Ill-wishers manufacture new rivalry
Bengal let go winning chance
Pune Races/Endorsement fancied

So the mischief making has started. Sourav Ganguly versus Sachin Tendulkar. That�s the new rivalry, that the ill-wishers (and that�s the only thing you can call them) are hoping, will keep them in business. So don�t be surprised now to see that this will become a full drawn-out feud. After all, with the match-fixing report due to be released by the time the Parliament reconvenes for the winter session, a new controversy needs to be stoked up even if it is at the cost of Indian cricket and these are the guys who will point fingers at the players and question their commitment to the country.

Hopefully, it will die a quick death as the Azharuddin-Tendulkar �rivalry� did. There too it was the calm, cool and collected Tendulkar, who undid the damage and here again it will have to be him to make sure that this does not develop any further. The little champion�s passion for the game can only be matched by his desire to stay out of controversies and though his silence is sometimes misunderstood, it keeps him out of unnecessary controversies that are so much a part of Indian cricket.

His views on the game and what needs to be done are very important for the development and growth of Indian cricket, but if he wants to simply play the game now and let his views be known after he quits, that is fine.

Sourav Ganguly is an articulate young man and like all articulate people is not afraid to speak his mind. Unfortunately in our country, articulation is invariably linked with arrogance and a know-it-all image is given. It also gives immense scope for words to be twisted and meanings drawn where none is intended.

Reading between the lines is a favourite pastime of these no-gooders and then their imagination takes over and it then becomes a source, that of course can not be revealed for if done, it will only expose them and their dishonest intention. Maybe the lesson for Sourav Ganguly is to reply only to the question asked and not to expand further. This way he will minimise the possibility of twisting and misunderstanding his quotes.

This way there will be no reading between the lines or trying to read one�s mind, which is another aspect that we Indians are prone to. How often when a non-striker goes up to a batsman, who is hitting sixers and boundaries, does the average follower think he is going to ask the striker to take it easy? Ten times out of ten the non-striker will be going to congratulate the striker and tell him to keep going, but tell me how many of those watching the game get upset because they have jumped to a conclusion that the non-striker has gone to ask the striker to cool down. If that is not reading minds, what is? The worst part is that it is entirely inaccurate reading of minds and that�s why the trouble making.

Indian cricket has found a couple of good young cricketers and with the experience of Ganguly, Tendulkar, Dravid and Kumble, can develop into a fine team of experience and youth. It is not just players who need to stick together, but also cricket followers, and driving wedges between players is not conducive to Indian cricket. We have seen it happen in the past and one would have thought that the experience of that would have made people learn.

But quite frankly, if the patriotism of cricketers can be doubted, then why not the patriotism of these trouble makers? If accountability is to be preached, then those who deliberately twisted Ganguly�s statement also need to be accountable as to why they did so. Responsibility is not just to be thrust on others, but also to be borne by every individual and especially if that individual is putting words in other�s mouth.

The appointment of a foreign coach is going to take its own time and realistically we can expect a coach to be in place only at the end of the Zimbabwe tour for it could give him a couple of months to tune in with Indian cricket before it takes on Australia. In the meanwhile, the BCCI will hopefully have invited Andy Atkinson to come to India and visit the major Test and one-day centres to have a look at the soil and the method of pitch preparation and give his views on if and how pitches can be improved in India and be in line with those overseas. Atkinson was the one who prepared those wonderful pitches in Nairobi this year and remember the ones which last year turned right from the word �go�. To transform those pitches and make them hard and bouncy yet full of runs takes some doing and therefore, his inputs will be invaluable.

Indian cricket has it all yet it is not showing results and that is only due to the lack of will to get it right. Hopefully the new look Indian team will be just the platform it needs to get its act right, from pitches to performance.    

Calcutta, Oct. 26: 
Soumya Banik�s 114 and poor fielding denied Bengal victory in the BCCI zonal under-14 meet match against Tripura at the East Calcutta District Sports Council ground today.

Resuming at 35 for one, Bengal declared their second innings at 127 for five, 70 minutes into the final day, setting Tripura a victory-target of 249 from a minimum of 73 overs.

Bengal managed to squeeze in as many as 84 overs, but missed at least four catches and some run-outs to settle for five points. Tripura got three. Banik, coming in at No. 3, played a patient knock and was the eighth man out with about 25 minutes remaining. The next wicket, however, fell on the penultimate ball of the match.

Bengal medium-pacer Sheikh Pearuddin took five for 41 and Abhishek Saha got three for 47. Bengal�s next match is against Orissa, in Cuttack, from October 31 to November 2.

Assam beat Sikkim

In Jorhat, Assam beat Sikkim by 48 runs, reports Our Correspondent. Assam started the day at 83 for nine and could add just five more to set Sikkim a target of 139. The visitors, however, were all out for 91 in 55 overs. Assam thus bagged eight points.


In Calcutta: Bengal 281 & 127/5 decl. Tripura 159 & 182/9 (Soumya Banik 114, Sheikh Pearuddin 5/41, Abhishek Saha 3/47). Match drawn.

In Jorhat: Assam 181 & 88. Sikkim 130 & 91 (Bimal Singh 32). Assam won by 48 runs.    

Pune, Oct. 26: 
Working well the S. Sunderji-trainee Endorsement may be hard to down the 1,400m Deepali Plate the main event at the Pune races on Friday. M. Gallagher partners the Placerville-Princess Clemente filly.


1.45 pm: Mariella 1. Simply Noble 2. Realism 3.
2.15 pm: Endorsement 1. Alice Charms 2. San Vitale 3.
2.45 pm: Queensland 1. Sea Sprite 2. Multi Millionaire 3.
3.15 pm: Clive Commission 1. Polish Nobility 2. Dras 3.
3.45 pm: Just Contingency 1. Common Spirit 2. Henki 3.
4.15 pm: Mischievous Times 1. Secretly 2. Sherdil 3.
4.45 pm: Smart Hunter 1. Flirtatious 2. Golden Gossip 3.
5.15 pm: Dream Lover 1. Cari-bbean Mystery 2. Winning Girl 3.
5.45 pm: Feel The Force 1. Reap The Bounty 2. Infamous 3.

Day�s Best: Endorsement

Double: Queensland & Smart Hunter    

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