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TT: You have won by nearly two lakh votes. That means a lot of responsibility

Choudhary: I understand. Roads, electricity, water supply, education and healthcare are my priorities for Ranchi

You looked confident from start

I had predicted that my victory margin would be around two lakh. Later, when I visited as many as six Assembly segments to study the voting pattern, I became more confident

Didn’t the entry of Subodh Kant Sahay, Sudesh Mahto and Amitabh Choudhary worry you at all?

There was a fight among my rivals for the second position. Nobody was close to me

What ultimately made you the giant killer?

Obviously, there was the Modi factor at work. This election will be known for positive voting. This time, the voting percentage in Ranchi increased substantially and the BJP benefited

There must have been some Assembly segments that were tough

I campaigned in every Assembly constituency. In Silli and Ichagarh, I had been doing some work for over a year. I got leading votes from these two Assembly segments

So, was this your solo show?

No. My entire party worked for my victory

Your opponents claimed you were disconnected from the people

Shahar ka baccha Ramtahal ko janta hai. Had I stayed disconnected, people would not have voted for me

Were you concerned about the Mahto vote after Sudesh’s entry?

The results indicate the level of challenge he could pose. I got votes across sections of society. As for Mahtos, they had already made up their minds. ‘Ramtahal Dilli mein, Sudesh rahega Silli mein’ was their signature tune

You ruled out the Sudesh challenge altogether?

I don t take challenges lightly. I respect Sudesh. He is energetic. But I don’t know who advised him to contest. I am not sure whether he became an instrument in somebody’s hand

Whose invisible hand?

No point discussing it. The instrument has malfunctioned anyway