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Bake & blend at home to tickle taste buds

Christmas celebrations for most Christians in Patna wouldn’t be complete without traditional homemade food.

From wide range of chocolate pies to cakes, from sizzling turkey to wine blends the list just goes on. Though the market is flooded with all kinds of Xmas goodies, Christian families heavily rely on their own culinary skills to feed their dear ones on and after December 25.

Mervyn Dubois, the treasurer of All India Anglo Association, Danapur chapter, has imported a turkey from Calcutta because his family is planning to savour the traditional recipe of roasted turkey on Christmas.

“I had to shell out Rs 1,000 for one turkey, which I bought in Calcutta. Turkey is not available in Patna. We would make a traditional dish but we wouldn’t be able to serve it to too many guests. We thought it was necessary to have the traditional dish on Christmas on our menu. However, I am happy that at least I have been able to maintain our tradition by bringing one turkey from the neighbouring state,” said Dubois.

A traditional Christmas table is always crowned with roasted turkey, which is made with a special kind of stuffing. The bird enjoys an iconic status during this time of the year.

Tyron Lazarus, the secretary of All India Anglo Indian Association, Danapur, said unavailability of turkey in Patna has dampened the yuletide spirits of the Christian community here.

“Christmas without turkey was unimaginable decades back. Now, we have to make do with roasted duck,” Lazarus said.

Dubois said that if turkey was a luxury in Patna for Thanksgiving, wines were a must for the wintry celebrations.

“Most Christian families buy wines nowadays, but we prefer the homemade ones. We have already prepared wines and those with ginger flavour are rare to find. We make jamun wines in summer, much ahead of the festival, because jamuns are available only during the summers,” he said.

Boring Road resident Margaret (34) believes doing most of the things on her own during Christmas gives a more personalised touch to the festival. “The festival becomes more special,” she said.