Bagan bag full points
Fame Star bags main event
Fine Arrow wins
Peerless win 1-0

Calcutta, Aug. 16: 
Mohun Bagan1

When two National League sides fight it out one should expect a treat. And the fare should be even better if one happens to be the reigning champions.

But what materialised today at the Salt Lake Stadium during the Super Division clash between Mohun Bagan and Tollygunge Agragami was a listless affair that saw the former go home with three full points.

The lone R.C. Prakash strike was enough to ensure victory as Tollygunge, a mere shadow of the team that had created a few ripples last season, was only too happy to defend.

With today�s win Mohun Bagan have 20 points from eight matches, while Tollygunge Agragami have 10 from the same number of outings.

The goal came in the 35th minute when Basudeb Mondal and Debjit Ghosh played a clever pass between them, foxing the Tollygunge defence, and then Debjit�s measured cross found Prakash right in front of the goal. The former ITI striker wasted no time and his powerful volley bulged the net. Four Tollygunge defenders, and goalkeeper Hemanta Dora, remained mere spectators.

The game was mostly played in the Tollygunge half and though Mohun Bagan kept on attacking, very rarely did they come up with a convincing move. And as far as Tollygunge was concerned, their players seemed too preoccupied in defence and hardly ever tested Rajat Ghosh Dastidar under the glamour outfit�s bar.

The only time they even came close to being a threat was in the 22nd minute when Abdulateef Seriki�s piledriver was fisted over by Rajat.

One reason for the rather listless soccer was the excessive humid conditions. Heavily overcast, there was not even a whiff of a breeze making things difficult for the players.

The match, however, was one which saw the Mohun Bagan forward line fritter away chances. With Joao Dos Santos failing to impress once again � he was substituted by Prakash in the 30th minute itself � and Barreto trying to actually build up the game rather than just score goals, the attack lacked bite and clean finishes. And to add to their woes, neither Lolendra nor Basudeb could really impress.

A good chance came just before half time when a neat chip from Debjit found Barreto inside the box, but his header went off.


Mohun Bagan: Rajat Ghosh Dastidar, Dulal Biswas (Hussain Mustafi), Samuel Omollo, Suresh, Lolendra Singh, James Singh (Jayanta Sen, 62), R.P. Singh, Debjit Ghosh, Basudev Mondal, Joao Santos (R.C. Prakash, 30), Jose Ramirez Barreto.

Tollygunge Agragami: Hemanta Dora, Reazul Mustafa, Satish Bharti, Kuntal Chakraborty (Sandip Das, 40), Madhusudan Majumdar, Napolean singh, Sasthi Duley (Jagrata Sarkar), Abdulateef Seriki, Samson Singh, Bhabani Mohanty, Md. Kaiser (Ranjan Chowdhury, 74).

Referee: Jayanta Chakraborty    

Calcutta, Aug. 16: 
The Gaswar-Dancing Flame filly Fame Star continued with her winning ways when she slammed the opposition in the 1,400m Independence Cup today. Cristopher Alford partnering the Vijay Singh trainee had an armchair ride from the start winning the race by nealy 50 metres. West Bengal Governor, Viren J.Shah, presented the trophy to the winning connecti-ons of the filly. Cristopher, who had guided Aquaria in the opener, the Hovercraft Cup in a similar manner, finished the day with a popular treble on Aileron in the Kipling Handicap.


1. Hovercraft Cup 1,800m: (2-1)Aquaria (C. Alford) 1; Kaizen (Rabani) 2. Won by: Dist; (1-59.3). Tote: Win Rs 11.Fav: Aquaria (2). Winner trained by Vijay S.

2. Record Reign Handicap 1,200m: (6-1-4-2) Art Smart (M. Reuben) 1; Arizona Star (Dalpat) 2; Golden Express (P. Alford) 3; Aristotemus (Sher S.) 4. Won by: Nk; 6-1/2; Nk (1-20.4). Tote: Win Rs 69; Place: 25; 22; Quinella: 133; Tanala: 512. Fav: Golden Express (4). Winner trained by D. Karki.

3. Independence Cup 1,400m: (3-2-1-4) Fame Star (C. Alford) 1; Charlene (Rabani) 2; Sterling Prospect (M. Reuben) 3; Diplomatic Gesture (Shanker) 4. Won by: 3-3/4; 2-1/4; 6-1/4; (1-31.8). Tote:Win Rs 11; Place: 11; 20; Quinella: 23; Tanala: 28. Fav: Fame Star (3). Winner trained by Vijay S.

4. Kipling Handicap 1,400m: (4-2-5-3) Aileron (C. Alford) 1; Tejeni (A. P. Singh) 2; Amistad (Rabani) 3; Jayaashva (Som) 4. Won by: 1-3/4; 6-3/4; 2-1/4; (1-30.4). Tote: Win Rs 17; Place: 11; 14; Quinella: 17; Tanala: 39. Fav:Aileron (4). Winner trained by Bharath S.

5. Esmon Handicap 1,100m: (4-2-5-7) Flying Power (Amjad K.) 1; Artifact (C. Alford) 2; Aliqa (M. Reuben) 3; Run Ahead (Yacoob) 4. Won by: 3/4; 1; 1/2; (1-12.9). Tote: Win Rs 27; Place: 11; 16; 34; Quinella: 53; Tanala: 809. Fav: Flying Power (4). Winner trained by D. Karki.

