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New Search Engine,, Caters To Consumer Privacy While Expanding Online Search, Shopping Experience

Go Comb, Inc., a Miami, Florida-based company specializing in the development of Internet-based applications, communication, services and accessories, has announced the launch of a new search engine,™ that will enhance the online search experience while addressing consumer privacy concerns.

Isaac Daniel, CEO of the Isaac Daniel Group (IDG), says new search engine,, will enhance  ...

Isaac Daniel, CEO of the Isaac Daniel Group (IDG), says new search engine,, will enhance consumer privacy while expanding online search and shopping experiences. (Photo: Business Wire)

“The goal and mission of is to enhance the search experience for customers and provide greater lead generation value to online advertisers,” said Isaac Daniel, CEO of the Isaac Daniel Group (IDG), which is managing Go Comb, Inc. “This exciting new search engine will expand the online shopping experience into live community relationships.”

According to Daniel,’s tools will help small and medium sized businesses distinguish themselves from the competition.

“Our permission based lead-generation tools are geared toward creating immediate interactive connections between customers searching for products and services, and businesses seeking new ways of promoting their offers,” Daniel said. “GoComb™ delivers information between interested parties using patent-pending features that will revolutionize the way users access content.

“And, unlike older search engines,’s enhanced search features provide comprehensive global search results without storing personally identifiable data. This is a major step in consumer privacy on the Internet.”

In addition to advanced search by geographic areas or sub categories, other features of GoComb that enriches the user experience include:

• Coupons Plus - A one-click check for Internet coupons relevant to the search term, presented on the same results page.

• Results Preview - Users can preview the top three results from secondary result pages, without leaving the first page. This allows users to scan quickly for what they are looking for compared to previous search engines where consumers must switch between pages.

• Active Lead Generation Form - Visitors are taken directly from search results to permission-based, user completed sales inquiry for sponsored ads.

• Relevant Image Ads - Advertisers’ product photos appear on the search results page, thus enhancing the search.

According to Daniel, a recognized leader in emerging technologies whose GPS sneakers gained worldwide attention when they were launched in 2007, a ‘bonus app’ will allow users of to download the free GoComb Plus™ app. Advertisers will be able to preview—and sign up for—the app as early as October, 2012 while consumers will be able to use the app in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season.

“This mobile app will allow users to contact advertisers anywhere in the world via the GoComb Plus network,” Daniel said. “Users will be able to negotiate by text, send and receive real-time photos or videos of products, with built in geo-mapping to help them verify the location of the other party and place from which the image was sent. This also enhances and empowers small businesses worldwide.”

Advertisers interested in registering for participation in the GoComb Plus lead generation program are encouraged to sign-up online at [email protected].

For more information on, contact IDG Group at 305.371.5858.

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