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Theres queer vehemence that Im having, concentrating on anything, my mind sways away to a thought Ive been thinking, soon Ill be missing my school days

I see my baffling classmates pine with desire to go out and play, I see them freaking out, at every chiding that our pedagogue says, Ill miss my good school days.

Ill miss the very first day of my school, when everyone guided me in the rightmost way, and when someone asked me a way out. I replied unapprisingly in dismay.

These are quite old memories though Id say, I'll miss my good school days. Ive in mind the day of being chastised, the whole class standing and some playing games. All those were pondering that this will boost their frame.

I laugh at these moments while recalling these days Ill miss my good school days. I admire our innocence & wish it could knock me back, Bcoz these are incidents in future I wont have.

And let yourself in the same be drown.A few years later every single one of us would have parted ways, And Ill be missing these sweet old school days.

Tushar Pandey, Class XII
DAV Public School
BSEB Colony