

Irma La Douce Plate 1,100m (Terms, maiden 2-y-o only)— Indian jockeys only

1 - - - 3 Automatic [Vijay] C. Alford 55.0 4

2 - - - - Aventura [Bharath] S. Rabani 55.0 3
3 - - - 4 Alvernia [Bharath] Md Amil 53.5 1
4 - - - - Calamint [Vijay] A. P. Singh 53.5 5
5 - - - - Maid To Measure [Daniel] A. Imran K. 53.5 2
1. Automatic (1) 2. Calamint (4) 3. Alvernia (3)
Automatic: The benefit of race run may see him in better light. Calamint: Hails from a winning-line. Working well, yet may need the run. Alvernia: May place.

2nd Race at 1.15 p.m.

Lombard Handicap1,600m (Cl V, Rt. 00-28)

1 - 240 Acaress [Asfand] Khalander 60.0 3

2 - - 21 The Stud [Rodrigues] N. Connorton 60.0 5
3 4000 American [Karki] Rutherford A. 59.5 7
4 0040 Consul’s Secret [Jaiswal] Salim K. 56.5 2
5 1444 Crest Star [Goenka] Md Yasin 54.0 4
6 3023 Ballard Lady [Daniel] A. Imran K. 50.0 1
7 - 020 Prizren [Javed] M. Reuben 47.0 6
1. Ballard Lady (6) 2. The Stud (2) 3. American (3)
Ballard Lady: Last run indicates significant improvement. Favoured at the weights against The Stud. The Stud: May have to defy handicap. American: May place.

3rd Race at 1.55 p.m.

Lightningh Sketch Handicap 1,400m (Cl IV, Rt. 22-50)

1 4023 Black Mane [Karki] M. Reuben 60.0 5

2 0000 Rheinheart [Bath] S. Shanker 55.5 3
3 0400 Kargil Soldier [Stephens] N. Connorton 54.0 4
4 2242 Magnifico [Vijay] C. Alford 53.0 1
5 0444 Persuasion [Bharath] Md Islam 52.5 8
6 - 400 Rule With Honour [Javed] S. Salam 52.0 7
7 3142 Airs Image [Daniel] A. Imran K. 51.0 9
8 0000 Sky Hawk [Mujeeb] Md Yacoob 50.0 6
9 4004 Global Harmony [Mujeeb] Haroon K. 50.0 2
1. Magnifico (4) 2. Black Mane (1) 3. kargil Soldier (3)
Magnifico: Steamrolled by Ammeter. Can do better, but tight at the weights against Black Mane. Black Mane: At a tidy mark, may strike. Kargil Soldier: May place.

4th Race at 2.25 p.m.

Goldfinder Handicap 1,200m (Cl V; 5-y-o & over—Rt. 00-28)—Indian jockeys only

1 2444 Floral Path [Bath] A. P. Singh 61.0 5

2 0033 Heaven’s Blessing[Bath] S. Shanker 60.5 2
3 0320 Royal Ruler [R. Alford] P. Alford 57.5 1
4 2300 Run Ahead [Mujeeb] Md Amil 57.0 7
5 - 000 Breezealla [Jaiswal] Khalander 56.5 3
6 4000 Nearco Prince [Bharath] Md Islam 56.0 4
7 4420 Magic Ring [Karki] M. Reuben 55.5 6
1. Heaven’s Blessing (2) 2. Royal Ruler (3) 3. Floral Path (1)
Heaven’s Blessing: Has been knocking at the door even in upper class. Merits regard. Royal Ruler: May trouble the best with a level start. Floral Path: May place.

5th Race at 3.05 p.m.

