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ACA survey: Retirement triggers depression

Sydney: A survey among retired Australian players has found that a quarter of them experienced depression and feelings of helplessness after quitting professional cricket.

The Australian Cricketers’ Association, which conducted the survey, contacted every player who had retired or had been forced out of cricket at international or state level since 2005.

It found that 39 per cent of participants experienced high levels of stress and anxiety for two weeks or more after retirement; 25 per cent experienced depression or feelings of helplessness for periods of two weeks or more and 43 per cent felt they had lost a sense of their identity after finishing their cricket career.

ACA chief executive, Paul Marsh, told Sydney Morning Herald more had to be done to help players approaching retirement, which is “a very difficult time in a player's life.”

“That’s when the reality hits so we’ve got to transition them from one career to the next career,” Marsh said. “A huge part of what we do is trying to get them ready whilst they’re playing cricket. Some players don’t see the end coming for various reasons. It’s obviously a pretty brutal career path, professional sport, and you can be on a contract for as little as one year.” (Agencies)