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Final-year MBBS exam row

Pressure has been mounted on Aryabhatta Knowledge University to conduct fresh exam of the final-year medicine paper for MBBS students.

On Monday, 225 and odd students of Patna Medical College (PMC) and Nalanda Medical College (NMC) boycotted the exam claiming that some of the questions were out of syllabus.

Although none of the senior university officials confirmed re-exam but sources said the AKU has no option but to go for a re-test of the paper as a good number of students boycotted it.

A senior teacher of PMC also said the university might issue a fresh date for the re-exam. “The university would not like to play with the future of students. I am sure that it would conduct the examination of the paper concerned again,” said V.P. Sinha, an associate professor of PMC medicine department.

The examinees said they expected tough questions, which have been the trend so far, but not “irrelevant ones” (see chart).

“Most of these questions are of postgraduate level and thus we were unable to answer them. This was the reason we decided to boycott the exam,” said one of the MBBS final-year students of PMC on condition of anonymity.

“We are also not happy the way S.N. Guha, vice-chancellor, AKU, treated with us. After an hour of boycotting the exam, we went to meet Guha at his office but he was not present. He arrived only after three hours much to our displeasure as we were quite tense,” said a final-year student of the NMC.

He said Guha had promised the students that a panel would be formed to probe the allegations but he didn’t tell us about the date when examination of Monday’s paper would be held again. We are still in dilemma.”

Asked whether students’ claims were right, Sinha said he agreed with them on this. “Asking questions on Lupus Nephritis to MBBS student is totally irrelevant. This question should be asked to students doing the MD (doctor of medicine) course. Students were asked WHO classification of Lupus Nephritis, which is even tougher. This question is of very high level. So far as the question of pregnancy-induced pruritus is concerned, this topic is not taught in the medicine paper. This is related to obstetrics gynaecology paper. About AIDS-related diseases to MBBS students is also quite irrelevant. However, the third-degree dog bite was a relevant question for the MBBS students as we teach this topic,” added Sinha.

Repeated attempts to contact Guha and AKU registrar Nirbhay Kumar Singh proved futile.

However, one of the final-year MBBS students of PMC, who also boycotted the exam, said the university had given consent to their demand.

“There was hardly gap between exam dates for seven papers. AKU has extended the date of some of the exams considering our problems. The paper, which was going to be held on Wednesday, would be held on January 3. However, the papers scheduled to be held on December 20, December 23 and December 26, would be held on the same date.”