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A naturalist’s paradise

Once, the area around old Delhi Road and Bombay Road, known as Jaypur Beel under Bally-Jagacha block of Howrah, was rich in flora and fauna and a favourite destination of nature lovers. Today, much of the flora and fauna is lost in the face of rapid ...  | Read..
Tinder boxes in Bandhaghat
Bandhaghat in Howrah’s JN Mukherjee Road is known for its quilts that are available there at reasonable prices. ...  | Read.. 
Art forms on a platform
Subalterns, a group of photographers from Bally, organized their second exhibition from November 15 to 17 at the seminar hall ...  | Read.. 
During whose tenure as chairman of Howrah Municipali-ty was Howrah Improvement Trust set up in 1957?’ The answer publi ...  | Read.. 
Shots of Madhya Jaypur Beel that still abound with exotic flora and fauna. Pictures by Anup Bhattacharya