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After ‘sting’, resignation jolt for AAP

New Delhi, Nov. 24: An Aam Aadmi Party member resigned today saying the party’s reaction to an alleged sting operation against it showed it was no different from other political outfits whom it criticises.

Nutan Thakur’s resignation came hours after the party claimed the tapes had been doctored and blamed the Congress and the BJP.

The purported sting by a private news portal had claimed to show that prominent AAP leaders were ready to accept cash donations against a promise of holding protest programmes in the donors’ interest.

Thakur is not a leader of the AAP but her resignation, and its stated reason, should come as a jolt given that the party claims to be different from other outfits.

“I resigned today after the party’s reaction to the sting operation. The party’s reaction is opposed to what it has so far been claiming about itself,” Thakur told reporters, claiming she had sent her resignation letter to party chief Arvind Kejriwal.

In her letter, she said that even if the tapes had been doctored, the party should have refrained from defending the leaders shown in the CD as “they all come out in compromising” situations.

She said the party should have taken action instead of crying “conspiracy” like other parties.

“This party has proved that all the problems and constraints allegedly related with other political parties hold true for the AAP,” Thakur said.

Earlier, AAP leader Yogendra Yadav had claimed he and his team had studied the purported sting tapes and found them “a cut-and-paste job”. He accused the Congress and the BJP of engineering the alleged doctoring.

Yadav said all the AAP candidates shown in the purported sting were “honest” and “innocent”.

He said the party had procured the tapes from the Election Commission --- which had received them from the private news portal ---- and “examined the entire CD in detail last night”.

AAP leaders sought to play down Thakur’s resignation. “She is just a member of the party and not part of any committee. She cannot resign. She has to withdraw her membership,” said Ankit Lal, an office-bearer.

Kejriwal today came under fire from the Delhi BJP, which complained to the Election Commission that the AAP chief possessed three voter I-cards.

The complaint said Kejriwal was registered as a voter at Shahibad in Uttar Pradesh as well as the Seemapuri and New Delhi constituencies in Delhi.

State BJP leader Satish Upadhyay claimed he had received the information from the official website of the chief electoral officers of Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

Campaigning in Delhi, Kejriwal said both the Congress and the BJP were rattled and were trying everything to defame him and his party.