Different Stroke/ Stop this frequent chopping and changing
Golf Without a Cause lead
Umpires� strike has CAB in spot
Calcutta Races/ So Royal may win Hilliard Cup
Mysore Races/ Assertive Allies best on form
Mumbai Races/ �Star� wins

Mumbai, Nov. 30: 
The England team finishes its tour of Pakistan on December 11. They return home for Christmas and the New Year, and in February go to Sri Lanka for Tests and one-day Internationals. There is a gap of around seven to eight weeks before the team plays cricket again, though no doubt they will be using the indoor facilities to keep in touch.

It may surprise Indian cricket followers to know that when the England selectors met to choose the tour party, they did so for both the tours and not just for the first tour of Pakistan. Sure they have chosen different sides for Tests and one-dayers, but the personnel for both the versions of the game are the ones they selected in September.

Not for them the task of meeting once again after the tour of Pakistan to pick another team for Sri Lanka. They decided on the players for both types despite there being several weeks between the end of the Pakistan tour and the beginning of the Lankan tour.

Can you imagine something like this happening in India? Here we have the Indian team playing three consecutive Test matches and on similar type of pitches, but our selectors will meet at the end of each Test and pick the squad for the next one. Why, if you gave them the opportunity, they would be happy to pick a side for every session.

The Indian cricket board is a rich body and it can afford to spend money on the selectors� travel, board and lodging allowances and so the selectors will travel everywhere and maybe meet for less than half an hour and pick the same squad for the next Test.

We should be thankful that for the one-day series they will pick the squad for the first three one-dayers and then for the remaining two and not meet after every one-dayer and pick the squad for the next one.

It is not the selection committee�s fault but the board�s, for agreeing to do that. If the board sits down and actually talks cricket, then they will know that such a scenario can put more pressure on the players, especially the fringe players, and also give the sly opportunists to try and pick their men in the squad.

The board has always been rich, but it has started to spend on the game�s development only in recent times. The setting up of the academy is one example of the board spending its money wisely but the awful rush in which the academy players are being picked is not good. This brings out the desperation to show that the concept is working.

Today you have a better chance of getting an Indian cap if you belong to the academy, though in fact the crop at the academy cannot be called the academy�s efforts for another four to five years.

It is when the current under-14s and under-16s are trained and go further that the real results of the academy will show. Right now those at the academy are there because they have performed at the domestic level.

Rajinder Goel, Padmakar Shivalkar and Anand Shukla are three names that come to mind straightaway who should be cursing they were born at their times and not now. Despite getting hundreds of wickets and, in the case of Shukla, also hundreds of runs, they never got the India cap. And here we have a player who does not have 50 first class wickets and perhaps not even 50 in under-19 getting called for India.

He was brought into the squad to combat the left handers in the Zimbabwe side but then he gets left out of the XI, so what is the sense in the selection? And is anyone going to question the decision makers about it? We will probably be told that we were giving him a feel of Test cricket by keeping him in the reserves and will play him soon.

In fact if giving a feel of international cricket is the reason in inducting youngsters into the squad, the better way would be by having a squad of 12 and then having three of the promising youngsters from the zones where the Test is being played with the potential of playing for India doing reserve duty. This way the youngsters will not only get to know how international cricketers think and react to situations, it will also give them encouragement and the incentive to do well and get into the team.

If there are five Tests played during the season a minimum of ten if not 15 promising players from all zones will get the feel and flavour of international cricket. The board, though it does not need, to will also save on the fees that are paid to the two reserves who do nothing but while away their time. Most importantly, the India cap will not be given to all and sundry under the guise of getting them a feel of the international atmosphere but only to the really deserving.

In 1979-80 the board decided to have only 12 players with two local reserves and that season was one of the most successful in Indian Test history with victories over Australia and Pakistan and, if one recalls rightly, then the squad for the Pakistan series was virtually the same and with no changes. That is a tribute to the selectors of that time who knew the importance of the Indian cap.

