East Bengal escape with 1-0 win
Boro defeats Baruah
Das-Datta wins
Zee looking for a �double� ace
Racing/ �Symphony� wins �Million�

Calcutta, July 2 
East Bengal were lucky to return with full points against FCI in their campaign opener of the McDowell Cup at Salt Lake Stadium today.

On a hot and sultry afternoon, the teams dished out some rather bland soccer. It took a strike from substitute Chandan Das to ensure victory for the red-and-gold brigade, the lone goal coming in the 82nd minute.

Das, who replaced Ranjan Dey just four minutes before, came to take a free kick, a few yards outside the box. His powerful grounder went past the wall and rolled in as FCI custodian Arindam Ghosh looked on helplessly.

The first half remained goalless with honours shared in terms of opportunities to score. The red-and-gold brigade never did dazzle as their fans would have expected them to.

As early as the 14th minute, FCI got a good chance to go ahead, but Samar Polley failed to convert with only the goalkeeper Sangram Mukherjee to beat.

In the 21st Carlton Chapman missed an opportunity that came his way, and hit Ghosh without any provocation. Surprisingly, he wasn�t even warned by the referee.

For East Bengal, their two strikers, Dipendu Biswas and Ukrainian Andriy Malchevsky, were totally off colour.

According to coach Syed Nayeemuddin, their foreign recruit was not fully fit and not yet used to playing in such humid conditions.

Dipendu too messed up a few opportunities, the best of which perhaps came in the 23rd off a free kick from Malchevsky. The ball floated towards Dipendu from the right, but he failed to connect properly.

A few minutes later, a diving header from the left by Dipak Mondal was well saved by Ghosh at the near post.

The second half, apart from the goal, saw very little planned soccer. The match overall seemed to lack cohesion, but despite the loss, FCI could perhaps draw consolation from the fact that they stretched their much-fancied opponents to the limit.

Nayeemuddin later admitted that they were lucky to win today. �We only got to know yesterday that we would be playing in the tournament. So it will take a little while longer to prepare ourselves well.�

Tomorrow, Tollygunge Agragami will take on CPT at the same venue. CPT lost to Mohun Bagan in the opener yesterday, while for Tollygunge it will be their first outing of the meet.


EAST BENGAL: Sangram Mukherjee, Sur Kumar Singh, Dipak Mondal, Anit Kumar Ghosh, Ratan Singh, Carlton Chapman (Srikanta Dutta, 66th), Isiaka Awoyemi, Ranjan Dey (Chandan Das, 78), Dipankar Roy (Sk. Sanjib, 54), Dipendu Biswas, Andriy Malchevsky.

FCI: Arindam Ghosh, Babun Kar, Subhasish Roy Chowdhury, Robi Shankar Guha, Sanjit Dutta Bhowmick, Amar Pyne (Debasish Pakira, 61), Braja Dulal Jana, Sanjoy Dutta (Dipankar Bhattacherjee, 86), Saikat Mondal, Samar Polley (Sankar Chowdhury, 86), Supratik Ain.

Referee: Ratan Dutta.    

Guwahati, July 2 
Nabajyoti Boro of A-New-High School, Tinsukia outmanoeuvred Abhinob Baruah of Carmel School, Jorhat, on the top board, in an irregular English set-up at the inaugural round of The Telegraph Schools Chess Championship at the Nehru Stadium complex�s ABITA Centenary Indoor Hall today.

Twenty eight others shared the lead with Boro, while five games petered out to tame draws. Of the 63 matches, three got walkovers.

Playing white, Baruah made a faux paus on the ninth move just after the castling when he played his Fianchettoed queen bishop to h3. Boro retrieved his king bishop to its f8 � and Fianchettoed to neutralise the pressure on h1-a8.

On the 11th move, Baruah pushed his queen pawn to d4. In the ensuing pawn exchange and that of their king bishops, he emerged a pawn up. After trading off his remaining queen bishop with his opponents king�s, Boro harnessed his pawns in the centre to create two passers.

Both Boro and Baruah have represented the state in the under-14 nationals at Calcutta in May-June last year.

The nine-round Swiss league, though, will hold enough opportunity for such first round casualties, the tournament committee clarified, adding that one loss in the initial rounds should not matter much for a really strong player.    

Calcutta, July 2 
Gouranga Das and Souren Datta won the Open Pairs event at the Shree Cement Open bridge championship which concluded today at the Bhowanipore Education Society.

Starting the last session of the three-session, 66-board final in fourth place, they pipped Kamal Mukherjee and Santanu Ghose at the post with a score of 635.5 match-points out of 1056, less than 2 MPs, or one-eighth of a board, ahead of the runners-up.

Results: Open Pairs: (MPs out of 1056 ): 1. Gouranga Das-Souren Datta(635.50 MPs); 2. Kamal Mukherjee-Santanu Ghose(633.53); 3. Pritish Kushari-Debashis Roy (626.95); 4. Asim Mukherjee-Snehasis Roy(622.82); 5.Sudhir Ganguly-S P Ghosh(620.36); 6. Shankar Acharya-Samar Chatterjee(619.40); 7. A. K. Mukherjee-Ashim Mukherjee(610.56); 8. Deepak Santra-C S Majumdar(602.20); 9. Tapas Mukherjee-Kalyan Nandi(590.24); 10. Badal Das-S. N. De Sarkar (583.49).    

