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XCyton Announces the Launch of a Revolutionary Diagnostic Tool - Syndrome Evaluation System (SES)

Diagnosis of critical care infections with four times more accuracy in a very short time span

A path-breaking invention, Syndrome Evaluation System (SES) was announced today by XCyton Diagnostics, a diagnostic product development company with a focus on molecular biology, which will result in the effective treatment and saving of lives.

The technologies currently available for diagnosis of infections are inadequate to detect and institute specific therapy in critical illnesses resulting in loss of function (eye infections resulting in permanent blindness or brain infections causing paralysis) or loss of life (septicaemia - nearly 3 million cases annually or encephalitis – nearly 1.5 million suffer annually).

Commercially available conventional tests like Bacterial & Fungal cultures, Viral cultures or Immunological tests take three to seven days to identify and/or detect the illness and thus is not of any help to the physician in decision making at that critical hour. With SES it is possible to have a report in seven hours!

XCyton’s Syndrome Evaluation System (SES) allows for the immediate identification of multiple organisms inclusive of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Parasites, in a specific test from a single sample. This process provides the clinician with a fast, definitive assessment of a patient who is presenting a set of symptoms common to multiple pathogens.

Dr. B.V. Ravi Kumar, Founder Chairman & Managing Director of XCyton Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. says, “My belief that lives can be saved and disabilities can be prevented if the diagnosis is made early during the infection led to the creation of SES. It is inhuman not to apply available scientific knowledge to counter oppressive illnesses. In life style diseases, people can take complete control of their health. In case of infections it is not possible. I empathize with that fact.

SES, has created a paradigm shift from disease based sequential diagnosis to syndrome based diagnosis. In one sample, one test, all the probable causative agents that can cause a syndrome can be diagnosed, in a short duration of just seven hours, thus leading to early initiation of appropriate therapy and reduction of death and disability.

A successful technocrat of global standing, Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw who heads India’s leading Biotechnology enterprise, Biocon, has personally invested in XCyton. She believes that molecular diagnostics is the medical technology of the future and development of SES is a significant milestone in the history of molecular diagnostics.

Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw says, “XCyton’s syndrome evaluation diagnostics is a uniquely differentiated platform that will provide a novel way of rapidly diagnosing crtical care infections and provide superior treatment outcomes. This is yet another approach to personalized medicine that is a very sought after space where X-cyton is an early entrant from India. I am indeed proud to be an early stage investor and I am excited with the prospects that such a business has in the rapidly evolving space of companion diagnostics and personalized medicine.”

During the clinical trials, XCyton partnered with several institutes across the country. XCyton Diagnostics developed the SES for AES, Sepsis, Antibiotic Resistance and Eye infections in collaboration with other Institutes and the effort was supported by a financial loan from Council for Scientific and Industrial Reasearch (CSIR) under New Millennium Indian Technological Leadership Initiative (NMITLI). For AES or Encephalitis XCyton collaborated with National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), for Sepsis with Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB), St John's Medical College and Sankarnetralya and antibiotic resistance was done by XCyton. Eye infections were done in collaboration with CCMB, Sankarnetralya, LV Prasad Eye Institute and All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS).

XCyton is now backed by Fidelity Growth Partners India (FGPI) which is the India focused private equity arm of Fidelity Worldwide Investment, a successful venture firm. XCyton is Fidelity’s first life sciences investment in India. XCyton’s innovative SES platform has the potential to bring in a global health care reform and Fidelity plans to champion this reform as the equity partner.

Mr. Raj Dugar, Senior Managing Director at FIL Capital Advisors (India), the private equity advisory arm for Fidelity Growth Partners India, said, "XCyton’s Syndrome Evaluation System technology platform has the potential to be truly disruptive to the current standard of care. We believe that the company’s test service offerings can drive a paradigm shift in the diagnosis and treatment of critical care infections, not only in India but also overseas. We are excited to partner with Dr. Ravi Kumar and his team in building one of the few innovation-driven life sciences companies in the country”.

Advantages of SES:

-- Very fast - Takes seven hours while conventional tests take more than 72 hrs

-- Very accurate - Higher detection rates , 4 times more than the conventional tests i.e 15% vs 75%

-- Direct demonstration of the pathogen can be treated straight away

-- Physician can rule out or rule in an infection, as they test for spectrum of bugs at once

-- Very cost effective - Reduces multiple tests and reduces ICU stay

-- Very specific - All studies showed that it does not detect false positives among various types of controls

XCyton is headquartered in Bangalore and all current tests are being analyzed in its laboratories. Over the next twelve months XCyton plans to expand across all metros in India.

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(From L-R) Dr Latha Lakshaman, Director & Dr BV Ravi Kumar, Chairman & MD, both of XCyton Diagnostics Pvt Ltd, Dr Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Chairman & MD, Biocon Ltd, Dr Prem Pavoor, Associate Director FIL Capital Advisor (India) Pvt Ltd & Dr Ketan Patel, Principal, Fidelity Bio-sciences