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Honk, honk, garages squeeze city roads

- Authorities clueless on how to evict motor repair shops blocking traffic and inviting mishaps

It’s a case of vehicle repair rendering traffic into a state of disrepair.

Unauthorised motor workshops, colloquially called garages, which don’t have a licence from the district transport office, have mushroomed exponentially in some of the most-sought-after addresses of Jamshedpur.

Large tracts of residential areas in Bistupur, Sakchi and Sonari resemble motor mechanic yards, but neither East Singhbhum police nor JNAC nor any other authority seems to know how to bell the cat. Areas such as Diagonal Road, O Road, R Road and N Road in Bistupur; Aam Bagan and Kalimati Road in Sakchi; and Kagalnagar in Sonari are some of the worst offenders. Unauthorised garages encroach upon roads, create congestion and increase the possibility of mishap.

“Going to Diagonal Road through O Road in Bistupur behind Gajraj Mansion during the day is tough. Motor mechanics tend to repair vehicles on the road, their tools scattered around, leaving very less space for commuters,” said Bistupur resident Saurabh Sinha.

“Till last year, garage mechanics used to confine repair work on the side of the roads concerned. Now, they sprawl on the road,” he rued.

“One sees cars and SUVs under repair parked on the roadside in Bistupur, squeezing space and making it difficult for not only commuters, but girls and women who use the stretch frequently,” said SCCI president Suresh Sonthalia. The SCCI has its office in Bistupur, a stone’s throw from many garages. He said the Chamber had raised the matter before district traffic police more than once, but no one took initiative.

Jusco provided space for garage mechanics near Parvati Ghat in Bistupur years ago, but most mechanics did not budge from roads. “Though we gave adequate space to motor mechanics some five years ago, very few evinced interest,” spokesperson Rajesh Rajan said.

Rajan added that they had also raised the issue before the administration, but their requests to evict unauthorised garages fell on deaf ears.

SSP Amol V. Homkar said he would look into the matter. “No unauthorised garage will be allowed to operate in places important for commuter movement,” he said.

DSP (traffic) Rakesh Mohan Sinha accepted roads were congested due to unauthorised garages, but added the onus of removing them fell on local police or JNAC. “If the local police or the JNAC wants our help, we are ready. But we never came across any request,” Sinha said.

JNAC special officer R.N. Dwivedi, on his part, said encroachment due to unauthorised garages was not just JNAC’s headache, but various authorities, including police and Dhalbhum SDO, had to look into it.

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