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Seb keeps fingers crossed

Munich: Sebastian Vettel hopes that the regulation changes for 2014 F1 season will not spread the field out, compared to recent years.

The revised engine regulations are predicted to widen the gaps between the teams next year and Vettel said that it would be a shame if that made the season less competitive.

“Next year with a lot of things changing, it is difficult to predict how it impacts on the racing. I just hope it doesn’t split the cars too much, because what we had the last couple of years was a very tight battle between a lot of teams,” Vettel, who have won the past four world championships, told a British magazine.

Speaking further, the German said: “I think, generally, we had good races. Obviously, the racing got criticised (in 2013) for some reasons that we can explain.

“But then, we’ve had very close championships, then we had championships which were not that close.

“But that is the way F1 has been in the past and it will probably continue like that in the future.”

Vettel had earlier expressed his reservations on FIA’s idea of double points for the season’s last Grand Prix.

“This is absurd and punishes those who have worked hard for a whole season,” Vettel said. “You can hardly imagine that on the last match of the Bundesliga season, (soccer) matches are suddenly worth twice as many points. I value the old traditions in Formula One and don’t understand this rule.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel’s teammate, believes Formula 1’s major rule change for 2014 makes it the ideal time to take on Vettel.

“He has been so dominant with the car over the last few years. If there were no changes, then he would probably continue to be dominant.

“At least with this change now it could make the playing field a bit more even. Hopefully he’s not as dominant with this new package as he has been. It definitely brings some things more into my favour,” Ricciardo said.