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Walk into an amusing vortex
- Fun park to boast cylinder of illusion before Xmas

This winter, let your picnic begin with badminton and end with a dream walk.

Nicco Jubilee Amusement Park is gearing up to present Jamshedpur picnickers with a new ‘ride’. The upcoming attraction, which is being called Vortex, will offer visitors a phantasmagorical experience.

The visitor, entering the cylindrical structure, will feel that everything around him is revolving. The dream-like effect will be further accentuated by music playing in the background.

Authorities at the amusement park plan to launch the ride on December 20.

“The ride will comprise walking on a platform, 15-metre long and two-metre wide. The illusory effect will be created when ultra violet rays reflect from a surface of printed flex in the inner casing of the vortex. Technicians from Nicco Park in Calcutta are working on a war footing to ready the ride as soon as possible,” said Runki Verma, deputy manager of the park, adding that five persons could walk through the structure at a time.

The new attraction, costing Rs 5 lakh, will be the second of its kind in Jharkhand. Birsa Munda Park in Dhanbad boasts a similar ride.

Authorities at the park are yet to fix ticket prices. “We will decide upon that before the launch,” said Verma.

The official added they planned to launch more such innovative rides that are only found in metro cities.

“This ride is part of our efforts to provide quality amusement to people of the steel city,” said the official.

Nicco Jubilee Amusement Park, a joint venture of Tata Steel and Calcutta-based Nicco Group, boasts rides like Strike-and-Turn, Water Coaster, Moon Raker, Strike-in-Can and Paddle Boat.

While daily footfall at the park is 500 for most part of the year, it goes up to 3,000 during peak season.

The rides run from 1pm to 8.30pm and entry to the park costs Rs 70 per head.