However, have a look at the men who were selectors then. They were all giants in Indian cricket who took pride in representing the country and thus expected the same from those who they picked.

They may have made the odd selection that did not go down well, but nobody dared to question their integrity or their commitment to Indian cricket.

The men comprising the current committee are all lovely persons, but one gets the impression that hey are allowing themselves to be used and succumbing to pressure rather easily. The moment a person starts thinking what the world will say or of personal benefits rather than what Indian cricket needs, he is going to let himself be used.

It will truly be a pity if they are remembered more as incompetent selectors rather than as players who wore the India cap with dignity and pride during their playing days.

The past cannot be undone, but the future is in their hands.    

Calcutta, Nov. 30: 
After the completion of yet another round, Golf Without a Cause emerged leaders, going into the final two days of the Wills Cup 2000, being played over the Tollygunge Club Course. The team, led by Sanjay Sanwal, tallied five-under after completing four of their six stipulated rounds.

Pro-Cons, led by Anant Bajoria, were placed second with an aggregate of two-under after four completed rounds. With just as many rounds left to play as the leaders, Pro-Cons have to make do some lost ground to displace the current leaders from the top spot.

One stroke behind the second placed team at third spot, was the Sunita Goenka led Tini-Mini with a tally of one-under. Tini-Mini have just one-round left to play with five out of their six rounds completed. The other team at one-under was Sawaal Chaar Birdie Ki.

Having completed their Wills Cup 2000 assault in style, this Sunita Goenka led four-lady team has an outside chance to winning a prize depending upon how the other teams fare on the remaining days.

Drawn matches

Both matches in the all-India State Bank of India inter-circle football tournament today were drawn. At the SAI Eastern Centre ground Delhi and Chennai failed to score, while Mumbai and Guwahati shared two goals. Hasmukh Baria scored for Mumbai and the equaliser coming from Rama Buglary.    

Calcutta, Nov. 30: 
The CAB Umpires� Association (CABUA) today started an indefinite strike, till their demands are met. Most of the matches of the CAB senior division two-day league were played today, but the situation will be pretty stiff for the CAB from tomorrow.

The umpires (there are 110-odd, with many of them getting provisional engagements only) demand that they be given a room at the CAB Club House premises as well as a hike in their match fees.

It was learnt that things came to a head, when the CABUA president, Arya Chatterjee, who is also associated with the CAB, was confronted by CAB officials over their demands. The CAB maintains that it has �no knowledge� of the developments and shall wait till they receive a letter from the umpires in this connection.

Big wins for Aryan, Kalighat

Aryan today beat George Telegraph by 112 runs in their CAB senior division two-day league match. Munish Jolly, with four wickets, was the main wrecker for Aryan. Pranab Nandy picked up three wickets.

In other matches, Kalighat notched up a seven-wicket win over Mohunlal and City AC beat Aikya Sammelani by three wickets.


Aryan 228 in 81.2 overs (Hasmukh Patel 80, Sanjay Agarwal 32, Sovan Mitra 33; Khagen Patra 4/86; Raktim Bhattacharya 3/67). George Telegraph 116 in 56 overs (Munish Jolly 4/27, Pranab Nandy 3/18). Aryan won by 112 runs.

Shibpur Inst 368/5 in 81 ovs + 4 ovs and 8x4 runs penalty = 400 runs. (Jayanta Roy 103 n.o., Adil Jahangir 87 n.o., Kingshuk Das 59, Kousik Bhattacharya 50). Young Bengal 169/5 in 52 ovs (Subhajit Mukherjee 68, Manabendra Jadhav 48; Abhijoy Roy 4/68). Match drawn.

Mohunlal 163. Kalighat 164/3 off 40.3 ovs (Safi Ahmed 41, Manoj Roy 38, Charanjit Singh 43 n.o.). Kalighat won by 7wkts.