T. N. Banerjea Cup 1,200m (Cl III—Rt. 44-72) — Indian jockeys only

1 - - 40 Bountiful Gesture [Darashah] C. Alford 61.0 9

2 - - 10 Princelene [Asfand] R. Marshall 59.0 6
3 1003 Sky Command [Mujeeb] G. Singh 59.0 4
4 0400 Raaz [Javed] M. Reuben 57.0 5
5 4114 Ardon [Daniel] G. Upadhya 52.5 3
6 - 300 Cavala [Asfand] C. Ruzaan 51.5 7
7 - - - 1 Added Asset [Daniel] A. Imran K. 51.0 8
8 - - - 0 Bold Apparel [Daniel] Som S. 51.0 10
9 - 020 Storm Trooper [Karki] P. Kujur 51.0 1
10 1321 Arctic Fancy [Daniel] Saran S. 50.0 2
1. Added Asset (7) 2. Bountiful Gesture (1) 3. Cavala (6)
Added Asset: Well in at the weights. Was also brilliant in his Thursday’s spurt. Bountiful Gesture: A three-year-old filly made to concede 10-kg to a four-year-old smart sprinter. Cavala: Looking fit. May go close. Princelene: May place.

6th Race at 3.35 p.m.

Usha Stud Calcutta Oaks 2,400m (Terms, 3 year fillies only)

1 0410 Alterezza [Vijay] Md Amil 54.5 6

2 1312 Alvarada [Vijay] C. Alford 54.5 2
3 - 012 Anntari [Bharath] S. Rabani 54.5 1
4 - 404 Appeaer [D. Byramji] R. Marshall 54.5 5
5 - - - 0 Code Word [Daniel] A. Imran K 54.5 4
W - - - - Razana [Todywalla] (Withdrawn) 54.5 --
7 - - 12 Surfside [D. Byramji] C. Ruzaan 54.5 7
8 - - 23 Tsaynen Blue [Rodrigues] N. Connorton 54.5 3
1. Alvarada (2) 2. Surfside (7) 3. Appeaer (4)
Alvarada: Placed second to Altimara in the 1,000 Guineas after winning the monsoon Derby. May make this one her own. Surfside: Has come well prepared from Bangalore. May stay the trip alright. Appeaer: A place for her, at the most.

7th Race at 4.05 p.m.

Easter Parade Handicap 1,100m (Cl I V—Rt.22-50)— Indian jockeys only

1 - 132 Endless Surprise [Daniel] C. Alford 60.0 7

2 3000 Glass Slipper [Stephens] R. Yadav 59.0 6
3 0000 Flying Scot [Javed] Salim K. 58.5 2
4 1020 Red Trident [R. Alford] Rutherford A. 58.0 5
5 2211 Bird’s Empire [Daniel] A. Imran K. 56.5 8
6 0010 Work Order [Mujeeb] Surender S. 56.5 4
7 0002 Flying Power [Karki] M. Reuben 53.5 3
8 - - - 2 Cancun [Asfand] C. Ruzaan 51.0 1
1. Endless Surprise (1) 2. Cancun (8) 3. Bird’s Empire (5)
Endless Surprise: Finished close to Annalee. May beat this lot. Cancun: Gets attention because of her pull at the weights. Working well. Bird’s Empire: May place.

Day’s Best: Ballard Lady

Double: Alvarada & Endless Surprise

Bangalore, Dec. 15: 
The two among the six horses who look best to fight it our for the 2,000m Garden City Cup, tomorrow’s feature event, are Access All Areas and Pas De Memories. Both are working equally well and in a toss-up between two, the vote goes in favour of Pas De Memories hailing form Ganapathy’s yard. B. Prakash partners the four-year-old filly.


2 pm: Adelante 1. Sheer Blossoms 2. Cashflo 3.
2.30 pm: Star Of Gaiety 1. Royal Gladiator 2. Autobahn 3.
3 pm: Finest Flare 1. Spectacular Style 2. Winning Charm 3.
3.30 pm: Annodomini 1. Soldier Of Fortune 2. Franco Leone 3.
4 pm: Pas De Memories 1. Access All Areas 2. Sun Reality 3.
4.30 pm: Arikana 1. Sans Egale 2. Celestial Gold 3.
5 pm: Sassy 1. Chippo 2. Cliff Side 3.

Day’s Best: Star Of Gaiety

Double: Pas De Memories & Arikana

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