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The city got an opportunity to listen to the solo sarod recital of the popular musician, Pratyush Bandyopadhyay (picture), in a recent programme held at G.D. Birla Sabhagar, organized by Sangeet Ashram. The torch-bearer of Senia Shahjahanpur Gharana, Pratyush is known as an excellent music arranger and composer. His repute created an interest in his rare solo presentation of the purest form of Indian classical music.

The evening started with Raga Shree and the artist followed the traditional way of presenting alap, jor and jhala. His long alap set the mood for this tranquil evening raga. The smooth and serene movements of the notes enchanted the listeners. But one expected more from him, especially in the renditions of komal rekhab and kadi madhyam. The difference between these two key notes hold the charm of this particular raga. Also, his jor and jhala failed to make a strong impact on the listeners’ minds.

But his dhamar presentation was beautiful. With the perfect tabla accompaniment of Abhijit Bandyopadhyay, Pratyush was able to show his command and originality in the dhrupad style. His piece aptly revealed the inner beauty of this raga. He also presented a drut gat in teentaal in which some taans and vistaars were sparkling.

The artist played a vilambit and drut kheyal ang gat with an appealing aochar in Raga Rageshree. But the lack of variation in the vistaars made his long vilambit a little monotonous. The beauty of this jovial raga bloomed fully in the drut teentaal. The presentation was made alluring by complex taans and unique rotations. He concluded his performance with a brief presentation of Raga Kafi and a Rabindrasangeet based on the same raga.

Padatik Dance Centre, Calcutta, had taken up a unique project in the field of Kathak dance with junior, senior and performer categories of dancers in solo performances. This was a whole-day event. In the first session, Radhika Shellor, a disciple of Parwati Dutta of Aurangabad, performed as a junior artist. Her performance at the Kathak Marathon 2013 was a proof of her superb skills of abhinaya. She performed with the song, “Rumjhum barse badarwa”, sung by Debasish Sarkar. Her presentation of chautal made her grip on tala evident.

Another artist of the performer level, Anurekha Ghosh from Calcutta, performed vilambit teen taal, which was enjoyable. Ishani Dasgupta among the junior dancers drew attention when she performed abhinaya with Krishna bhajan (sung by Kakoli Chatterjee). The juniormost participant, Hindoli Neogi, displayed movements and footwork comparable to those of a senior dancer. The grand finale of the evening session was graced by three reputed dancers, Ashim Bandhu Bhattacharjee, Sandip Mallick and Souvik Chakraborty.