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No room for illegal boarders


Patna College hostel boarders, evicted by police, are now getting a taste of their own medicine with most of them facing difficulties in getting accommodation outside.

Ahmar Rizvi of Nadvi hostel, worried about his possible eviction from the hostel, is frantically scouting for alternative accommodation at various places in the Ashok Rajpath area, but nobody is willing to take him in.

Rizvi said: “Boarders like me are facing difficulties finding private accommodation. The moment they hear we are from Patna College, private households refuse to provide us rooms. I was looking for private accommodation in the Ramna Road area. I found one with great difficulty. We finalised the rent and I even agreed to pay Rs 4,000 as security money. Just then the houseowner found out I belong to Patna College and changed his mind about providing me accommodation."

Rizvi’s is not an isolated case and there many more who will meet the same fate.

The police and the college administration have evicted inmates of four hostels (Minto, Jackson, Iqbal and New) after Wednesday’s violence. It will be Nadwi Hostel’s turn on Saturday.

Though elated with the eviction drive, Ashok Rajpath residents said not all hostel boarders were giving them a tough time. “We know that not all of them are rowdies and criminals. But then they have become a nuisance and the fact remains they will all be treated alike now,” a resident of the area said.

Amarnath Pandey, a resident of the Ramna Road area, said: “The Patna College hostel boarders were really a headache for residents and we are happy the police have started evicting them. They were involved in so many unlawful activities that no landlord would want to rent out a place to them. No one wants trouble because of them now.”

After Thursday’s drive against boarders at Minto and Jackson hostels, the police and the college administration on Friday evacuated two more hostels — Iqbal and New.

The eviction follows a directive from the district administration and a letter from Patna College requesting the eviction aimed at illegal boarders.

A senior police officer, on condition of anonymity, said: “We have received orders from higher authorities to get the hostels vacated. In the first phase, hostels of Patna College would be vacated. Thereafter, similar drives would be carried out at BN College and Saidpur hostels too.”

The police and college administration said it was shocking to recover objectionable materials from the hostels. Additional superintendent of police (town) Manoj Kumar Tiwari said: “In the past two days, the police have found many objectionable material, including liquor bottles, iron rods, batons (wooden sticks) and knuckles from the four hostels.”

He said the police have sealed all the rooms. They would be opened only after there is fresh allotment from the college administration.

Patna College principal Rash Bihari Prasad Singh said the college administration on Thursday gave Iqbal and New hostel boarders a 24-hour deadline to vacate the hostel rooms. “It was only then that the police action was initiated,” the principal said.

Singh also expressed surprise at recovery of liquor bottles and other objectionable materials from the hostels. He said: “While on the one hand the college is trying to provide students all facilities and renovating hostels, boarders are not utilising the available resources but doing the opposite.”

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