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Infor Launches Latest Version of Infor SyteLine in India

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced it has launched Infor SyteLine in India. The ERP application features role-based information, a personalised user interface, flexible cloud deployment options and unlimited growth potential for discrete manufacturers. By deploying SyteLine manufacturers can better coordinate demand and supply, optimise business processes, shorten time to market, reduce costs and improve productivity.

Core functionalities of Infor SyteLine include:

-- Advanced planning and scheduling (APS). The ability to find out if there are optimum levels of materials, people, machines, and tools needed to manufacture an item, and continually monitor demand as it occurs. Before committing to an unplanned order, it is possible to see the ripple effect it will have on schedules and the shop floor, so expectations can be reset with existing customers. If a machine goes down, it is possible to update production schedules quickly. In the process, boosting productivity, improving order accuracy, and increasing on-time delivery.

-- Complex product configuration. Helps ensure the production department can handle configured orders and can provide accurately configured orders to customers.

-- Materials and inventory management. By deploying SyteLine, enterprises can buy what they need. In addition, enterprises can shorten order entry time, eliminate duplicate orders, cut down on costly data entry errors, and make sure data is consistent.

-- Customer management. Manage all aspects of enterprise relationships with customers and prospects, from estimating to invoicing.

-- Microsoft®-based system. With familiar tools and common navigation to save time on implementation, customisation, and training. IT staff will be able to focus on strategic projects rather than tactical issues.

-- Role-based information. Get all the information needed to complete work in a single screen.

-- Better user experiences. Personalised user interfaces (UI) to fit particular industries, teams, or an individual role. Add, remove, and edit fields, labels, and complete screens without having to call on IT for help.

-- Infor cloud deployment options. Combine and multiply the performance-enhancing and cost-cutting benefits of SyteLine by subscribing to it through the Infor cloud computing platform.

What Magnum Forge says:

"We chose Infor SyteLine to achieve better materials requirements planning which in turn helps achieve 100% on-time delivery performance and better control over ever increasing inventories,” says Neelesh Musale, Director, Magnum Forge & Machine Works Pvt. Ltd – one of the companies in India to implement the application. “The ERP application was chosen to enhance our customer service; preserve cash-flow and to overall boost our manufacturing productivity. The ability to design the system specific to individuals’ s roles throughout the organization is also a critical benefit for our users.”

“Before committing to SyteLine we consulted with a number of our own global business associates who use SyteLine. They gave us great reviews which showed Infor SyteLine is an industry focused ERP solution bringing supply chain successes across the globe. We’re now happy to be part of the growing global community benefiting from SyteLine.”

What Infor says:

“SyteLine was first launched in 1986 and therefore has 25 years experience built in. With this latest version Indian manufacturers can expect to see enhanced distribution, finance and inventory functionalities in addition to pre-defined “roles” for accessing data even from a mobile device,” said Souma Das, VP of sales and managing director for Infor in India. “There is greater control of Lot and Serial numbers, allowing such items to be back-flushed. Customer and vendor can therefore easily track and manage consigned inventory, which is getting more common in today’s manufacturing and distribution environments and particularly in industries like high-tech and electronics”.

"The increasing complexity and competitive pressures of manufacturing pose a tough requirement on today's manufacturers, driving them to improve efficiency and innovation," said John Bermudez, vice president, ERP product management, Infor. "Infor SyteLine is a flexible, powerful and easy-to-use ERP application which requires less customisation, shorter implementation time and fewer IT sources to maintain. That means a fast return on enterprise’s investment with lower total cost of ownership over the long term, to help them one step ahead of market competition. This is vital in today’s economic climate where speed is of the essence as it’s now ‘survival of the fastest’.”

This announcement reflects the direction Infor may take with regard to the specific products and services described herein, all of which is subject to change by Infor in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you. This announcement is not a commitment to you in any way and you should not rely on this announcement or any of its content in making any decision. Infor is not committing to develop or deliver any specified enhancement, upgrade, product, service or functionality, even if such is described herein. This document, in whole or in part, may not be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Infor or its subsidiaries or affiliates. This announcement, in whole or in part, may not be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Infor or its subsidiaries or affiliates. Infor expressly disclaims any liability with respect to this announcement. The services described herein may not be available for all Infor products.