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A right-royal mess

It’s a pity that FKB sounds like one of Vladimir Putin’s secret services, because the Federal Kingdom of Britain is what the British now need. Otherwise, the United Kingdom will become an Untied Kingdom. To achieve this federal solution, we must create across the whole of Britain what Scotland has just magnificently rehearsed for us: a democratic, constitutional moment. It is insulting to the peoples of England...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Be careful
Sir — The report, “Focus on China border dispute” (Sept 19), reveals that India and China have talk ...  | Read.. 
Harsh words
Sir — During a visit to her constituency in Mathura, Hema Malini, the actress and member of parliam ...  | Read.. 


A ponzi scheme by any other name smells as foul. It has become evident that what went by the name of the Saradha group...   | Read..


After what seemed like a never-ending gestation, the Afghanistan elections have delivered a verdict....   | Read..
There are no divine rights
The government houses which sit on sprawling lawns in Lutyens’ Delhi are supposed to be temporary homes that come ...  | Read.. 
How to be regional in the twenty-first century
The prime minister is visiting the United States of America later this month at the invitation of its president...  | Read.. 
I was filled with such a dangerous delicious intoxication that I could have walked straight off the steps into the air, climbing on the strength of my own drunkenness into the stars. — DORIS LESSING