Burnpur CC 438/7. Sporting Union 378/7 (Probir Mukherjee 102, Satrajit Lahiri 80, Subhasis Das 74; Alok Das 3/61, Santosh Roy 3/92).

Manoharpukur Milan Samity 268 (Debabrata Banik 48; Debashish Mukherjee 4/71). Netaji Subhas Institute 198/9 (Aadipta Mukherjee 76 n.o., Debashish Mukherjee 41 n.o.; Tapan Mallick 7/59). Match drawn.

vAikya Sammelani 286/9 in 85 ovs (Mazahar Ali 67, S. Show 62; Altaf Hossain 5/88). City AC 290/7 in 74.5 ovs (Himadri Dasgupta 84 n.o., S Pal 64; Tapan Behara 3/44). City AC won by 3 wkts.    

Calcutta, Nov. 30: 
There is little to look beyond So Royal in tomorrow�s star event, the 1,400m Hilliard Cup, a terms race. The summer season form of the Tiajuana-Nauti Miner gelding is best ignored. Running fourth behind Royal Court towards the fag end of the Mysore season, has, however, helped the Darius Byramji-trainee maintain a minimum level of fitness. His final spurt, here, over 800m (outer sand) was simply brilliant when he clocked 51 secs. Jockey C. Rajendra will partner the southern challenger, donning the popular colours � White, Red hoops and white seeves.

Agreed, Darius� other ward in the race, Artwork, relishes the local track. The last season�s 1,000 Guineas winner may, however, find her heavy-impost of 60-1/2 kg a stopper. Although, equally eye-catching in her morning trials, the Razeen-Regal Grace filly, in fact, may have to fight it out for the minor placings with hitherto unbeaten Allodium and Alyssum.

Read as: Horse number, last four runs, horse name, trainer, jockey, weight & draw:

1st Race at 1.20 p.m.

Redbay Handicap 1,200m (Cl III�Rated 44-72) � Indian jockeys only

1 2411 Almond Rock [Daneil] A. Imran K. 60.0 5

2 - 121 Aracruz [Bharath] A. Kader 57.0 6
3 0102 Storm Trooper [Karki] P. Kujur 54.5 7
4 - 011 Alsheim [Vijay] C. Alford 54.5 1
5 ---- Bold Apparel [Daniel] G. Upadhya 53.5 3
6 2011 Scarlet Raider [Daniel] Som S. 53.5 2
7 0203 Staffordshire [Javed] M. Reuben 53.5 4

1. Aracruz (2) 2. Alsheim (4) 3. Almond Rock (1)

Aracruz: An easy winner on Day I. Has been on the up since she placed a good second to Allaying in the Fillies Trial. Alsheim: Catching attention in her work outs. Capable of upsetting the favourite. Almond Rock: May place.

2nd Race at 2.05 p.m.

Breeders� Cup 1,100m (Terms, maiden 2-y-o only)

1 ---- Alamito [Bharath] A. Kader 52.0 4

2 ---- Sebastian [Bharath] S. Rabani 52.0 3
3 ---- Andrada [Vijay] S. Shanker 50.5 5
4 ---- Angeles [Vijay] C. Rajendra 50.5 2
5 ---- Ascoril [Vijay] C. Alford 50.5 1

1. Alamito (1) 2. Angeles (4) 3. Ascoril (5)

Alamito: Smartest to jump out in practice. An early January foal and a half-brother to Autarky. Angeles: Hails from a winning line. Working well too. Ascoril: May place.

3rd Race at 2.35 p.m.

