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25 March 2014
The banned drug

Horseowner Ajay Jalan finally broke his silence pertaining to the administration of a nonrecognised drug, ATB7, on his horse, Haddock, in November 2012. The RCTC top brass, on the other hand, preferred to be tightlipped on the pre¬text that the matter was sub judice.
A senior club member, who did not wish to be named, however, said: “The main question is if the drug in question is in RCTC’s list of prohibit¬ed/banned substances? It is not. Even the court has questioned RCTC that under which category the ATB7 falls.”
The Calcuta Horse Race Society’s (CROS)’s president, Gautam Sen Gupta, still maintains that the aggrieved party could have settled the issue in-house, and amicably.
Jalan, too, did not want to make any comment on the same ground. When asked, if the drug in question was a prohibited/banned substance  in the RCTC’s list of 2013. “Not that I’m aware of it. I had asked the Board of Appeal and the stewards to inform me under which category it falls. I’v not got any reply till date;” Jalan said .

19 March 2014
The Haddock Saga

The Haddock story has taken a new twist. In November 2012, the horse was administered a non-recognised drug, ATB 7, which was procured from Singapore by the horse's owner, Ajay Jalan, and administered by RCTC's veterinary surgeon, Dr I. Banerji. A spate of actions followed, thereafter, and it led to a year-long  suspension of the horse's trainer Javed Khan. The suspension was, however, cut down to two months, on an appeal.
It also led to the resignation of the vet, and finally, the disqualification of the owner, who went to Appeal Board but felt harassed as the matter was referred back to the stewards. The owner had to knock on the Calcutta High Court’s door for justice.
Last Thursday, Hon. Justice I.P.  Mukerji of the Calcutta High Court passed an order: "The decision of the RCTC's stewards is without adequate reasons. The Board of Appeal simply remanded the matter back to the stewards.”
"In my opinion, this controversy should be resolved by the Board of Appeal itself. The questions are very important."

16 March 2014
Three suspensions in a week

The week concluding last Sunday witnessed three professionals being handed suspensions. The RWITC stewards had handed a nine-month long suspension to trainer Pesi Shroff, early last week. Shroff's ward Bullseye had tested positive for Boldenone after returning for training from Nanoli Stud Farm. The trainer's suspension is due to start from March 29, 2014 and end on December 31, 2014.

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