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State to tap innovations for ‘society’

The state government has decided to salute innovations and help the people behind it.

The state is in the process of identifying inventors, especially those living in the hinterlands, with the motive to reward them and help them commercialise their innovations.

Speaking to The Telegraph on Thursday, Vijoy Prakash, the principal secretary of planning and development department said 1,700 innovative products and ideas have been selected but a further shortlisting is on.

“We are looking for innovations of three different nature mainly. It can be a brilliant idea, which can be developed into something life-changing or an innovation of process or a product, which is or can be further developed. The state government wants to tap the grassroots innovations or inventions which are yet to come to the limelight,” Prakash said.

The senior officer added that there could be many living in remote areas, who have an idea or have developed a product which, if nurtured, could indeed bring about a path-breaking change.

“According to the plan, the state has already started the selection process and it would be completed by next month. Through different channels, the state has identified 1,700 different kinds of innovations. We are shortlisting from it and at present the number stands at 200. After further screening, some of the best innovations will be selected. They will be first rewarded for their efforts so that they are known and recognised for their works,” Prakash said.

The officer, however, added that the most important task, besides rewarding the inventor, lied after it.

“The selected products will be channelised in a proper way. The state government has planned that the innovations and the ideas will be helped in such a way that they get a commercial touch and could be marketed. The planning regarding the entire process is in the final stage,” he said.

Sources said the products could be funded by the state government or through an independent agency so that they can be developed in such a way that they could help the society.