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Dog care

Dogs should be provided with warm clothes. As they move in and out of the house frequently, it is essential to keep them warm. A dog that is short or coarse-haired may feel more cold, so a sweater or coat would be effective

Morning and evening walks should be avoided as the dew and fog could lead to cold and viral fever

Frequent baths should be avoided. The dogs should be bathed after six to seven days

If the dogs get wet, they should be blow-dried. It is important to dry and clean their paws. This would help avoid tiny cuts and cracked pads. Petroleum jelly may soften their pads and prevent further cracking

The dogs could be sponged after every two days to keep their skin and fur fresh

The dogs should be groomed regularly. A coat can keep them properly insulated. Dogs should have the excess hair around their toes and feet pads trimmed

Warm food like chicken soup and boiled chicken should be included in their diet for additional calories

Water intake should also be increased as less of it can lead to dehydration

The dogs should be taken for regular vaccination

Winter makes the dogs lazy. It is better to keep them warm to help them retain energy

Dogs are more susceptible to cold and fever this season. Get them checked if any symptoms are noticed

Avoid overdose of medicine. Always consult a veterinarian before administering any medicine

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