�Call for chucking only if it�s blatant�
Durand Cup from Oct. 28
Mysore Races/ Chevalier easily beats rivals
Pune Races/ �Jonty� wins in Pune
Brisk bidding at Breeze-up sales

Calcutta, Oct. 22: 
Srinivas Venkatraghavan, one of the most respected umpires in world cricket, feels that a bowler shouldn�t be called for chucking unless one is absolutely sure.

�If it�s blatant, yes, call it a no ball. But if there is any tinge of doubt over a bowler�s action, it is wise to refer the incident to the ICC panel on illegal delivery�, he remarked at an umpires� seminar today.

Defending the International Cricket Council (ICC) decision to carry the ruling on chucking to its board room, the former India captain said that players at the international level should be given every chance of protecting their career.

The seminar, organised by the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) at Gorky Sadan, was aimed at updating domestic and local umpires with latest changes in the laws of the game.

Passing on the knowledge along with Venkat was A.V. Jayaprakash. Local umpires were updated on a number of legal changes, including provision of penalty runs, chucking, dead ball, interruption of play, fair and unfair play.

All the new rules, save the provision of penalty runs, will be followed in local and domestic levels from the forthcoming season.

According to changed rules, known as Code 2000, umpires have been empowered to award five penalty runs to either side, if there is unfair play. Umpires can also use their discretion now to frequently inspect the ball and change it, as and when they feel is required.

Describing the umpire�s job as quite challenging, Venkatraghavan parried a query on how he dealt with �play-acting.�

A dreaded off-spinner in his playing days, Venkatraghavan regretted the lack of quality off-spinners in India in recent times.

Utpal shows up at last

Utpal Chatterjee finally showed up at the Bengal Ranji Trophy probables� camp at CC&FC today. No nets were held, as the probables got a day�s break.

The left-arm spinner couldn�t join practice on the first four days because of official engagements. From tomorrow, he�ll attend the practice sessions.

Rohan Gavaskar left the camp for Mumbai today to prepare for his graduation examinations.

The camp will shift to Eden Gardens tomorrow though the players can only have physical training and fielding practice there as the practice wickets are yet to be ready. Batting and bowling practice will be held at the Kalighat ground. The camp may return to CC&FC again as Eden hosts under-14 and under-19 matches from Tuesday to Sunday.    

New Delhi, Oct. 22: 
Mohun Bagan have been clubbed with Salgaocar, Mahindra United and the pre-quarter final phase winners in the quarter final league group 1 of the Allwyn Durand Cup slated from October 28 to November 11. Group 2 consists of East Bengal, Churchill Brothers, JCT and Bangladesh�s Muktijoddha.

The quarter final league phase begins November 1, while the semis are on November 8 and 9.

FC Kochin have withdrawn as I.M. Vijayan is busy acting in a film and the team hasn�t yet finalised their foreign players.

The pre-quarter final league-cum-knockout phase will feature State Bank of Travancore, Bhutan XI, TFA, Army XI and two qualifiers.

Jarnail Award in NFL

Meanwhile, the National Football League (NFL) committee met here today and decided to honour the competition�s best defender with the Jarnail Singh Award.

The legendary defender was cremated today.

The league is scheduled to begin November 28, though the Rovers Cup final is slotted the same day. There will be a break during the Millenium Cup (January 10-25, 2001). It will resume in February and conclude by April 6. The teams will be allowed to register 20 players before the first round and all 27 by the 12th round.    

Mysore, Oct. 22: 
The Darius Byramji-trained Chevalier easily won the Kingfisher Mysore Derby over 2,000m at the Mysore races on Sunday. Pesi Shroff had his charge settled in the mid-bunch before pouncing on to the opposition in the last furlong of the race.