Calcutta, July 2 
Run out for a duck on its international cricket debut, Zee is gearing up to deliver an ace on the tennis courts.

The comfort-over-cash policy of International Cricket Council (ICC) hurt them, as despite a higher joint bid, Zee Multimedia Worldwide and TWI lost out in the race for a lucrative seven-year contract covering the next two World Cups. The scar is yet to heal, but that hasn�t deterred the Zee top brass from exploring other sectors.

Targeting tennis as their next-best entry point, Zee TV has agreed to be the guarantor of Mumbai�s bid to host the ATP Tour World Doubles Championship in December. The bid, put in jointly by Procam Sports and Paes En Sport, is one of two for the high-profile season-ending tournament currently under ATP scrutiny.

As per the understanding, put down in black and white by Procam and Paes En Sport, Zee TV will pick up the tabs for the $ 700,000 prize-money event and also provide live coverage over five days� action.

Cricket Club of India (CCI), the proposed Mumbai venue, neither has courts nor a tennis stadium. If it gets the ATP nod, two synthetic hardcourts (Greenset Grand Prix) are to be laid out at the pavilion end of the lush green ground and temporary stands will be set up besides using a part of the Brabourne Stadium pavilion to seat 5,000 spectators.

The Karnataka State Lawn Tennis Association (KSLTA), on the other hand, wants to stage the meet at its Cubbon Park stadium complex. Converting two of the six claycourts to hardcourts and upgrading the stadium to international standards shouldn�t be too much of a problem, but the KSLTA hasn�t mentioned the name of a sponsor in the papers they have put in.

The intensity and seriousness of the two parties have forced ATP to defer a decision so that they can be fair to both. The Board members, who met last week in London, agreed to allot the championship to India but has sought an extra week to announce the venue.

The two bidders, it has been learnt, have been asked to meet certain contractual obligations by the middle of next week to help ATP make the difficult choice.

The sponsorship factor seems to have given Mumbai a slight edge, but Zee TV may turn out to be a winner either way.

According to a KSLTA member, Zee has kept its options open and could team up with Bangalore if Mumbai is defeated.    

Bangalore, July 2 
The Z. Darashah-trained Symphony Of Fire recorded an easy victory in the 1,200m Sans Craintes Million, the chief attraction in the Bangalore race-card on Sunday. K. P. Appu partnered the Bold Russian-Something Fabulous daughter to victory over Starry Scene and Secret Halo.


(With inter-state dividends)

1. Romantic Dancer Plate, Div-II 1,400m: (1-8-7) Arrakis (Shroff) 1; Rich Tradition 2; Rock Party 3. Won by: 8; 9; (1-28.9). Tote: Win Rs 14; Place: 10; 14; 280; Quinella: 17; Tanala: 785. Fav: Arrakis (1).

2. Track Lightning Plate 1,100m: (6-2-1) Star Wings (A. Imran K.) 1; Forest Boy 2; Schumacher 3. Won by: 3; 5-1/4; (1-9.1). Tote: Win Rs 33; Place: 14; 12; 34; Quinella; 27; Tanala: 360. Fav: Forest Boy (2).

3. Chamundi Hill Trophy 1,200m: (1-4-9) Acute (Ramesh) 1; Blue Ridge 2; Pride Estates 3. Won by: 5; 3-1/4; (1-14.8). Tote: Win Rs 136; Place: 33; 35; 25; Quinella: 638; Tanala: 57,435. Fav: Baffin Bay (5).

4. Sans Craintes Million 1,200m: (2-5-3) Symphony Of Fire (Appu) 1; Starry Scene 2; Secret Halo 3. Won by: 1-1/2; 5-1/4; (1-14). Tote: Win Rs 48; Place: 20; 12; 15; Quinella; 84; Tanala: 356. Fav: Secret Halo (3).

5. Romantic Dancer Plate, Div-I 1,400m: (9-3-1) Desert Gold (Prithviraj) 1; Tudor King 2; Appeaser 3. Won by: 1-3/4; 5; (1-29.5). Tote: Win Rs 61; Place: 17; 14; 12; Quinella: 79; Tanala: 325. Fav: Appeaser (1).

6. Hampi Cup 1,200m: (4-1-7) Sanguine (Rajendra) 1; Whitehall 2; Armiger 3. Won by; 3-1/4; 1-3/4; (1-17). Tote: Win Rs 164; Place: 36; 14; 15; Quinella: 186; Tanala: 1,607. Fav: Armiger (7).

7. M. Ali Asker Memorial Plate 1,200m: (10-2-9) Native Tactics (C. Alford) 1; Royal Power 2; Silver Hope 3. Won by: 2-1/2; 2-1/4; (1-16). Tote: Win Rs 32; Place: 17; 72; 32; Quinella: 528; Tanala: 4,915. Fav: Native Tactics (10).

Jackpot: Rs 3,90,063 (Carried over).

Treble: (i) Rs 1,968; (ii) Rs 2,905.    


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