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Karat pat and poser

Arvind Kejriwal shakes hands with Congress MLA Arvinder Singh Lovely before the trust vote in Delhi Assemblyon Thursday.
The new chief minister has been allotted two adjacent Type 6 flats in the DDA officers’ colony in Delhi.
The Kejriwal household will get 10 rooms spread over 6,000sqft and a modest lawn.
Former chief minister Sheila Dikshit had a Type 8 bungalow with a sprawling garden. She had developed a nature trail in her garden which was open to school children on selected days. She is yet to vacate
the house.
Other than garden, Kejriwal’s new homeis not small in comparison to a Lutyens bungalow. A Type 8 bungalow can be anything from 5,000sqft to 8,000 sqft. Picture by Prem Singh, report by Sobhana K Nair

New Delhi, Jan. 2: Prakash Karat has welcomed the Aam Aadmi Party as an alternative to the Congress and the BJP, likening some of its ideals to “communist style of functioning”, but sought to know its stand on communalism and “neo liberal economic” policies.

“The success of the AAP, as against the Congress and the BJP, is a positive development,” the CPM general secretary wrote in an article in party mouthpiece People’s Democracy. But he added the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP was at the “crossroads” till it spelt out its “basic programmes and policies”.

Like other established parties, the CPM has been stunned by the success of the year-old AAP.

“While the AAP proposes to tackle some of the critical problems faced by the people, including corruption, it has so far been silent on the nature of the economic policies which have produced these problems,” Karat wrote.

He felt it was necessary for the AAP to clarify its stand on the policies as it planned to become a national party and felt that till it did so, it could not hope to become an alternative to the political establishment it claimed to be fighting. “Can the AAP ever hope to present itself as an alternative without taking a clear-cut stand against communalism?” he asked.

Karat said the AAP had adopted the “communist style of functioning” as evident in its stress on “clean image, incorruptibility, denial of perks and privileges of power and funding based on people’s contribution”. But he was silent on why the Left had faltered when the AAP excelled.

“The virtues that AAP claims for itself…are all part of the style and practice of the communists from the outset,” Karat said. He cited the examples of E.M.S. Namboodiripad, Jyoti Basu and Nripen Chakraborty who he said had set the tradition of denial of “perks and privileges of power” that Kejriwal was brandishing.