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| Sunday, December 14, 2014 |


The brain trainers

Mind-enhancing apps promise to make you smarter and more mentally agile than ever before, says Ashish Bhatia

An app today can blow your mind, but can it also grow your mind? Can it make you brighter, smarter and sharper? Can it improve your memory, recognition abilities, reasoning skills and everything neural in your cranial pan? The rate at which... | Read»

French temptation

Choux pastries with sweet or savoury fillings are coming out of the oven as the season's new hot favourites, says Sushmita Biswas

Is your sweet tooth still craving for cupcakes and doughnuts? But those are so last season! The latest delectable confections to tempt the taste-buds are being created with the lightest, airiest and crispiest French pastry called choux pastry... | Read»

Taking a tea break

Tea can lend an amazing flavour to various dishes but it shouldn’t be allowed to overpower the other ingredients, says Rahul Verma

Our friend from Calcutta got us a most useful gift when she was here some weeks ago - packets of locally produced leaf tea and other kinds of tea in elegant little teabags. The flavours were distinct and my morning cup of tea was most refreshing. | Read»

On the wilder side

Singapore’s four wildlife zones offer an astonishing variety of experiences in the heart of the city state, says Yashodeep Sengupta

It’s dark but you spot a speck of white at a distance. As you come closer, there’s a bit of movement and a pair of bright feline eyes shines forth through thick foliage. There’s a collective gasp as the guide points at the creature — a majestic... | Read»

Slender star

The iPad Air 2 is slimmer and faster than its predecessors but can it pull back customers who are moving away from tablets? By Tushar Kanwar

If you could, how would you improve upon a tablet as impressive as theimpossibly thin iPad Air? You could pack in a bigger or a higher resolution screen, maybe change the storage options or drop the price, right? But would you make it thinner?... | Read»

On a lighter note

Singer Usha Uthup is an eternal optimist who goes from one high note to another

I studied in the Convent of Jesus & Mary High School & Junior College in Mumbai. My music teacher sensed that I had a musical bent of mind and gave me different kinds of percussion instruments to play like the triangle and the clapper. | Read»