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Murders still under cloud

Hazaribagh, Dec. 5: Ramgarh police are groping in the dark as the mystery over twin murders of a senior CCL official and his maid deepens, with some suggesting a family angle in the case.

Ramesh Kumar Bubna (52), the staff officer (project and planning) of CCL Barkasayal, and his maid Munni were killed in front of his quarters at Barkakana colony in an early morning attack on November 28.

Ramesh’s son Anmol, daughter Chandani and wife Kusum were injured in the incident.

The injured family members told the police that a youth had launched the attack with a knife, killed the duo and escaped.

Interestingly, forensic experts have failed to extract any fingerprints or footprints of the killer from the officer’s house. Even a sniffer dog, which was brought to find out the killer’s escape route, kept roaming in the house of Bubna only, indicating that the murderer did not leave the house.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Ramgarh SP Ranjit Prasad admitted that the case was complicated. “There are several loopholes… so we are probing various angles, including family’s suspicious conduct,” he said.

He added that the police lacked evidence, so it was not proper to raise finger on anyone at the moment.

The police have circulated a sketch of the killer prepared on the basis of descriptions given by the family.

According to Kusum and her children, the 25-year-old, medium height killer was wearing a jacket and a cap. And he fled when Kusum alerted two guards deployed at a CCL official’s quarters two blocks away.

An investigating officer said it was not possible that a killer, with bloodstains on his clothes and hands managed to escape from a colony, without drawing any attention when many residents were out for the morning walk. “There is something that the Bubna family is hiding,” he argued.

Moreover, police are not ready to digest the story that a medium built youth alone, armed with only a knife managed to kill six-ft tall Bubna, who was physically quite strong.

This apart, in such incidents, it was apparent that family members would desperately try to grab the killer. “They would tear the killer’s clothes and/or scratch his face. So, either a piece of his clothes or blood would be found in their nails,” said a senior police officer, adding in this case, they found nothing.

Also, Bubna had apparently invested money in various schemes through his colleagues and neighbours. The police are trying to find out investment links.

Sources said two senior cops had gone to Motihari in Bihar, the native village of Bubna. Kusum and others are currently at Motihari to perform rituals.