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Its a long night; An incurable insomnia that burns bright. Its a maddening place to be. There is no other place I would be.

An iota of strength; Its all I need. But I cant find it,

For I dont have any.

A suppressed voice; I cant repress anymore. I have nothing to lose, But I have

a dignity to retain.

An obscure vision, With no sense of clarity. There is no demarcation, Its nothing but a tragedy.

An unfortunate embarkment, But this is my journey.

All the roads are bent

And I am in search for the blaze of glory.

A wild imagination; And the worlds cruellest plight. Alas! There is no remedy.

Cant get rid of my insanity.

A frantic hope and a willingness to cope. Peril blocks my way, and calamities strike me down everyday.

A state of delirium Where the pain is numb. Its safe and sound; But I am not free, I am bound.

Suyashi Smridhi Class XII Arts Notre Dame Academy