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Laluís pet poet

Few can forget about Lalu Prasadís ďgenerosityĒ particularly for the ones who sang paeans for him during his heydays. A little known Dalit poet, Brahmdeo Anand Paswan, wrote Lalu Chalisa (poem eulogising then chief minister) in the early í90s and then Machchar Chalisa (a satire on Laluís rivals depicted as mosquitoes in the poem).

Anandís dalliance with poetry instantly earned Laluís attention then. He ó impressed at Anandís poetic talent ó made him a Rajya Sabha MP in the early í90s. After Brahmdeoís Rajya Sabha term ended he went into wilderness. But he has found a new home in Mayawatiís Bahujan Samaj Party, which has fielded him in Jamui. But Brahmdeo continues to be a Lalu loyalist.

Yes, he is

Asked about Lalu Prasad by The Telegraph on his campaign trail at Addha Mor on Nawada-Jamui highway, Brahmdeo said: ďLalu, jo bheetar hai wo bahar hai (Lalu is the same inside-out). Brahmdeo has a very negative opinion about chief minister Nitish Kumar though. ďNitish kahta kuchh hai, dil mein aur kuchh rakhta hai (Nitish speaks something and keeps something else in his heart)Ē. When pointed out that he was a BSP candidate speaking on Lalu and Nitish rather than his leader Mayawati, Brahmdeo poetically said: ďKavi ke zabaan par lagam nahin hota (A poet has no shackles on his mouth).Ē