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SSP’s brush with a snake!

Calcutta: SSP Chowrasia had a terrifying Thursday at the Royal Calcutta Golf Club, here.

Nothing went right for the defending champion on Day One of the 2013 McLeod Russel Tour Championship.

He consistently hit the roughs, had two double bogeys and to make matters worse, almost stepped on a ‘resting’ snake… It was on the eighth hole.

Chowrasia’s tee-off shot on the eighth went into the red line area — ‘lateral water hazard’ — where the scary sight of a ‘resting’ snake greeted the reigning champion.

Chowrasia repulsed the moment he saw it and yelled “Call the referee”. The snake did not budge even after much prodding from the tournament officials.

As per the rules, Chowrasia had two options. Either to tee-off again, or take the shot from a position about two club lengths from the ‘point of entry’.

Chowrasia chose for the latter only to complete the eighth hole with a double bogey, which sort of ruined his day.

“Everything went wrong for me. It was a horrible day. I had a brush with a snake too. But it’s nothing new. These things happen at the golf courses…

“It was not scary, but a bit repulsive for me. The shot was very bad and I am to be blamed.

“After the double bogey, I tired to claw my way back into contention and started expecting too many things… In golf when you try too many things, you are calling for disaster…

“However I am not disappointed with the three-over 75… There are three more days to go. You never know what will happen.”

The local favourite had only one birdie on the 14th. “I have to hit more birdies over the next three days.”