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New grid to curb power cuts

Dhanbad, Dec. 8: State energy minister Rajendra Prasad Singh laid the foundation stone for a 250MW power grid substation of Jharkhand State Electricity Board (JSEB) at Kandra Industrial Area in Govindpur, Dhanbad, today.

The new substation will make Dhanbad a “zero power cut zone” and reduce the dependence of JSEB on Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC) for power in the coal town, as it will be connected with the state-owned Tenughat Thermal Power Station in Bokaro.

The power requirement in Dhanbad is 170MW.

More importantly, today’s step will help Jharkhand save money, as the state had to pay Rs 170 crore annually for purchasing power from DVC.

“The new substation in Dhanbad will come up after an year and ensure round-the-clock supply” said Singh.

He added that the two more power grid substations would come up in Bokaro and Dumka. Those, too, will be integrated with the Tenughat power station.

JSEB chairman S.N. Verma termed it as a watershed moment for the energy sector in Jharkhand.

“JSEB was dependent on DVC for power supply due to lack of sufficient power generation facility of its own in Dhanbad, Bokaro, Jamtara and other areas. The new substation will allow us to generate power on our own,” said Verma.

Minister Singh also promised to provide free electricity to those residing within a kilometre from the power grid substation.

Earlier in the day, more than 50 Govindpur residents, who were displaced due to the power grid substation project, protested and demanded jobs for land lost.

Singh later invited them for a meeting in Ranchi under the mediation of state animal husbandry and fisheries minister Munnan Mullick and Sindri MLA Phulchand Mandal Phulchand Mandal.