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Remains of the day

William Baker and John Burke, perhaps the earliest commercial photographers of the North-West Frontier, seemed equally adept at carting photographic paraphernalia to war zones, upper-class homes and gardens and in setting up their studios at Pesha......   | Read..
Letters to the Editor

Nasty habits

Sir - When foreigners or Indian tourists from outside West Bengal visit How... | Read»

Rogues on the road

Sir - Speeding motorbikes have become a threat to public safety. The driver... | Read»

Scary prospect

Sir - The prospect of a cabinet meeting in Darjeeling is scary. Not only wi... | Read»


Name And Identity

It is a pound to a penny that no one save a die hard quizzer would know who Maurice Micklewhite is and why he is famous. He is none other than the actor, Michael Caine. Whe......   | Read..
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