(With inter-state dividends)
1. D. Sivappa Memorial Gold Cup, Div-II 1,200m: (7-8-3) Speedy Idea (Ramesh) 1; Royal Satsuma 2; Golden Days 3. Won by: 1-3/4; 2-1/4; (1-14.8). Tote: Win Rs 136; Place: 25; 27; 17; Quinella: 380; Tanala: 5,164. Fav: Golden Days (3).
2. Ponnappa Coffee Gold Trophy 1,200m: (8-2-3) Red Red Wine (Appu) 1; Big Booster 2; Sunspirit 3. Won by: 2-1/2; 1/2; (1-14.9). Tote: Win Rs 52; Place: 16; 22; 44; Quinella: 181; Tanala: 2,791. Fav: Erudition (4).
3. D. H. Dasappa Memorial Cup, Div-I 1,400m: (5-3-4) Risk Me Now (Rajesh S.) 1; Cape Fear 2; Swift 3. Won by: 2-1/2; 1-1/4; (1-28.2). Tote: Win Rs 30; Place: 16; 20; 21; Quinella: 95; Tanala: 791. Fav: Risk Me Now (5).
4. D. Sivappa Memorial Gold Cup, Div-I 1,200m: (4-5-7) Tina�s Turn (Amit) 1; Golden Dominion 2; Upstart 3. Not run: Gregarious Grey (1) & I Me And Mine (2). Won by: NK; Dist; (1-14.3). Tote: Win Rs 20; Place: 14; 17; Quinella: 24; Tanala: 420. Fav: Tina�s Turn (4).
5. Seetharam Mudaliar Memorial Trophy 1,600m: (7-1-2) Earl Grey (Appu) 1; Queen�s Ransom 2; Elegant Rainbow 3. Not run: Liza Lang (9). Won by: 1-1/2; 2-3/4; (1-41.6). Tote:Win Rs 165; Place: 28; 25; 47; Quinella: 566; Tanala: 17,055. Fav: Refresher (6).
6. Bangalore Turf Club Trophy 1,400m: (10-1-7) Royal Satin (I. Chsity) 1; Tempt Me Not 2; Golden Fisher 3. Won by: 2-3/4; 1-1/2; (1-25.5). Tote: Win Rs 31; Place: 15; 29; 67; Quinella: 140; Tanala: 4,925. Fav: Royal Satin (10).
7. Kingfisher Mysore Derby 2,000m: (4-10-7-1) Chevalier (Shroff) 1; Perceived Value (Prakash) 1; Adamile (Marshall) 3; Royal Steps (I. Chisty) 4. Won by: 4; 3-3/4; Dist; (2-6.6).Tote:Win Rs 18; Place: 11; 16; 24; Quinella: 31; Tanala: 188. Fav: Chevalier (4).
8. R. M. Puttanna Memorial Gold Cup 1,200m: (8-5-3) Star Liner (Prakash) 1; Chantenay 2; Saffron Finch 3.Won by: 1-1/4; 7-1/2; (1-14). Tote:Win Rs 37; Place: 15; 14; 19; Quinella: 29; Tanala: 165. Fav: Chantenay (5).
9. Gool & Soli Poonawalla Memorial Gold Trophy 2,000m: (4-5-2) Astronomer (Prakash) 1; Spirito 2; Hong Kong Boy 3. Won by: 1-1/2; 3; (2-11.5). Tote: Win Rs 21; Place: 10; 22; 13; Quinella: 105; Tanala: 287. Fav: Astronomer (4).
10. D. H. Dasappa Memorial Cup, Div-II 1,400m: (5-1-7) Scenic Song (I. Chisty) 1; Comrade In Arms 2; Silver Warakh 3. Won by: 5-1/2; 4; (1-31.7). Tote: Win Rs 37; Place: 14; 14; 22; Quinella: 30; Tanala: 198. Fav: Comrade In Arms (1).

Jackpot: Rs 913; (C) Rs 105.

Treble: (i) Rs 862; (ii) Rs 1,047; (iii) Rs 214.

Pune, Oct. 22: 
Ridden by C. Rajendra, the Nirad Karanjawalla-trainee Jonty Rhodes won the 3,200m Suresh Mahindra Trophy in Pune on Sudnay.


(With inter-state dividends)
1. Oham Plate 1,800m: (2-5-1) Princess Jo (Chauhan) 1; Curio�s Baby 2; Fantasy Royal 3.Won by: 1-1/4; 1/2; (1-57.4). Tote: Win Rs 34; Place: 18; 41; Quinella: 267; Tanala: 2,187. Fav: Wagga Wagga (3).
2. Liberty Belle Plate 1,400m: (8-1-6) Royal Engagement (M. Narredu) 1; Moira 2; Bitter Sweet 3.Won by: 8-1/2; 2; (1-27.9). Tote: Win Rs 13; Place: 11; 14; 33; Quinella: 32; Tanala: 241. Fav: Royal Engagement (8).
3. Suresh Mahindra Trophy 3,200m: (3-5-1) Jonty Rhodes (Raje-ndra) 1; Amarilo 2; Capitulate 3. Won by: Dist; 7-1/2; (3-26.6). Tote: Win Rs 42; Place: 18; 37; Quinella: 132; Tanala: 464. Fav: Jonty Rhodes (3).
4. Con Amore Plate 1,400m:(1-3-10) Midnight Charm (Rajendra) 1; Metronomic 2; Majesty Of Law 3. Won by: 2; 1/2; (1-26.4). Tote: Win Rs 43; Place: 18; 16; 79; Quinella: 96; Tanala: 2,523.Fav: Metronomic (3).
5. S. D. Parkash Aids Research Trophy 1,600m: (7-6-3) Courtesan (Rajendra) 1; Innovative 2; Big Bertha 3.Won by: 3/4; 2-1/4; (1-40.4) Tote: Win Rs 31; Place: 14; 23; 13; Quinella: 150; Tanala: 522. Fav: Big Bertha (3).
6. Aali Janab Plate 1,000m: (6-10-9) Just Contingency (Bhati) 1; Memories Of Gold 2; Vengeance 3.Not run: Mustakeem (5). Won by: 2; 1-3/4; (1-1.8). Tote: Win Rs 28; Place: 15; 73; 14; Quinella: 462; Tanala: 2,010. Fav: Vengeance (9).
7. Joy Palace Plate 1,200m: (12-4-10) Countach (Kharadi) 1; Minneapo-lis 2; Caribbean Mystery 3. Won by: Nk; 1/2; (1-13.2).Fav: Countach (12).

(Note: Tote did not operate owing to overlaping of Pune-Mysore timings.)

Jackpot: Rs 2,026; (C) Rs 278.

Treble: (i) Rs 243; (ii) Rs 418.    

Calcutta, Oct. 22: 
Princelene, a bay four-year-old filly by Procida out of Anusha fetched as much as Rs 2,60,000 at the RCTC Breeze-up sales today. Bidding was brisk but one of the 12 lots found no buyer.

However, Breezealla, an expected early winner, went very cheap for Rs 24,000 to one Abhijit Dey. Vineet Verma, CEO and secretary of the club was mighty pleased by the public respond to the Breeze-ups and plans to make it an annual affair.    


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