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Incompetence, grief, poverty and despair, My country has defects which seem impossible to repair. Whenever I am asked, I shun responsibility,

Saying that this country, to improve, has no capability. India, the land of gold, of beauty, of serenity; On me my country counts;

All I have to offer it is infidelity. For leisure I would always say a yes, My freedom and enjoyment I want to caress.

A hand lent for help, a word spoken to motivate, one invaluable vote, So empowered I am, but I don't on my country dote. The faults I criticise, the shortcomings I detest,

But fail to see how I have failed and never given my land my best. Thus, O youth, I call on you today, Not India, but us, we have rarely walked the right way.

A little effort, compassion and patriotism; A support to our country as a team; Is what we need, to change this nation, into the India of our dreams.

Natasha Agnes Dcruze
Class XII-Arts
Notre Dame Academy

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