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For Kapil, Kallis is ‘right at the top’

Calcutta: Kapil Dev, a World Cup-winning captain who is among the all-time great all-rounders, has paid Jacques Kallis a rich tribute.

Kapil, in fact, placed Kallis “right at the top” among all-rounders.

Speaking to The Telegraph on Monday evening, just a while after Kallis’ retirement from Test cricket, Kapil said: “Like Rahul Dravid, Kallis didn’t get the recognition he deserved...

“Dravid’s an all-time great, but I believe he didn’t get the recognition he merited... Ditto for Kallis. Both went about their job quietly and very efficiently...

“Look at Kallis’ figures... Over 13,000 runs in Tests and over 11,000 runs in ODIs... Close to 300 wickets in both formats... Then, 200 catches in Tests and well over 100 in ODIs...

“Those are serious statistics... I wish Kallis played in my era, with Imran Khan, (Sir) Richard Hadlee and (Sir) Ian Botham... Competing against him would have been a pleasure...

“It’s nice that Kallis is available for the ODIs, so let’s see how much more he can give to cricket in general and to South Africa.”

Kallis’ first appearance for South Africa was in December 1995, some 14 months after Kapil last played for India.

Kapil doesn’t list his feats, but his record both in Tests and in ODIs remains awesome.

Actually, almost two decades after Kapil’s retirement, India’s still searching for an all-rounder with matching credentials.