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Brickwork Finance Academy offers Bond Markets Session by an IIM professor on October 13, 2012

Brickwork Finance Academy offers Bond Markets session by an IIM professor at its campus in Kalena Agrahara, Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, on Saturday, October 13, 2012 between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

The success of the international financial system depends up on the availability of financial assets that can be bought and sold easily and which retain their value over a long period of time. Bonds and treasury bills issued by the Federal Reserve have played an important role in global funding by providing liquidity and safety. This also explains why bulk of the foreign exchange reserves held by nations, are in US dollars and why the greenback is the currency of international trade

In India too, the bond market is a huge contributor to the stable growth of the economy by enabling entities to raise funds to support the infrastructural development and expansion plans.

The bond market, also known as the credit, or fixed income market can be defined as a financial market where participants can issue new debt (primary market) or buy and sell debt securities (secondary market) usually in the form of bonds. The primary goal of the bond market is to provide a mechanism for long term funding of public and private expenditures.

The session will discuss in detail, the salient features of these markets with specific reference to the various instruments available, namely:

1. Plain Vanilla Debt
2. Zero Coupon Bonds
3. Floating Rate Bonds
5. Callable and Puttable Bonds
6. Convertible Bonds

The session is part of promoting financial literacy and discussions amongst interested professionals.

About Brickwork Finance Academy:

Brickwork Finance Academy (BFA), a non-profit organization, offers nine-month, weekend, Post Graduate Program (PGP) in Finance, for graduates, post graduates and working professionals looking for an enriching career in finance. The course is also open for bright students wishing to add finance certification on their resume.

The program is intended for candidates aspiring for careers in domestic and international BFSI sector. Those already in the outsourcing industry can undergo this Program to change their career to finance or develop client facing skills via advanced finance domain expertise. The program also prepares candidates for jobs in the Indian commercial banks, investment banks, mutual funds, insurance companies and more.

The certificate course offered by BFA covers vital areas in finance namely, Credit Management, Investment Management and Risk Management, with specific reference to the Indian and International financial markets. The faculty for the program is highly experienced industry experts, practitioners and academicians with hands on experience in the financial sector.

For more information please visit

For participation, you are requested to kindly mail a small brief about yourself along with your contact details to [email protected] by October 12, 2012, or please call Raghavendra @ +91 80 4040 9950/ +91 97434 37999.

Attendance to the session is by invitation only.