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For wannabe moms time stops at 11.12.13

Families request docs for Caesarean section to mark ‘auspicious’ consecutive date

For wannabe moms, time stops at 11.12.13

The babies born on 11-12-13 at Shivam Hospital at Kankerbagh. Telegraph picture

Shuchismita Chakraborty

11.12.13 — what’s so special about it? Ask Neha Singh.

Neha, like 50 and odd other women, gave birth to a baby in the city to mark the last consecutive date for this century. The next such affair would happen after 90 years on February 1, 2103, when it will read 01.02.03.

“We had requested for the Caesarean section while it was to be done after three days. After several requests, the doctor finally agreed,” said Neha (33), a resident of Kankerbagh.

Like Neha, many wannabe mothers planned for Caesarean section on Wednesday so that the new members could attract “good fortune” for themselves from the very beginning. Some of them who were to undergo normal deliveries took the labour pain-inducing pills a day in advance so that the new baby could arrive on Wednesday.

Many city hospitals were flooded with such kind of planned deliveries on Wednesday. Himanshu Roy, an infertility expert at Shivam Hospital, Kankerbagh, confirmed about the craze: “Till Wednesday afternoon, there have been 20 deliveries at Shivam Hospital and 10 deliveries are still lined up. Of the 20, only six were Caesarean and the rest were normal deliveries. In fact, all the six Caesarean sections were done on the request of the family members. Not only this, most of the normal deliveries were also done on the request of the family members. They asked us to give labour pain-inducing pills to the pregnant women.”

Astrologers said the consecutive date turned out to be auspicious on many occasions. Acharya Tribhuvan Nath Mishra, a scholar of Banaras Hindu University, said: “11.12.13 is very auspicious according to astrology. Only those who are born at 6.12pm or within 24 hours of that would attract bad fortune for themselves and their parents. Otherwise, babies born before that will not face any such problem.”

Apart from the Roy’s clinic, the craze could also be seen at other hospitals. Manjugita Mishra, a senior gynaecologist, said: “Altogether, there were seven deliveries on Wednesday. Of these, five were planned for medical reasons but the rest were done on the request of the family members.”

However Mishra said she did not have any faith in such assumptions by astrologers. “Superstitious people believe these things and not the doctors,” she said.

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