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Sleep spray whiff in burglary

A Mango family woke up drowsy on Tuesday morning to find the front door of their house open and valuables worth Rs 2.5 lakh missing in what appears to be the first spray-and-rob case in the city.

Sudhir Bajpai (38), a trader dealing in homemade papad and pickle, told police that he suspected the intruders used sleep-inducing spray before cleaning out cash and ornaments from his rented Subhash Colony residence in Olidih.

Though the needle of suspicion points to three women who helped the family prepare pickle and papad, an FIR has been lodged against unidentified persons.

According to Bajpai, his wife, four children and he went to sleep around 11.30pm on Monday. “My wife Sushila was the first to wake up at 4.30am. She found the front door open and almirah rummaged through. Her screams woke us up, but we were drowsy. In fact, we were so deep asleep, that none of us heard any noise.”

Bajpai assessed their losses. “Around Rs 20,000 in cash, three gold chains, rings and other ornaments worth over Rs 2 lakh, and two mobile phone handsets have been stolen,” he added.

Olidih sub-inspector Sanjiv Kumar Mishra pointed out that the intruders had opened the lock to the front door instead of breaking in. “It seems that they were well-acquainted with the house. We are investigating the case and have lodged a case against unidentified persons,” he added.

While Bajpai refused to name anyone, police have his three women employees under lens. On the alleged use of sleep-inducing spray, the officer said they did not rule out such a possibility.

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