Spook Handicap 1,200m (Cl V, Rt. 18 & below) � Indian jockeys only

1 ---- Master Bold [Vijay] C. Alford 60.0 5

2 2130 Armila [P. Locke] Md Yasin 56.5 8
3 0304 Arizona Star [Mujeeb] Surender S. 53.5 6
4 - - - 4 Fencai [Javed] M. Reuben 53.0 2
5 0003 Abstone Queen [Daniel] A. Imran K. 51.0 1
6 0032 Private Lives [Bharath] Md Islam 49.5 4
7 - - - 0 Golden Heart [Bath] Haroon K. 48.0 7
8 - - 00 Atacada [Bharath] Md Amil 48.0 3

1. Master bold (1) 2. Abstone queen (5) 3. Fencai (4)

Master Bold: Beating Asheim in gallops. May win on debut. Abstone Queen: With shine back on her coat, she may pose threat to the best. Fencai: May place.

4th Race at 3.05 p.m.

Manasseh Memorial Cup 1,600m (Cl II; Cl III eligible �Rt. 44-94)

1 - - 14 Acrosto [D. Byramji] A. Kader 60.0 4

2 - - 11 Anolini [Vijay] C. Alford 57.0 1
3 - - - 0 Double Bull [Daniel] A. Imran K. 51.5 2
4 - 040 Aragrove [Daniel] Saran S. 48.5 3
5 - - 20 Classic Pursuit [Bharath] S. Rabani 48.0 5

1. Acrosto (1) 2. Anolini (2) 3. Double Bull (3)

Acrosto: Unimpressive in his morning work, yet his better class may help him score. Anolini: Good in barrier-trial but inferior in class. Double Bull: May place.

5th Race at 3.35 p.m.

Hilliard Cup 1,400m (Terms, 4-y-o & over)

1 - - - 4 So Royal [D. Byramji] C. Rajendra 62.0 6

2 ---- Artwork [D. Byramji] C. Alford 60.5 7
3 - - 11 Arendal [Vijay] S. Shanker 53.0 1
4 - - 31 Starry Flag [Bharath] N. Connorton 53.0 5
5 - - - 4 Freedom Dancer [Vijay] A. Imran K. 50.0 3
6 - - 11 Allodium [Bharath] S. Rabani 49.5 4
7 1112 Alyssum [Vijay] A. Kader 47.5 2

1. So Royal (1) 2. Allodium (6) 3. Artwork (2)

So Royal: Looking and working well. A quality sprinter capable of carrying 62-kg to victory. Allodium: Merits regard on his six wins in-a-row. Artwork: May upset.

6th Race at 4.10 p.m.

Good Hope Handicap 1,400m (Cl IV�Rt. 22-50) � Indian jockeys only

1 - - 20 Tajik [Asfand] Khalander 60.5 2

2 1330 Bul Bul [P. Locke] N. Engineer 58.0 6
3 ---- Pneumatic Power [Daniel] Brij S. 55.0 5
4 0010 Ghunghat [Goenka] S. Nasruddin 53.5 1
5 - - 33 Ammeter [D. Byramji] A. Kader 51.0 7
6 - - 00 Blessed Spirit [Daniel] A. Imran K. 51.0 8
7 0000 Sky Hawk [Mujeeb] Md Yacoob 51.0 10
8 4224 Magnifico [Vijay] C. Alford 51.0 4
9 2100 Flying Power [Karki] P. Kujur 50.0 9
10 0400 Nearco Prince [Bharath] Md Islam 47.0 3

1. Magnifico (8) 2. Ammeter (5) 3. Tajik (1)

Magnifico: A costly failure in the monsoon season. May do better on the winter track. Ammeter: Was no match for Harry The Horse in Mysore. Tajik: May place.

Day�s Best: Aracruz

Double: So Royal & Magnifico

Mysore, Nov. 30: 
On his good third behind Royal Steps and Hello Brother, Ganapathy�s ward Assertive Allies, with Prakash in the saddle, is expected to have things his own way when he takes on six 30 to 45 rated rivals for the 1,800m Sringeri Plate tomorrow�s feature.