6. Everest Handicap 1,400m: (3-2-4-5) Lockers Park (Rabani) 1; Magnifico (C. Alford) 2; Soviet Port (M. Reuben) 3; Fibonacci (Tamang) 4. Won by: 2-1/4; 3-3/4; 5-1/2; (1-32.4). Tote: Win Rs 24; Place: 15; 18; Quinella: 37; Tanala: 67. Fav: Lockers Park (3). Winner trained by Bharath S.

Jackpot: Rs 2,004; (C) Rs 118.

Treble: (i) Rs 69; (ii) Rs 308.    

Fine Arrow won the Piaggio APE� Independence Trophy in Pune on Tuesday. The following are the results with inter-state dividends:

1. Amberland Plate 1,600m: (1-3-4) Conflagration (Rajendra) 1; Tiger Talk 2; Northern Temptress 3. Won by: 3/4; 4-1/4; (1-43). Tote: Win Rs 27; Place: 11; 12; 15; Quinella: 29; Tanala: 118. Fav:Tiger Talk (3).

2. Almanac Trophy 2,000m: (6-4-2) Signal Tap (Bhati) 1; Thundering Bay 2; Pickpocket 3. Won by: 6; 7-1/2; (2-8.3). Tote: Win Rs 23; Place: 16; 30; Quinella: 102; Tanala: 1,024. Fav: Signal Tap (6).

3. Flower Power Plate, Div-I 1,000m: (3-5-1) Dendrobium (Rajendra) 1; Declaration Of Love 2; Classic Land 3. Won by: 1-1/4; 1/2; (1-2.7). Tote: Win Rs 15; Place: 13; 14; 18; Quinella: 26; Tanala: 77. Fav: Dendrobium (3).

4. Lower power Plate, Div-II 1,000m: (6-7-4) Perfect Placement (Prakash) 1; Charging Bullet 2; Navroze Supreme 3. Won by: 5-1/2; 2-3/4; (1-2.1). Tote: Win Rs 20; Place: 12; 46; 14; Quinella: 105; Tanala: 539. Fav: Perfect Placement (6).

5. Land Of Glory Plate 1,400m: (3-8-4) Mille Fiori (Rajendra) 1; Piaget 2; Running Royal 3. Won by: Dist; Hd; (1-28.5). Tote: Win Rs 19; Place: 13; 18; 126; Quinella: 46; Tanala: 1,380. Fav: Mille Fiori (3). (Note: There was stewards� inquiry into the running of race).

6. Piaggio APE� Independence Trophy 2,000m: (11-8-5) Fine Arrow (Prakash) 1; Chelsea 2; Tap On Power 3. Won by: 4-3/4; Hd; (2-9.1). Tote: Win Rs 169; Place: 49; 17; 16; Quinella: 294; Tanala: 5,540.Fav: Fargo (1).

7. Thunder Storm Trophy 1,000m: (2-1-7) Phrwaxshi (T. Jodha) 1; Show The Class 2; Celestial Light 3. Won by: 3; 2; (1-1.2). Tote: Win Rs 140; Place: 43; 14; 21; Quinella: 189; Tan-ala: 5,692. Fav: Future Arrives (6).

8. Floral Tribute Plate 1,200m: (11-7-8) Blushing Brave (Bernard) 1; Smart Hunter 2; Forest Beauty 3. Won by: SH; 1/2; (1-15). Tote: Win Rs 93; Pla-ce: 26; 53; 48; Quinella: 1,103; Tan-ala: 16,281. Fav: High Voltage(1).

Jackpot: Rs 93,586; (C) Rs 1,963.

Treble: (i) Rs 47; (ii) Rs 53,670 (Carried over to August 20).

Races cancelled

The extra two race meetings in Bangalore, on August 17 and August 18, stand cancelled, according to an RCTC notification.    

Calcutta, Aug. 16 
Peerless rode a Shyamal Barua goal to beat CPT 1-0 in a CFL first division group A match at Rabindra Sarobar Stadium today. In other matches, Bata Sports drew 1-1 with Wari, Sonali Shibir and Kalighat drew 1-1 and the Howrah Union-Aryan tie ended goalless draw.

Blood donation camp

The blood donation camp organised by Indian Football Association at Netaji Indoor Stadium to commemorate Football Lovers� Day saw 1182 people donating blood. Veteran player Sanath Seth signed the certificates.

Under-17 hockey

St James defeated Park Circus Cadet Training Centre 3-0 in a first-round match of the BHA President�s Challenge Cup under-17 meet at SAI today. Kalyangarh Vidyamandir thrashed Presidency Muslim HS 3-0. The match between Kalyangarh Hockey Coaching Centre and Paikpara Sporting Club remained goalless. The tie-breaker will be played tomorrow.

Committees formed

The Cricket Association of Bengal working committee met today to finalise the various sub-committees. Apart from the selection committees for both junior and senior teams, all other committees were formed today. Former treasurer Bablu Kolay was co-opted into the working committee. The two assistant secretaries, Usha Nath Banerjee and Pradyot Basu, will continue in office.    

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