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Governance, the casualty

If he could do little wrong in his first five years, the subsequent three havenít been all hunky-dory for Nitish Kumar. Voices of resentment, which were a murmur even a year ago, have grown louder. In about six months from now, the chief minister will face a test as he goes to the Lok Sabha elections. Has, what every politician dreads, anti-incumbency set in? The Telegraph picked eight persons from across the spectrum of society to find out how they assess eight years of Nitish rule

1. What have been his achievements?

2. Where has he failed?

3. Has he performed better or worse in his second term?

4. If you were the CM, what are the two things you would have done that the Nitish government has not?

pay up to get the job done: how corruption thrives on the ground

Compiled by Joy Sengupta, Roshan Kumar, Amit Bhelari, Shuchismita Chakraborty and Khwaja Jamal. Pictures by Ashok Sinha, Deepak Kumar, Nagendra Kumar Singh and Lokesh Bihari

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