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Cuffs elude lawmakers in House Act burn protest on liquor

Slogans on kurta-pyjama seemed not enough, Dinesh Kumar Singh on Tuesday burnt a book containing the Bihar Excise Act on the lawn of the state legislature.

Dinesh, the RJD MLA from Jagdishpur who has been protesting against liquor menace, not only burnt the book which had the act mentioned in it but also challenged the security personnel by taking the prohibited match box inside the Assembly building.

Around 11.30am, he came out of the Assembly, loitered around for 10 minutes and at 11.43am, he burnt the book on the lawn in front of security personnel, who just kept on looking at him.

Sachivalaya deputy superintendent of police Manish Kumar was present on the spot and called the Assembly watch-and-ward staff: “You should inform your marshal that the MLA had entered in the House carrying a match box.”

Within a few minutes, marshal B.P. Sinha rushed to the lawn and instructed one staff member to douse the flames. Around 11.50am, the staff sprinkled water from a pipe kept for the flowers on the lawn.

About reason behind such an act, Dinesh — who wore kurta-pyjama with slogans against liquor — said: “This is the place where laws are made and I have burnt the excise act book to make the government realise that liquor will not help the state develop.”

However, the burning of book on the Assembly lawn is a criminal offence. Y.V. Giri, a senior advocate of Patna High Court, said: “His conduct is very condemnable and he is liable to criminal offence. He can also be prosecuted by the police as it took place outside the Assembly building.”

However, DSP Kumar said: “The incident has happened inside the House premises so only the Assembly can take any action against the MLA.”

Even marshal Sinha was not ready to take any action against Dinesh — neither for the burning of book nor his entry to the Assembly with a matchbox. He said: “They are MLAs. How can we ask them to show the material inside their personal bag?”

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