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Calm Kashmir mission

Vishal Bhardwaj at the news conference in Srinagar
on Monday. (PTI)

Srinagar, Nov. 25: Vishal Bhardwaj today said he wanted to portray the “tragedy” of Kashmir through his upcoming film Haider, in what appeared to be an attempt to calm tempers, reports our special correspondent.

Yesterday, Kashmir University students had disrupted a shoot on the campus, apparently over the hoisting of the Tricolour as part of a sequence. Others claimed the students objected to a member of the crew lighting up in a no-smoking zone.

“Kashmir is the biggest human tragedy of our time. I want to be very honest and sensitive about it,” the filmmaker told reporters in Srinagar as the protests that broke out yesterday continued.

Bhardwaj said he regretted that Bollywood has not depicted Kashmir’s pain. “I feel ashamed. I want to tell the story honestly and you have to watch the film to believe me.

“I am not making the film for commercial reasons but for personal reasons,” he said, adding that was the reason the crew and the cast included dozens of Kashmiris. “All the characters are from Kashmir…. It is the story of a middle-class family from here.”

Several political outfits waded into the controversy, some claiming campus shoots vitiate the educational atmosphere. Others slammed the protests.