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What lends Diwali its soul is the diya. And what give Diwali its sparkle are its crackers. Now, with all the noise about the decibel demon, it’s more responsible to celebrate the festival of lights with sparklers, streamers and sky shots that don’t blow off people’s eardrums. Antara BoseRead..

Dil is Hindustani; Diwali lights, take a guess

The stately white Raj Bhavan and the sprawling chief minister’s official residence, wearing strings of fairy lights, glitter ...   | Read..

Kindling dreams

Sixty-eight orphaned children staying at a home in Nivaranpur in the capital probably got the best pre-Diwali gift of their l...   | Read..

Wizkid takes on child abuse

She is the “Wizkid” and now, she will pitch in to save children from sexual abuse. ...   | Read..

A messenger of peace from Melbourne

Kindness begets kindness....   | Read..
Markswoman Tara Shahdeo (left) gets felicitated by a Kshatriya Mahila Samaj functionary at Dhalbhum Club in Sakchi on Wednesday. The 23-year-old shoot ...  | Read
Good Morning
Hello It's Friday , October 24 , 2014
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Raid on cracker outlets
The East Singhbhum district administration is determined to take the bang out of cracker sale this y...  | Read.. 
Brush, not broom, for vertical sweep
When we think of public filth, we look at the streets or, well, switch on news channels or open news...  | Read.. 

Stray bites lady IAS officer

Principal secretary of institutional finance Mridula Sinha was bitten by a ...   | Read..

Add a dwarbandh touch to your Diwali décor

Last year, they had braved the Phailin, this year the Hudhud. But, even cyc...   | Read..

Cracker curbs fizzle out

Some lessons are never learnt....   | Read..

Deaths spur anthrax scare

Nine persons died from a disease whose symptoms apparently resemble th...   | Read..

Minister bats for alliance

Internal dissidence notwithstanding, senior Congress leader and minist...   | Read..

Rs 20cr irrigation projects off ground

Agriculture yesterday; irrigation today. ...   | Read..