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Marriage made in culture crucible

- Singer Siva gets engaged

London, Dec. 9: Siva Kaneswaran, 25, from the popular boy band The Wanted, is the son of a Sri Lankan Tamil father and an Irish mother.

His fiancée, shoe designer Nareesha McCaffrey, 24, is said to be “1/4 Jamaican, 1/4 Pakistani, 1/4 Chinese, and 1/4 English”.

Question: What ethnicity will their children be?

Answer: 100 per cent British.

The engagement of Siva and Nareesha, announced yesterday in Hello! magazine, is a sign of the times in modern Britain, where the concept of racial purity has gone for a toss — if it ever existed.

Siva, who courted Nareesha for six years, told the glossy magazine: “It was like a military operation to plan the proposal. I couldn’t even tell the other boys in the band in case they blew the surprise.”

The singer said he had discovered that Nareesha was aiming to throw a birthday party for him, but he then enlisted help to spring his own surprise. The occasion saw him on bended knee with a three-carat diamond solitaire ring that he had specially designed.

Siva, who posed for pictures with his bride-to-be for Hello!, went on: “I said to her I wanted a present I would always remember this year by — for you to be my wife. I’d bought the ring months before I’d been trying to figure out the right time. I love her, I love every bit of her.”

Nareesha initially turned him down after being overwhelmed by the event, but then accepted.

“I’m still in shock,” she said. “I don’t like surprises and he really surprised me, but I was so happy. I can’t wait to start planning the wedding.”

“In every boy band, there’s a ‘pretty one’,” cooed a piece in The Daily Telegraph before Siva, a former model, turned 25 on November 16. “In The Wanted, that’s Siva Kaneswaran — the tall, dark and handsome 24-year-old with cheekbones that could cut ice.”

It was through an advertisement that Siva was spotted by Jayne Collins, who put together European pop groups Parade and The Saturdays.

He was invited to become part of a huge national audition process in England and Ireland to cast members of a new pop group. The resulting five-member boy band, The Wanted, has notched up many successes including All Time Low, Heart Vacancy, Lose My Mind, Gold Forever, Glad You Came, Lightning, Warzone, Chasing the Sun and I Found You.

By November this year, The Wanted had sold over 9 million singles worldwide.

Siva is now so famous that photographers followed him when he and Nareesha went shopping in Hollywood in the summer. In their brave new Britain, Nareesha’s shoes have been worn by the likes of Cheryl Cole and Lady Gaga.