2.30 pm: Peter Pepper 1. Floris 2. Marcus Aurelius 3.
3 pm: Rizer 1. Eyes Of Truth 2. Super Green 3.
3.30 pm: Assertive Allies 1. Astronautics 2. Hong Kong Boy 3.
4 pm: Projection 1. Samanzar 2. Undoubted 3.
4.30 pm: Montjeu Star 1. Red Quartz 2. Winelight 3.
5 pm: Cape Fear 1. Grandson 2. Sheer Blossoms 3.

Day�s Best: Montjeu Star

Double: Assertive Allies & Projection

Mumbai, Nov. 30: 
Trained by Zadmal Singh, Running Star won the division of the Thunder Bird Plate in Mumbai on Thursday.


(With inter-state dividends)

1. Mandsaur Plate 2,000m: (5-4-6) Phalaenopsis (Heffernan) 1; Chelsea 2; Ancestry 3. Won by: 3-1/4; 5-1/2; (2-6.9). Tote: Win Rs 55; Place: 20; 18; Quinella: 46; Tanala: 252. Fav: Chelsea (4).

2. Solid Steel Plate 1,800m: (6-3-1) Wisdom To Rule (Shaikh) 1; Abish 2; Northern Frontier 3. Won by: Nk; 1/2; (1-56.4). Tote: Win Rs 38; Place: 19; 31; Quinella: 165; Tanala: 518. Fav: Northern Frontier (1).

3. J. Rustomji Soparivala Trophy 1,000m: (1-4-3) Terrestrial (Rajendra) 1; Elegant Jade 2; Beau Wonder 3. Won by: 1-1/2; 7; (1-0.5). Tote: Win Rs 22; Place: 10; 11; 18; Quinella: 18; Tanala: 81. Fav: Elegant Jade (4).

4. Kinski Plate, Div-I 1,200m: (5-2-10) Zillion Figlia (Rajendra) 1; Budapest 2; Soliel 3. Not run: Mulan 3. Won by: 7; 3/4; (1-13.7). Tote: Win Rs 14; Place: 11; 55; 16; Quinella: 213; Tanala: 904. Fav: Zillion Figlia (5).

5. Kinski Plate, Div-II 1,200m: (2-9-5) Hariasva (M. Narredu) 1; Millennium King 2; Mischiefmaker 3. Won by: 1-1/4; 2-1/2; (1-14.7). Tote: Win Rs 17; Place: 11; 17; 50; Quinella: 45; Tanala: 584. Fav: Hariasva (2).

6. Thunder Bird Plate, Div-I 1,400m: (3-11-2) Running Star (Rajendra) 1; Cryptonite 2; Sunny Sez 3. Won by: 6-1/2; 2-1/2; (1-24.3). Tote: Win Rs 17; Place: 10; 15; 23; Quinella: 24; Tanala: 110. Fav: Running Star (3).

7. Thunder Bird Plate, Div-II 1,400m: (4-12-8) Majesty Of Law (M. Narredu) 1; Celestial Light 2; Azurica 3. Won by: 6-1/2; 1/2; (1-26.4). Tote: Win Rs 28; Place: 15; 74; 17; Quinella: 1,041; Tanala: 3,756. Fav: Majesty Of Law (4).

8. Horatius Plate 1,400m: (1-5-2) Winning Girl (Shroff) 1; Fire Girl 2; Royal Standard 3. Won by: 1-3/4; 7-1/2; (1-25.3). Tote: Win Rs 39; Place: 17; 16; 23; Quinella: 70; Tanala: 567. Fav: Fire Girl (5).

9. My Smasher Plate 1,600m: (3-8-11) Stone Ridge (Stack) 1; Flamebird 2; Ever So Loyal 3. Won by: 1-3/4; Nk; (1-38.9). Tote: Win Rs 25; Place: 14; 31; 46; Quinella: 134; Tanala: 1,194. Fav: Stone Ridge (3).

Jackpot: Rs 320; (C) Rs 61.

Treble: (i) Rs 217; (ii) Rs 35; (iii) Rs 189.

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